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Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 10 to 14


Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 10 to 14

Chandler Massey and Camila Banus

Courtesy: NBC/Paul Drinkwater
Monday, December 10

Nicole watches in awe as Daniel performs an emergency appendectomy on Jennifer.

Sami corrals Rafe into planning Nick and Gabi’s wedding.

Nick surprises Gabi with a romantic engagement present.

Will and Sonny share their Christmas dreams with one another.

EJ makes sure Rafe knows he and Sami are growing closer.

Chad reveals Gabi’s involvement in Melanie’s kidnapping to Sonny.

DVR Alert: During a brief moment of consciousness, Jennifer professes her love to Daniel.

Tuesday, December 11

Daniel proclaims his love to Jennifer, just as Nicole enters and overhears.

Nicole and Daniel transport Jennifer to Salem University Hospital, where Maggie and Abigail race to her side.

Daniel shares his good news with Maggie: his hand tremors are gone.

Maggie makes amends with Jennifer, knowing Daniel never would have been cured without her encouragement.

Will is put on the spot, when Sami and Caroline urge him to be Nick’s best man.

Gabi runs into Sonny, who warns her not to hurt Will.

Chad is suspicious about why Will is involved in Gabi’s drama.

Rafe and Sami share a warm moment, but it ends abruptly when the subject of trust comes up.

DVR Alert: Nicole tells Daniel she realizes they’re through; then, breaks down in Eric’s arms.

Wednesday, December 12

Kristen asks Chad to join the family for the holidays, but he’s focused on making Gabi pay for ruining his life.

After Sonny reveals he knows all about Gabi, Justin warns Chad he’s in breach of his contract with Nick.

Chad covers when Abigail questions him about his confrontation with Justin; then, asks her out.

Gabi realizes Chad blabbed to Sonny about her past and warns Sonny she won’t let him or Chad ruin her life.

Will tells Nick it will be hard attending his wedding, knowing he’s the father of Gabi’s baby.

Brady writes a note to Kristen to accompany a gift he bought her.

Victor runs into Kristen and warns Brady to stay away from her, but Brady adamantly defends her.

John accidentally finds Brady’s gift addressed to Kristen, while visiting Victor at the mansion.

Marlena agonizes over whether or not to tell John about Brady and Kristen.

DVR Alert: After Brady and Kristen make love, John arrives on Kristen’s doorstep bearing Brady’s gift.

Thursday, December 13

A clueless John hands Kristen her gift and thanks her for not pressing charges against Marlena.

Brady officially gives Kristen the bracelet, and she realizes he’s falling for her.

Daniel receives confirmation that his tremors have been cured.

Jennifer doesn’t remember telling Daniel she loves him, and, although he’s crushed, he doesn’t remind her.

EJ learns Sami is helping plan Nick and Gabi’s wedding.

Will expresses his uneasiness to Gabi over their big lie.

Gabi is caught off guard, when Chad reveals he isn’t so sure the story she’s telling everyone is true.

Alone at home, Jennifer has a flashback of telling Daniel she loves him.

DVR Alert: Sami, Rafe and Hope are perplexed, when Gabi slips about how long she’s been pregnant, contradicting what Nick said.

Friday, December 14

Days is pre-empted.

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