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Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 5 to 9


Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 5 to 9

Arianne Zucker

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Monday, November 5

Daniel realizes Nicole left part of a baby outfit behind at the hospital the morning she lost her child.

Nicole asks Rafe to convince Sami to talk to EJ about dropping his plans for revenge.

Sami visits Jennifer and reveals her suspicion that Nicole purposely lied about Jennifer pushing her.

Victor offers Nicole money to walk away from Daniel, but she refuses.

Brady tells Marlena he warned Kristen to stay away from their family.

Kate fumes after receiving Stefano’s divorce papers from Kristen.

John tries to convince Sami to quit her job with Kristen, but she refuses.

A phone call from Kristen riles up Marlena.

DVR Alert: Daniel tracks down Nicole’s doctor and learns Nicole’s baby died before her altercation with Jennifer.

Tuesday, November 6

Daniel confirms that Nicole’s baby was dead before she fell down the stairs and she knew about it.

Nicole receives a visit from Jennifer, who sows seeds of doubt in her mind and heart.

Brady refuses Victor’s request to throw himself and his money at Nicole to get her away from Daniel.

Kristen assures Stefano her efforts to bring the DiMera family together are on track.

John is suspicious when he runs into Kristen at a church board meeting.

Marlena challenges John, asking what it will take before he recognizes the threat Kristen poses.

Daniel returns home to confront Nicole with what he’s learned, but she’s gone.

DVR Alert: Nicole’s paranoia and guilt lead her to Jennifer’s doorstep, armed and dangerous.

Wednesday, November 7

Daniel enlists Rafe’s help to track down Nicole.

After a chat with Maggie, Brady heads to the Horton house to offer Jennifer his support.

A jealous Nicole threatens to tell the cops Jennifer did push her intentionally.

Daniel arrives to hear Nicole accuse Jennifer of killing her baby.

Nicole is horrified, when Daniel announces that her unborn child was already dead.

EJ contemplates arranging an “accident” for Daniel.

John assures Marlena that Kristen won't come between them.

Hope asks John to handle some repairs at the Horton cabin on Smith Island.

DVR Alert: John is stunned, when he arrives at the cabin and finds Kristen.

Thursday, November 8

EJ, Rafe and Brady burst in as Daniel confronts Nicole with the truth.

Abigail chastises Nicole for charging Jennifer with murder, when she knew it was a lie.

John accuses Kristen of stalking him.

Kristen tells John she came to the cabin to exorcize her memories of him.

Marlena tells Hope her fear that Kristen will drive a wedge between her, John and their family.

When Sami realizes Nick and Gabi are an item, Gabi begs her not to tell Rafe.

Sami talks to Nick about a possible job at Countess Wilhelmina.

After Nick sets up a romantic surprise for Gabi, the pair profess their love to each other.

DVR Alert: Nicole flees to the square, pulls out a scapel, and warns Daniel, Jennifer, Brady, Rafe, EJ and Abigail to stand back.

Friday, November 9

Nicole threatens to kill herself, insisting she can’t go on without her baby and Daniel.

Daniel finally convinces Nicole to drop the scalpel.

At the hospital Nicole gives a statement, detailing how and why she framed Jennifer.

Brady apologizes to Jennifer for jumping to conclusions about her.

EJ studies his baby’s autopsy and realizes no one was at fault for his death.

Rafe announces that Nicole is facing serious charges.

Abigail tells Cameron she’s moving on.

John is moved, when Kristen informs him that what she wants is forgiveness, not love.

Gabi and T work to help Will and Sonny patch things up.

DVR Alert: Will calls Sonny, and they agree to meet and talk.

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