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Janet Di Lauro

Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 30 to May 4

By April 28, 2012

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Kristian AlfonsoMonday, April 30

Kate erupts when she witnesses Lucas and Sami kissing.

John saves Marlena from Stefano's thug, but he gets away.

Roman insists Bo, Hope, John and Marlena move to a safe house.

Agent Spencer sends a duplicate coin to Stefano, but double agent Harmon informs Stefano it's a fake.

Kate and Madison put their differences aside and join forces to bring down Sami.

DVR Alert: Stefano orders Agent Harmon to deal with his enemies.

Tuesday, May 1

Harmon speaks with a bomb expert, revealing explosives are rigged to the safe house alarm system.

Bo and Hope reconnect emotionally, while John and Marlena ponder why the coin is so important to Stefano.

After observing Sami and Lucas kissing, EJ is clearly upset.

Brady learns Nicole is pregnant and realizes she's developed real feelings for Rafe.

EJ is shocked, when he finds Stefano's document about his true paternity.

DVR Alert: Carrie prepares to leave the safe house, unaware she's about to set off a bomb.

Wednesday, May 2

EJ confronts Stefano about Alice's letter, and "father and son" are both deeply anguished.

Rafe stops Carrie from opening the door, after noticing a glitch in the alarm system.

The safe house gang discover the house is rigged with explosives, but are unable to disarm them.

When Roman is unable to reach Bo, Hope and company, he heads to the safe house to check things out.

Stefano asks EJ not to tell anyone the truth, as EJ moves out of the mansion.

DVR Alert: After acknowledging they still have feelings for each other, Sami and Lucas make love.

Thursday, May 3

Hope alerts Roman to the danger in the safe house, by writing a note about the rigged explosives.

Roman returns with Shane, who guides Rafe and company through dismantling the bomb.

Madison confronts Ian about dragging his feet with their divorce.

Ian makes a mysterious call, revealing he isn't quite giving up on Madison, although he covers with Kate.

Lexie tells Chad about her brain tumor, while  EJ remains mum about discovering he's not a DiMera.

DVR Alert: The digital clock on the bomb suddenly engages, and everyone realizes it's about to detonate.

Friday, May 4

After exhausting every method for disarming the bomb, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, and Rafe and Carrie express their deep love to each other.

Carrie is stunned when Rafe reveals EJ is the father of Nicole's baby.

EJ seeks comfort from Sami, and it leads to an electric moment between them.

After arranging a meeting with Brady to clear the air, Ian spikes his drink with a drug that leaves him agitated.

Kate and Madison react to an attack on Mad World's computers, certain Sami was behind it.

DVR Alert:
Roman and Shane watch in horror as the safe house explodes.

Photo Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth


April 28, 2012 at 8:13 am
(1) Laurence H says:

Sami and Lucas…..Sami and EJ? Oh, god, not this redundant crap again!! Yep, Days is getting canceled…cast members that have come full circle, predictable and boring dialogue, half-assed action sequences, storylines that have been rehashed so much the average viewer can miss a few episodes and know EXACTLY where the storyline currently is.
“Well, if you hate the show much, why do you watch it?”

Because I actually love this show, but I’m mad as hell with how much the quality of storyline originality has dropped. I know there’s only so much you can do on a Soap Opera, but when you don’t even attempt to try something new, unless it’s a depressing storyline that only developed because a cast member is retiring (Renee Jones) then you need to reevaluate just how serious you are about keeping this show on the air.

James Scott and Joseph Mascolo are wasted on this show…..definite shoe-ins for nominations for their roles as EJ and Stefano…those two were brilliant this week.

April 28, 2012 at 1:08 pm
(2) Suz says:

EJ on every day? Is the show wanting to get canceled? James Scott is the most overrated actor in daytime. It flabbergasts me that Days continues to feature his character so heavily. I’m beyond angry that Renee Jones final storyline is more about EJ than about Lexie, and I’m furious that he continues to insinuate himself into nearly every storyline on the show. Enough is enough Days. Cut out the Days of EJ’s Life immediately or enjoy setting new records for low ratings. It’s your choice.

