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Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 31 to January 4


Galen Gering Alison Sweeney

Galen Gering and Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton
Monday, December 31

Marlena tells Hope she’s done something terrible.

A stunned John runs off, after catching Brady with Kristen.

Brady tries to explain his feelings for Kristen to his father.

After an uncomfortable run-in with Kristen, Marlena goes to question Brady.

Kate expresses her hesitations about hiring Nick, but Will convinces her he loves Gabi and wants to provide for his family.

Nick arrives in time to stop Gabi from revealing the truth about her baby to Eric.

Sami realizes Gabi was on the verge of revealing a secret, but Eric orders her to butt out.

Will texts Gabi, conceding she needs to do what is best for the baby.

Adrienne apologizes to Sonny and Kate for ever doubting Will.

DVR Alert: While toasting to her success, Kristen receives a visit from John.

Tuesday, January 1

John confronts Kristen about her feelings for Brady.

Marlena is guilt-ridden, when Brady reveals John caught him and Kristen having sex.

Brady asks Marlena to accept Kristen in his life, but she vehemently refuses.

Sami and Rafe prepare for their respective New Year’s Eve dates, but can’t stop thinking of each another.

Nicole pretends to be drunk to keep EJ away from Sami at midnight.

At the strike of 12, Nicole kisses EJ, while Rafe locks lips with Sami.

Jennifer and Daniel share a romantic moment together.

Chad and Abigail bond and reconnect with a passionate kiss.

DVR Alert: John is stunned, when Kristen admits she’s been plotting revenge and plans to take Brady away from him.

Wednesday, January 2, 2012

John tries to make Brady see that Kristen is using him to hurt John and Marlena.

Marlena exchanges heated words with Kristen.

Rafe and Sami are thrown by how much their kiss affects them.

EJ returns to Sami’s side and surprises her with a romantic dinner.

Rafe admits to Nicole that Sami still has a hold on him.

Will confronts Nick about his “gay boy” comment, insisting he won’t have his child raised by a bigot.

Sonny agrees to a truce with Gabi, as long as she does nothing to hurt Will.

DVR Alert: Brady ends up in a fist fight with John, defending Kristen’s honor.

Thursday, January 3

John and Brady are hospitalized.

Marlena visits John, who expresses remorse for not heeding her warnings about Kristen.

Kristen apologizes to Brady and tries to end things between them.

Sami lashes out as Kristen, after learning about her affair with Brady.

EJ fears Kristen’s actions could complicate things for him and Sami.

Rafe tells Nicole he’s confident things will work out between him and Sami.

Nicole is hurt when Eric declines to confide in her about his family troubles.

Kristen visits John and makes a coy threat.

DVR Alert: An emotional Sami bumps into Rafe and bursts into tears.

Friday, January 4

Kristen accuses John of being jealous, while he accuses her of still being in love with him.

Marlena warns Brady not to see Kristen again.

Sami is left breathless from a kiss with Rafe.

Rafe vows he and Sami will be together and asks her to think about how she’s going to tell EJ.

Kate warns EJ about Sami, but he dismisses her.

While speaking with Marlena, John finally realizes she knew about Brady and Kristen.

Abigail expresses reservations about going out with Chad, because of Melanie.

Jennifer and Daniel anticipate a romantic evening together.

DVR Alert: As Daniel prepares for his date with Jennifer, Chloe turns up at his door.

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