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Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 24 to 28, 2012


Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 24 to 28, 2012

Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Monday, December 24

Nicole presses Eric to reveal what he was dreaming about and wonders if it could be his residual feelings for her.

After a tender moment with Rafe, Johnny and Sydney, Sami confides in Caroline that she’s torn between Rafe and EJ.

While visiting Lexie’s grave site, EJ and Chad run into Abe and Theo.

Sami comforts EJ, after seeing how distraught he still is about Lexie’s death.

Rafe returns with a special gift for Sydney, but leaves when he sees EJ and Sami’s connection.

Kayla learns Abe has no plans for Christmas Day.

Chad and Cameron decide to get to know each other, since they share a sister.

DVR Alert: Eric tells Nicole a harrowing story about a priest who died in the Congo and how he feels he’s to blame.

Tuesday, December 25

Sonny brings Will to the mansion to celebrate Christmas Eve with his family.

Victor receives a thoughtful gift from Daniel, Brady, Justin and Bo.

Brady is touched when Kristen gives him a rare photograph.

Rafe brings Sydney a stuffed penguin; then, disappoints Sami by saying he has plans for the evening.

Sami ponders her future with EJ and Rafe.

Doug and Julie arrive at the Horton house for the holidays.

Julie expresses concern about Nick’s rushed wedding to Gabi, but he assures her he’s deeply in love.

Hope and Ciara join the Horton tree trimming party via video conferencing.

Marlena and Roman celebrate Eric’s first midnight Mass by giving him new vestments.

DVR Alert: After giving up on faith, Nicole receives a sign and a message from someone unexpected.

Wednesday, December 26

Kristen and Brady’s romantic Christmas morning in bed is interrupted by EJ and Chad.

The DiMera siblings exchange gifts and receive a heartfelt message from Stefano.

Eric counsels Sami about her love life.

Will convinces Sonny, Gabi and Nick to call a truce for the day.

Abigail invites a lonely Chad to her family’s house.

Doug and Julie talk Jennifer into reading the Christmas story at the hospital.

Maggie, Abe and Kayla rope a reluctant Victor into playing Santa for the sick children.

Everyone reconvenes at the Horton home, where Maggie gives a stirring speech about family.

DVR Alert: After spending time with Sami and the kids, EJ asks Sami where she sees things going between them.

Thursday, December 27

Sami tracks down Rafe and asks him about his disappearing act on Christmas Eve.

Rafe reveals seeing Sami and EJ together and announces he’s done playing games.

EJ asks Sami to be his New Year’s Eve date, and she accepts.

Eric suggests Nicole ring in 2013 by doing some volunteer work.

After meeting accidentally, Rafe and Nicole decide to spend the evening together.

Jennifer admits her insecurities about Daniel to Hope.

EJ encourages Chad to forget Melanie and move on with Abigail.

DVR Alert: After Jennifer cancels their date, Daniel arrives on her doorstep bearing flowers.

Friday, December 28

Daniel and Jennifer clear up their misunderstanding and head out on their date.

Marlena freaks when John suggests the two of them go on a double date with Brady.

Brady devises a plan to spend New Year’s Eve with Kristen.

When Kristen taunts Marlena about her affair with Brady, Marlena sends John to go talk to his son.

Will has a dream about never getting to know his child.

Gabi gently tells Will their child now belongs to Nick.

Kate warns Will that Nick is not to be trusted.

Gabi debates whether or not to come clean to Eric about her child’s paternity.

DVR Alert: John walks in on Brady and Kristen making love.

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