April 28, 2012 at 1:11 pm
(3) DOOL Viewer says:

I can see how this is going. Sami and Lucas make love, then she hops in bed with EJ, and turns up pregnant. So we have the same old s/l of who’s the daddy again. And Austin will figure that Carrie is pregnant with Rafe’s baby when he finds the pregnancy test. Can’t the writers come up with something else? This is getting old. At least everyone will learn that EJ isn’t a Dimira. Do wish that they would find a ‘cure’ for Lexi or bring in another actress to play her after she ‘leaves town for treatment’. Can understand why the ratings are so low and it will end up being canceled.

April 28, 2012 at 1:24 pm
(4) jan says:

I agree with Suz and DOOL viewer. Toomuch about EJ. Sounds like this week might wake us all up with BOPE and MARJO getting into the action. And yeah, I am still wondering where two of my favorites are: Maggie and Victor? Bring ‘em back!!!

April 28, 2012 at 6:26 pm
(5) nathan via shelby,ohio says:

Hey what about Gabi?? I can’t wait til she seduces Chad with that red nightie that she stuffed in her bag the other day! Sounds like a good week though,so quit being so negative people!

April 28, 2012 at 8:46 pm
(6) ElectraWoman says:

It looks like it’s going to be an action packed event filled week ahead. I don’t believe Sami will end up with EJ in bed because she knows that if Lucas were to ever find out, he would dump her and there is no way EJ is going to remain faithful to her. EJ is so gone on Nicole and winning her back. EJ will turn out to be practically a relation to Sami as her step-brother through John who is going to be EJ’s father.

I’m looking forward to Charles coming in as Shane this month ahead. Those should be awesome scenes especially when he goes after Stefano.

My thinking is that the writers are going to have their biggest challenge when all the climactic action subsides and after Renee Jones leaving when it is all pretty calm again and how they are going to ignite things and spark action, adventure and credible character development. Hopefully, if Ian is staying on, they will work a plot line with him to be mega bad. He’ll no longer have Madison since Sarah is leaving so he’ll have to go after someone to torment. With Joe leaving it is going to really have a downturn. They had better come up with some truly believable and exciting story content if they hope to keep and lure more viewers.

April 28, 2012 at 9:50 pm
(7) Sara says:

Can’t wait for the EJ and Sami scenes!!!!! Such a hot couple with great chemistry!!! I watch Days for EJ/Sami scenes!!!

April 29, 2012 at 8:26 am
(8) LUMI says:

you said James and Joseph are wasted on this show… LOL
they can aways go some where else @@
most of us fans of Days dont like EJ,so it would not hurt me when he go’s.
I dont think no one watch Days for the actors,I watch for the storyes.
I am waiting on Lexie Abe and Theo SL.
Lucas and Will’s coming out to his dad SL.

April 29, 2012 at 11:08 am
(9) MM says:

Should be an interesting week. But when is everyone other than Abby going to wake up to what Gabi is doing? Are they all so blind to her? It should be interesting to see who turns out to be EJ’s father. I’m thinking maybe John with Maggie’s egg or even Victor and Maggie. That would make for quite a twist. It’s great to see Sami and Lucas back together, even just to piss off Kate. She has tried to control Lucas his whole life. Can’t wait to see Shane back. Wish Kim was back too. Make the Brady’s the ‘core family’ like the Horton’s were when Days first started. Let’s get away from the same old s/l of who’s your daddy. That has been done to death. Now it looks like they will try to run it into the ground with Sami/Lucas/EJ and Carrie/Austin/Rafe until Carrie and Austin leave. Bring Chole back for Brady. They were great together. Or put her with Rafe.

April 29, 2012 at 1:19 pm
(10) NEADAGRAMMY says:

Whatever happen to the story line back when Carrie lost a baby and was told she could never have children again?

April 29, 2012 at 1:21 pm
(11) Laurence H says:

You know what, Lumi? Most of you “Days” fans are the real problem….of course you wouldn’t like James Scott (EJ) because he actually can carry a scene…and the producers know it….which is why he is in almost every episode…..before it was the Will storyline, but they moved that S/L along so slowly, no one cares anymore….and besides, it was nice storyline, but nothing new or pioneering because it’s been done to death by every other soap…Days is consistenly behind the ball curve.

