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Janet Di Lauro

Days of our Lives Spoilers December 24 to 28

By December 22, 2012

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galen geringMonday, December 24

Nicole presses Eric to reveal what he was dreaming about and wonders if it could be his residual feelings for her.

After a tender moment with Rafe, Johnny and Sydney, Sami confides in Caroline that she's torn between Rafe and EJ.

While visiting Lexie's grave site, EJ and Chad run into Abe and Theo.

Sami comforts EJ, after seeing how distraught he still is about Lexie's death.

Rafe returns with a special gift for Sydney, but leaves when he sees EJ and Sami's connection.

You can read the complete Monday through Friday's spoilers here.

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December 22, 2012 at 6:32 am
(1) mouse says:

Finally, we see Caroline talk to Sami about loving two men.
Triangles are tricky. I mentioned on another site it’s like they divide
a couple. Take one and split person in two. I wonder what would
happen if you put EJ and Rafe together. Would you get Brandon?

LOL will Kristen give Brady a picture of her holding him as a baby :)
Maybe she has one of his mother.

It’s going to be strange to see Marlena and Roman together for their son.

I can’t wait to see Sydney get her own penguin.

I’m with Kate, Nick is not be trusted.

It looks like we get Christmas and New Year’s is the same week.

I guess John and Marlena both understand now how Sami felt when
she found them together. especially on a desk LOL

I have no plans for Christmas Day. I hope Santa will bring me something
extra special.

Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Everyone.

December 22, 2012 at 1:18 pm
(2) sandracroft says:

Merry Christmas Mouse, and to everyone else. I like that things seems to be going in a Ejami direction, but I donīt believe they will get a real chance until I see it.

December 22, 2012 at 8:04 pm
(3) mark says:

Kate is right about Nick. I can’t believe what Nick said in Fridays show to will and gabi using that slur ?

I am also wondering if i should take a break from Days the week of Christmas after reading these previews. All we are going to get from Hope and Stefano are videos ???? Really ??? I am wondering myself already what is going on behind the scenes with that cast if they don’t want to be around each other. It just amazes me. Why did Doug and Julie come back if Hope and Ciara isn’t going to be there. Grrrr…..

I almost wish Days would get new writers if they are not going to do anything Gabi to make her pay for what she has done. Can’t believe John and Marlena aprroved of them getting married. Grrr….. again.

Merry Christmas Everyone !

December 23, 2012 at 2:09 am
(4) mp says:

mark i agree with you about Kate not trusting Nick i am with you 100 percent and lying about cana interview because Kate is Will’s grandson i hope Melanie come back to salem and expose Gabi during the wedding ceremony.

December 23, 2012 at 7:08 am
(5) mouse says:

I read the actress that plays Hope was gone the day they filmed
the holiday shows. I think she was somewhere selling her jewerly.

I’m glad we get to see Doug and Julie. I wish there were on
more often.

December 23, 2012 at 1:08 pm
(6) sandracroft says:

the actor that plays Stefano is old, so he might have health problems. The show is in trouble though since there are different fan bases that wants different men to be with Sami. They canīt keep doing triangels forever to please everyone. People are tired of triangels. They need to make a choice for Sami, but they are gonna loose viewers then so I donīt know if there is a solution to save the show. Iīm not sure if either Ejami or Safe fans can see someone new for EJ or Rafe.

December 23, 2012 at 8:46 pm
(7) Rosieroserson says:

Sandracroft,I’m tired of triangles too! If the writers can’t make up their minds, they should just let E.J and Rafe move on. Sami should be left alone for a while so she could clear up her mind. I can’t believe I’m saying this as an Ejamifan to the core. But the back and forth situation is making me very impatient. No more lock, stock and barrel talk if they can’t follow through, please!!

December 23, 2012 at 9:12 pm
(8) Laurence H says:

I hope the writers are gearing up for a possible Nicole/Rafe hookup….I actually think these two look good together and because they are polar opposites, it would be intruiging to see them together…anything but this predictable threesome of EJ/Sami/Rafe…or at least bring somebody new in…where is Lucas’ storyline? And for that is decent and good, why the hell is Will being such a coward? That is his baby and this storyline makes no sense…why do they need to hide baby’s paternity, other than Gabi being a bitch who essentially walked away unscathed after almost getting Melanie killed…and then Nick, the murdering, sanctimonious homophobe putting himself in something that doesn’t even concern him. I can’t stand this show sometimes, but now I’m disappointed because it was doing so good.

December 24, 2012 at 9:56 am
(9) loa says:

I enjoy watching Lucas, Hope he is on more, Would love to see a new women come in to be in Lucas life, Sami and EJ together, it would be interesting to see the story line between nichole/Eric/ and Brady/Kristen would love a cat fight between Nichole and Kristen, Will and Sonny are one of my favorites, Hate The story line with Gabi being Pregnant Don’t understand why it is such a secret Can’t wait for that tho come out, Then there could be a showdown between Nick and Sonny!!! Can’t wait to see the expression on Will’s face when Sonny finds it all out, but glad it won’t break them up and they will take the next step!!

December 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm
(10) kariann says:

When are they going to replace Sydney? She has no acting ability. I thought she would learn as she got older but she hadn’t.

