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Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 19 to 23


Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 19 to 23

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain
Monday, November 19

Marlena deletes more messages from Kristen without listening to them.

Kristen visits Brady at the hospital and thanks him for coming to her rescue.

Marlena learns Brady was attacked, and she and John rush to his side.

Kayla informs Hope of Caroline’s progress and assures her that she and Bo will return home, soon.

Nick tells Hope he’s in love with Gabi.

Kayla reassures Abe, who worries he’s not doing a good job raising Theo on his own.

Sonny offers his help to Gabi.

DVR Alert: Before Marlena can ‘fess up to John, Kristen reveals she left him several messages about Brady.

Tuesday, November 20

John is furious, when Marlena admits she erased Kristen’s messages.

Brady starts to see Kristen in a new light.

Lucas and Sonny bond over their love for Will and agree to call a truce.

John implores Marlena to let go of her paranoia about Kristen, but she refuses, widening the rift between them.

Brady tells John he no longer believes Kristen is a threat to their family.

DVR Alert: Kristen shows her cards for the first time, thanking Marlena for playing right into her hands.

Wednesday, November 21

Sami spills the beans to Nick that Gabi is pregnant.

Lucas makes peace with Will, noting that he spoke to Sonny and would not stand in the way of their relationship.

Will accompanies Gabi to a family clinic, where she prepares to undergo an abortion.

Nicole fears Eric will judge her for what she did to Jennifer, but he’s sympathetic about the loss of her child.

Eric urges Nicole to finds a way to make peace with Daniel and Jennifer.

Jennifer, Adrienne, Billie, Kayla and Hope bond during their book club meeting.

Nicole returns to the square and remembers her fight with Jennifer.

Hope warns Eric against becoming involved with Nicole.

DVR Alert: Nicole lets herself into the Horton house and comes face-to-face with a startled Jennifer.

Thursday, November 22

Days is pre-empted.

Friday, November 23

Days will rebroadcast its June 24, 1997 episode, which centers around John and Kristen’s wedding day; only Kristen is masquerading as the bride.

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