And what a dumb statement “No one watches for the actors, only for the storylines.” Why don’t you go listen to this on the radio instead of watching it on TV? Ugh, this is so pointless…..this show’s getting canceled…a revamp, casting changes, set changes, and ratings continue to drop…..can’t ignore the inevitable…

April 29, 2012 at 1:33 pm
(12) Laurence H says:

I love how people are so pissed that James Scott (EJ) get so much story time and is in almost every episode…well who’s freakin fault is that? DOOL!!! I know you guys think that because most of you here jump on the I hate EJ bandwagon, everyone must think the way you do….nope. But other forums ad websites prove that he’s still the most popular male character on the show, and producers know it. Nicole is another crucial character, which is why the former head writer commented about how her stealing Sydney boosted ratings..another storyline that involved EJ.

April 29, 2012 at 2:50 pm
(13) Tea says:

I happen 2 like the storyline partially. Sami, give it up already u cant be faithful 2 save yo life. Rafe needs 2 make a damn choice already n choke it up bout nicole not havin yo baby its been gone on 4 way 2 long. Carrie is a whore that doesnt wanna be alone in the bed. I still dont agree that yall sold ej out like dat. Wooooooow.

April 29, 2012 at 5:16 pm
(14) Loriann says:

Hey now, Easy on the EJ! =} I’ve been watching Days since forever. (70′s.) Yes, the who’s the daddy storyline is very old and boring. Tom & Alice sure wouldn’t agree with he way these lines have been going on for years now. Someone on there needs to have some morals. But then again, I guess that’s why people now days say there life is like a soap opera huh! lol Anyways, I have seen many great actors come and go on Days. And James Scott (EJ) does a remarkable job with any story line they give him. He is a great bad guy, (which he pisses me off when he acts that way) but he has such a wonderful soft side that just makes any woman fall in love with him. He can turn on the tears with an emotional scene perfect. And not many guys can do that. He’s the type of guy when he cried it makes me cry. Others may do it but not like EJ does. He is perfect for Days and I could watch him everyday. I’m glad Sami and Lucas got past there love hate relationship and are such good friends now. Even though I was torn not knowing who I would rather see Sami with, EJ or Lucas as they both rock it together as a couple. I hae came to agree Sami and Lucas should get back together and stay FAITHFUL to one another from here on out. Sami and Rafe were cute together too, but if she gets back with anyone I’m cheering for her and Lucas. I HOPE Rafe and Carrie don’t get together. They just don’t even look right together. He and Nicole look great together, even though she looks great with EJ too. But Rafe needs to stay on the show and have someone to bring out that guy we feel in love with being there for his girl and I think Nicole can give him that challenge. EJ and Billy would make a cute couple??? Still bummed Renee is leaving. Best wishes to her. OH and please take Gabi off the show. She is horrible. She doesn’t fit the bad girl scene at all. Keep Chad and Mel together. They work wonderful together. =}

April 29, 2012 at 11:01 pm
(15) ecox says:

Gross…sami and the rapist again? I hope Lucas drops her on her ass once and for all. They need to give Lucas someone who will love only him.

Also why is EJ is every storyline? The writers think the sun rises and sets on JS. Why? He is not that great of an actor.

April 30, 2012 at 1:47 am
(16) Pro Union Days Fan says:

First of all, realize that the idea of $30/hour toilet cleaner is an extreme end of the anti-union argument. Yes, the janitorial staff could be considered overpaid, but in reality no one walks into the plant and just picks-up an easy job.
Those who “clean toilets” are often older, or injured workers who simply cannot handle the physical labor of climbing in and under the dashboard of a moving vehicle 60-65 times an hour (or running a stamping press, machining gears, pouring molten metal in a foundry). And, yes you do get injured on these jobs whether immediately, or over time. This is no different than putting a cop who has been shot in the leg on desk-duty. So yes, to a certain extent “we take care of our own”. I’ve worked with MANY of these types of people and VERY RARELY have I seen management follow through on the established discipline procedures. So who’s the lazy one in the example?
Management likes to grumble about how hard the union makes it to fire people, and then does nothing. Well, it isn’t a case of “hard”, it’s a case of doing the job you agreed to (and get paid for) as a supervisor.
You might think of the union (at the shop-floor level) as defense attorneys. To return to the example if the police; if the cops/prosecution do their jobs correctly, even the best lawyer won’t set you free.
If it were not for unions, everyone in America would be working for less than minimum wage — because minimum wage laws would not exist. Everyone would also be working 7 days a week — “24/7″ the new mantra for business
I don’t want to hear industry execs making excuses about labor costs, unions

April 30, 2012 at 4:30 am
(17) Sally says:

Oh come on now DAYS, what the hell is with your obsession with James Scott? He can’t ACT and he has a major blinking problem. I can’t stand the actor and the character needs to go on the backburner for at least several months. So tired of him and James.