December 24, 2012 at 3:40 pm
(11) Rosieroserson says:

Racole is definately a good pairing. Nicole as messed up as she is ,needs a guy like Rafe, kind and trustworthy. She on the other hand spices him up a little and makes him more interesting!

Will should step up and save his baby and his relationship with Sonny.

December 24, 2012 at 4:11 pm
(12) Helen H says:

While a Nicole/Rafe might be interesting, how come Nicole always goes with Sami’s men….1- was her brother Eric, Ej, Rafe…no man of her own?
Where is Ali, you only see her twin brother and sister? Happy with Daniel and Jennifer pairing, want to find out Kristens agenda, funny how villianess are forgiven all the time….Nicole and Kirsten, but Sami rarely was? Anyway I still love DOOL and will continue to watch. Hope the ornaments on the tree tomorrow is as memorable as always.

December 25, 2012 at 1:38 am
(13) tvcat says:

Hello Mouse and any other NBC board refugees.

It’s nice Days had a lot of touchy feely scenes Christmas eve. It was nice. Rafe and EJ with the kids and Sami….Nicole trying to help Eric….everyone remembering Lexie…..Chad and Cameron making plans to hang out and watch a game ……etc

December 25, 2012 at 7:59 am
(14) mouse says:

Hi tvcat, great seeing someone from NBC message board.

I’m glad we get this holiday since we didn’t get the Nov one.

Happy Holidays to all.

December 25, 2012 at 10:08 pm
(15) BLONDIE says:

I like the new Cameron.

December 26, 2012 at 5:37 pm
(16) Dmitri says:

I would like to see a Racole relationship for a bit, because she spices up Rafe and he makes her feel secure, but longterm, Rafe will choose Sami over her and just want Nikki as a friend. I thik Nicole belongs with EJ in the long run. Her and Eric are boring because he tries to change Nicole.

December 26, 2012 at 5:48 pm
(17) Montira says:

The actress who plays Sydney can’t act? The Sydney character is only about 5 years old, or so. What do you expect from a child “actress” whose screen-time is very limited?
Relax. . .eventually, Sydney will be SORAS-ed to a teenager, and there will be another actress playing her then.

December 26, 2012 at 5:58 pm
(18) Montira says:

Well, it will be interesting to see how Sami reacts to seeing Rafe and Nicole together at the New Year’s Party. Sami will probably freak out, but it’s her fault.
I think that I could be okay with a possible Rafe and Nicole pairing. Sorry, but it’s better than a Rafe and Hope pairing that some people were predicting earlier in the year. I also don’t want Nicole to ruin Eric. . . again.

December 26, 2012 at 9:53 pm
(19) Midge22 says:

I like seeing Nicole as a good person. She has matured, is less stressful and less naive. She is a pleasure to watch now. I feel it is important to have heels turn to good so that you can see that people can be redeemed. I believe she and Eric will remain close friends. I like the idea of her with Rafe. Sami doesn’t deserve anyone being so darned fickle. I hope the secret of Gabi’s pregnancy gets a huge embarrassing reveal. She’s gotten away with too much unscathed. I hope Roamn and Kate end up back together and that she turns good. She seems to have been doing so of late. Daniel and Jennifer work well together. Dan iel cannot always be perceived as the local free ride. He needs to be allowed to change and grow which he has done. I see Kayla with Abe but, ti would be kind of cool to see Abe be with Maxine.

December 27, 2012 at 8:09 am
(20) Laurence H says:

No….I don’t see an Abe and Maxine pairing as working in any sense…Abe and Kayla don’t really make sense either, but when Lexie died, Abe’s character became woefully irrelevant…he’s like Roman now. And Roman needs someone too…or are they making him some kind of sexless douchebag?

December 27, 2012 at 12:47 pm
(21) wolfe says:

I loved the show on the 25th and 26,anyday Lucas and Allie has air time is a good day. Christmas Miracle Allie was on two days and with Lucas

December 28, 2012 at 2:52 am
(22) kay says:

Agree about Will that he needs to step up and admit he is the baby daddy. I do not want Will and Sonny to split up. They are so good together. Chandler and Freddie are doing an awesome job in their portrayal of this couple. Now I hope Abby and Chad can get together. Sami needs to make up her mind who she wants because she is being annoying. Gabi needs to pay for her part of the kidnapping plot of Melanie. She and Nick are so annoying. Cannot stand either one of them.

December 28, 2012 at 2:21 pm
(23) Ellerbaker says:

What a great day today (Fri) on Days. Marlena slaps Kristin, Will gets a back bone and Jennifer & Daniel have fun. I was cheering after Marlena slaps Kristin and then send John to find Brady. One for the Doc! Not sure what they are going for with Nick, don’t remember him being this mean and a bully. HMMMMMMMMMMMMM. Good day on Days today

December 30, 2012 at 2:57 am
(24) Tom Thunder says:

Watching the queers kiss is totally gross and is sicking to watch.

December 25, 2013 at 9:14 am
(25) June says:

Who sang Hark the Herald Angels Sang on the Dec 24,2013 show? It was fabulous!!

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