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Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 17 to 21, 2012


Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 17 to 21, 2012

Eileen Davidson

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen
Monday, December 17

Nick covers for Gabi, noting he lied about her due date because she didn’t want anyone to know she got pregnant right after they met.

Rafe erupts at Nick, expresses his disappointment in Gabi, and storms off.

Sami catches up to Rafe and talks him down.

Will is taken aback when Sonny says he doesn’t like Gabi and wants Will to steer clear of her.

Sami drops by the coffee house and suggests Sonny be an usher in Gabi and Nick’s wedding, but he declines.

Daniel gets emotional, when he sees Kate showing Maxine a Christmas card photo of Parker.

A compassionate Kate tells Daniel that Parker is doing well and leaves the tyke’s photo with him.

Abigail is supportive, when Jennifer admits she told Daniel she loved him.

DVR Alert: After saying goodbye to her life with Jack, Jennifer returns to the hospital looking for Daniel.

Tuesday, December 18

Kristen fakes a nightmare and tells Brady she fears John and Marlena will discover their affair and turn him against her.

Brady insists they can keep things a secret, and Kristen is pleased to see his growing attachment to her.

Sami and Rafe are impressed, when EJ suggests Johnny and Sydney donate some Christmas gifts to charity.

Marlena confides in Hope about how torn she is over Brady and Kristen.

Hope agrees to test Brady’s depth of feelings for Kristen.

Kristen tells EJ she’s getting close to someone, as Sami tries to listen.

Rafe apologizes to Gabi.

DVR Alert: Jennifer tracks down Daniel and admits she loves him.

Wednesday, December 19

Lucas interrupts Daniel and Jennifer’s kiss and chastises her for disrespecting Jack’s memory.

Jennifer puts Lucas in his place and turns her attention back to Daniel.

Kristen catches Sami eavesdropping and covers before she reveals all about Brady.

Sami urges EJ to continue on his path away from his family’s influence, inferring he’s on the right track to win her heart.

EJ maintains that those who love him must accept him as a DiMera.

John questions Brady about his relationship with Kristen.

Marlena misinterprets something John says about Brady and almost blows his secret.

A chance encounter with Johnny and Sydney sparks an idea for Kristen to draw Brady closer.

Brady pushes Kristen for a commitment.

DVR Alert: Jennifer walks in on Brady and Kristen in a compromising position.

Thursday, December 20

Brady rushes after Jennifer, who questions how he could be involved with a woman who caused John and Marlena so much pain.

After Brady explains, Jennifer agrees not to tell anyone what she saw.

Kristen visits Jennifer and swears she has no ulterior motives regarding Brady.

Chad presses Sonny not to let Gabi ruin things with Will.

When Will confides he had a disagreement with Sonny, Lucas offers him relationship advice.

John and Marlena learn Gabi is pregnant and planning to marry Nick, but hasn’t told anyone in her family but Rafe.

After a talk with Lucas, Sonny realizes Will asked to borrow money for Gabi.

Kristen realizes it’s only a matter of time before news of her and Brady reaches John, and she can’t wait.

DVR Alert: When Will arrives to make amends, Sonny reveals he’s figured out his secret.

Friday, December 21

Caroline questions Eric about the horrible things he must have seen in Africa, but he avoids the subject.

Nick and Gabi convince Marlena and John they love each other enough to make their marriage work.

Will is stunned when Sonny announces he’s figured out the truth.

Sonny admits he knows Will took Gabi to the abortion clinic and agrees to keep her confidence.

Gabi panics when she learns Sonny almost put things together.

Nick reassures Gabi and Will that no one will suspect a “gay boy” fathered her child, angering Will.

After Nicole confides in Chad about missing Sydney at Christmas, he volunteers to take her gift to the tyke.

Chad comforts Abigail about the loss of her father and empathizes about how tough the holidays can be.

DVR Alert: Eric cries out after dreaming about a gunshot, and Nicole rushes to his side.

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