April 30, 2012 at 4:38 am
(18) Helen says:

I agree, James Scott is very overrated and he is a horrible actor with all that flapping of his arms he does and over the top theatrics. Not to mention the blinking and mumbling of his dialog. Not everybody likes him DAYS. Also, he is right up there for sucking as an emotional actor too, just as bad a Matt Ashford. When he cries it is clear onions are used or the tears are manufactured from a bottle. Horrible.

This actor better be off our screens for weeks the week after next or I’m sending some letters to TPTB, this is nuts.

April 30, 2012 at 4:44 am
(19) David says:

I’ve hated James since he arrived in Salem and it was all EJ all the time.

I agree about his acting too, I’m glad somebody said it. It is a good thing he is good looking because he can’t act at all. Maybe TPTB should give him some time off to get acting lessons.

This “obsession” is killing DAYS and having that air time hog on for weeks on end isn’t helping the ratings either. NEW FLASH TPTB, MOVE ON. This actor isn’t all that, not even close.

April 30, 2012 at 12:33 pm
(20) penny says:

I have to say EJ is a great actor,Will on the other hand with that little smirk on his face has become an unlikable character.Abby is just plain annoying to watch.madison and bradys only parts is them having sex.i cannot stand austin the way he talks,love nichole and rafe.this Billy is too ugly to look act those lips yuck.like the whole sammy and lucas.that is if they leave them alone.and let them be a family.i would like to see EJ be victor and maggies.love chloe wish she was back and put her with danniel.also miss chelsa.enough of the coin story and bo and hopes and marlena and johns story.love them hate the story line.

April 30, 2012 at 2:09 pm
(21) melissa says:

I am so glad most people agree with me. I dont know why people like sami and ej together. HE RAPED HER..I wish they would quit getting rid of good actors and get rid of ej. I hope the thruth comes out about the baby but rafe and nicole stay together. They are cute. I cant wait for madison to go. If nicole is not with rafe then they should put her back with brady. Bring chloe back. I cant stand looking at billie. Cant beleive they brought her back anyway. SO bored with bo,hope, marlena and john. I hate gabi. please get rid of her. I cant believe they can not keep melanie happy. They make her look so dumb with gabi and chad. shes smarter then that. Maybe they should send austin away and keep carrie and put her with rafe if hes not going to be with nicole.
I have been watching for so many years and this is the worst its ever been same story lines. I read a little of the spoilers and if gabi is on or ej I dont even watch. i hope it does not get cancelled but it just might they way its going.

April 30, 2012 at 3:41 pm
(22) BLONDIE says:

bravo days writers you are getting your act together. its hard for alot of people to realize that there are real people in the world that do some of the things that ej and stefano do and never get charged for it. the reason sami keeps going back to ej is because that is the type of guy she really likes to be with. lucas is fine for her when it is convient for her but isn’t what she really wants. keep rafe in the isa he needs a job. thank god carrie,auston,jack and madison are leaving. eventhough i think kate and madison make a good team, and if anyone can bring down ian those two together could do it. jost i thought.

April 30, 2012 at 5:14 pm
(23) Lea says:

just wondering what ever happen to Stefano’s twins that they had on the show , thats been so far back I can’t remember . can someone fill me in on what happen to them or where they forgot about altogther?
As far as the rest of the story line I ike where it’s going ,except if they do who’s your daddy thing and the fact that Lexi will be leaving the show , I do hope they replace her to … I think E.J and Sami need to be together they are too much a like ,then when Chole comes back they can put her with Lucas ..

April 30, 2012 at 6:12 pm
(24) Peggy Gabehart says:

I’m glad I can fast forward through all the junk on the show. Especially Gabi and Chad. She is the one that should be leaving!

April 30, 2012 at 8:23 pm
(25) Wahoo says:

EJ and Sami!!!! Give us a break we’re tired of this couple!!

April 30, 2012 at 8:54 pm
(26) Dee says:

I’m sick and tired of EJ-half the time I can’t understand him anyway! It’s too bad that Tony died off instead of EJ. Really disgusted about Will and I’m glad they’re bringing Shane back! I’ve been watching since ’79.

April 30, 2012 at 10:09 pm
(27) Bernie says:

I hope that the show isnt getting cancelled
I have been watching this show for 25 years and tape it all the time, even when I am on holidays this is the only soap left that hasnt been cancelled.
I look forward to their mess as my life seems so simple and I have time to be stress free while I watch it….

May 1, 2012 at 11:17 am
(28) shygirl says:

Just read all the above comments and i am sick of almost everything on Days. I miss the old soaps, where the writers took the time to develop storylines and characters. Everyone falls in and out of love so fast on Days it makes my head swim. Most characters on the show have a Jekyll/Hyde personality. One of the characters who the writers mistreat is Stephano. He should be dealing with the bad things he has done and making amends from a prison cell. He could be one of the best BELIEVABLE characters ever but they have him all warm and fuzzy one minute and heinous the next. It doesn’t ring true. And E J. The same for him. I don’t believe a word out of their mouths anymore. People are not all bad or not all good, however the writers make them ridiculous. I fast froward thru most of the show these days.

May 1, 2012 at 3:20 pm
(29) patsy says:

I dont care about the back story of rape or the shooting in the head .that was BAD writeing so forget about it PLEASE and get EJandSami back together get Brady andNicole back together and you just might NOT get canceled I love EJAMI USETO LOVE Safe until you ruined his charater lusting after Carrie of all people I could him lusting after Nicole but Carrie disgusting and unbeliveable

May 1, 2012 at 3:29 pm
(30) LongTimeWatcher says:

I StILL LOVE “Days of Our Lives”…but some are getting a little old.. but I cant see myself not watching.. I still like the fact that John and Marlena are still together.. although the scene with John and Hope as there alias or their “alter ego” was quite steamy..lol I miss Belle, and Phillip..and their other son ..dark hair and handsome did he die or did he leave with Belle? I had missed it for a long time due to hectic work schedule ..but I have been able to watch now for quite a while.. I think the show is still overall pretty good.. adding one or two new characters.. throw in some more heat/passion added to “Days”. I hate to see Lexi character go thru the sickness…I DONT WANT HER TO DIE… just let her leave for a moment or so.. come back and she be all well. .but according to what I have been reading.. she may be killed off due to the brain tumor.. aka in real world, she is ready to retire.. and I totally understand that. but I will miss her. .Kate needs to be with Ian.. bc they look more presentable and believeable as a couple. Stefano needs to get in trouble but be one step ahead of FBI and ISA..and i just love “watching” EJ…lol he is one hot star to look at .. lol I can just watch him all day.. lol the accent is toxic..although I would like to see him be a good guy for a change and him and Nicole made a pretty hot couple, so if he can just get on a path of steadiness and have that relationship with Nicole along with the baby and be a family .. that would be awesome.. but I know that isnt going to happen …I have been watching Days of Our Lives since I was about 14 or 15..I STILL miss the OLD OLD Austin..the one who used to model for JCPennys years ago. He was soo cute. I like Billy but her character is a little boring right now.. but she has a chance to pop things off with the “Doc” I guess. lol I am 37yrs old….So just try to keep being inspired Days writer.. I know u will think of other shockers and mind blowers.

May 1, 2012 at 5:18 pm
(31) Gigi says:

I think this week will be great for Days! You can’t please everyone, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the storylines that you are into. If you’re not into it just FF and forget about. I think that NBC will get the ratings that they need to stay on the air if we all stop bitching and tune in every day!!! I love days and I FF the storylines that I don’t like, which are few.

May 1, 2012 at 5:41 pm
(32) Gigi says:

LongTimeWatcher… Shawn D, Belle and their child sailed away on their boat just like Bo and Hope did yeare ago. It would be great if they brought them back.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see Carrie go. She and Rafe are not a good couple. I’d rather see Rafe with a reformed Nicole. And Maybe EJ with Bille. And get rid of Gabi, she can’t act!

May 1, 2012 at 5:50 pm
(33) LUMILY says:

LOL @@ EJ has not done nothing fot this show but bring it down,
the ratings are so low,and for some one to be on almost everyday,and the ratings are still 1.2 LOL,he cant act and NO hell NO I dont like him.
I did not like JS when he was on that other soap and they got rid of him as fast as they could and the people that worked with him did not care for him,so there .
he has done no other work but two soaps,so why is that? hmmmmmm

May 1, 2012 at 5:59 pm
(34) jojo says:

If Days are hopeing EJ will bring up the ratings,It has not happen sence his been on the show,what makes them think it will now?

yes we all know EJ and Sami will be back together soon @@ and I will stop watching again.

May 1, 2012 at 10:48 pm
(35) penny says:

I think it would be a hoot if EJ… was in fact…. John and Hopes (princess Ginas kid) Then he and brady could be bros…and he and Sami could be cousins….

May 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm
(36) Voice of Reason says:

#29 Patsy…you cant just forget that he raped her, and you cant blame it on bad writing…it’s Sami & EJ’s HISTORY and you cant change it. It would be great if real women could just forget they were raped huh? What an ignorant comment.

May 2, 2012 at 4:41 pm
(37) San Diego Days Fan says:

Hello to all my other Days Of Our Lives fans out there. I was born & raised in San Diego, still live here and a huge Days Of Our Lives fan and I’m also a big Chargers fan. I don’t know if any of you have heard yet but former Chargers Lineback Junior Seau #55 was founf dead this morning in his home in Oceanside,CA which is a SanDiego suburb. He was 43 and its being ruled a suicide since he was found with a self inflicted gun shot wound to his chest and the gun was found next to his body. Its a sad day for us Chargers fans and for the City Of San Diego. I’m so sad I’m about ready to cry, so keep us in prayers on this sad and difficult day. : (

May 2, 2012 at 4:52 pm
(38) Booberry says:

I think it could be possible that EJ’s biological father could be Bill Horton which would make him Lucas and Jen’s brother.

May 3, 2012 at 2:30 am
(39) Bancroft says:

James Scott is one of a small (getting smaller) handful of actors on the show who can actually act.

The problem with the show is that they brought John, Marlena, Carrie, Austin, and Jack onto an already crowded canvas, then spent four months focusing on reintegrating them back on the show, alienating any new viewers the show may have managed to snag over the past couple of years. I’m not even going to touch the hot mess that is Madison James.

They keep weak actors like Camila Banus on the show, then bring on even more unnecessary “legacy” characters – Lucas and Billie, for instance – way past their expiration dates. As characters, neither have anywhere to go. Without Bo, Billie is completely useless, and Lucas has been locked in a less-than-savory love triangle with Sami and his mother for how many years now? Out of all the vets who were brought back, the only one who’s managed to shine is Matthew Ashford, who’s been criminally underutilized. He’s been doing brilliant things with the very little he’s been given.

Few things have been good about the reset. I couldn’t be happier that Sami is back to being the scheming little she-devil I know and love. I’m thrilled that she’s back in EJ’s orbit where she belongs. I’m happy we get to see Lauren Koslow more often, and, while his storylines have lacked something to be desired, I’ve been loving Joe Mascolo. Chandler Massey has been incredible. I’m hoping Freddie Smith will be getting more screentime now that Will has made him his “gay life coach”.

May 3, 2012 at 12:09 pm
(40) BLONDIE says:

there is no reason to bring back shawn and belle they didn’t have a story line when they left and i sure can’t think of one for them now. mimi doesn’t need to be brought back either. there are enough kids on this show that we don’t see very much. sami has 4 and bo and hope have one. thank god carrie,aston and jack are leaving when carrie came back she was supposed to be a big lawyer but that never happened she was still a bed hopper.melanie and abbe are supposed to be working for madworld, why aren’t they?i like the story line of billie working with ej. when is that going to happen?

May 3, 2012 at 3:21 pm
(41) Maggie says:

These spoilers fired me up for this week’s Days, and I haven’t been disappointed in the scenes between EJ and Stephano, and Lexie, Chad, and EJ. The DiMeras are experiencing such heartbreak with the family falling apart. The actors have done such a bang-up job that I’ve felt EJ’s pain and Lexie’s grief. Love seeing Joe Mascolo deal with the fallout from his actions. The safe house scenes have picked up this week, and I’m getting more involved in the story’s drama. Loved Kate’s scenes this week, especially when she saw Lucas and Sami kissing in HTS. She spoke for me, that’s for sure! And I couldn’t have agreed with her more when she walked in on Lucas and Sami.yesterday. Those were some twisted scenes, and Kate and I are subjected to anymore slurping between the two of them. it’s just so incestuous. Finally, I’m looking forward to my week being wrapped up with more drama at the safe house, and EJ taking comfort in his kids and Sami. I like those two together!

May 3, 2012 at 3:21 pm
(42) Virginia says:

All I have to say is where are the strong, independent and upstanding women on Days of our Lives? Sami and Kate were sooo “in love with their husbands” yet in a matter of one or two episodes they are in some other man’s bed….can’t they stand up for their men and their marriages? Can’t they take care of themselves and at least pretend to have some kind of morals? And what about Carrie…..she is so in love with Austin…..and then she almost instantly falls “in love” with no less than her sister’s husband. Come on women…..have some morals….stand tall and take care of yourselves…..stand up for your men and fight for them if you want them back. Young women of today need to see women in a strong, independent, self sufficient way…..we can be strong leaders just like any man can. We can take care of ourselves and make good decisions without having to have a man to tell us what to do and how to do it. Writers…..let’s get some strong women who can stand up for what they want, who stay with their husbands through thick and thin, and who lead other women through example.

May 3, 2012 at 6:11 pm
(43) Nicole J. says:

With everyone hopping in and out of everyone else’s bed, it seems like that they are almost like swingers. My husband and I are swingers and we do the same thing but the only thing is that we will do with other couples together and and when we do both go with others alone, we both know about it and we’re honest with each other, not sneaking around and we are very secure in our marriage and not jealous types. Its not for everyone but it works for us and we have alot of fun. They should just change the title to “Days Of Our Lives Swingers”

May 3, 2012 at 8:55 pm
(44) Scribbles says:

I just watched Ej/Sami and the kids, and it reminded me why I watch soaps.

They were wonderful. No flirting. No sex. Just two people talking and loving their kids.

The Safehouse stuff OTOH, ridiculous.

May 30, 2012 at 1:23 am
(45) Noemi says:

You and your husband pirvode such wonderfully enriching activities for your children and they seem to be experiencing such great childhoods. I love reading your blog (and viewing your beautiful photos) because it gives me a chance to live vicariously on a small Iowa farm. Your family, and other Iowa farm families like yours, give me hope for our country’s future.

June 8, 2012 at 9:34 pm
(46) danielle says:

omg i am sooo far behind lol im.only at the part where rafe is locked up and sami is with gake rafe looks like its going to get very interesting hehe

June 21, 2012 at 12:18 am
(47) rita says:

ej and stefano are behind this kidnapped rafe and make him thing that he might not be in sami life they made him to do what they need to do
they make sure he want be in the children life or they have to get this another guy that look alike just like him and they made him a plastic suergy that look a like him and to make sure his will forget about who is the stepfather of the kids

they have rafe in the bassment and lock him up and to they have a this shock that lose his memory and they all behind this
and they take care of it
and this guy that was about to place him as rafe and the real rafe but he was the fake one and the real rafe is beening lock up in the dimera mansion

they remoe him form somewhere elese i do not kwon where they take him they all behind this kidnapped hima dn remove him for the hospital when he was in a accidnet when he in the hospital over night

to check on him if he is doing fine they remove him and look like that this guy that fake rafe was in there he was all behind this to

ej is the that kidnapped baby syndey and look like she is dead but she not and she is with ej the whole time and he is the one that raped sami and look like they are haveing sex and they have to save lucas life he will be dead they have to is he will be dead and ej is the one shoot jon black do you remenber that ej

i think that sami should get custody of teh jkids and not ej is a monter and a cower and he should in jail for doing all thoses thing to sami

September 12, 2012 at 3:19 am
(48) Acton Real Estate rockingham says:

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