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Days of Our Lives Recap for December 11, 2012


Days of Our Lives Recap for December 11, 2012

Blake Berris and Camila Banus

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen
True Confessions

Maggie showed up looking for Jennifer. Abigail explained that her mother went to the Horton cabin. Maggie was annoyed, noting that Daniel needed this time alone. Meanwhile, at the cabin, a groggy Jennifer told Daniel she loved him with all her heart and he returned the sentiment.

Sadly, Nicole walked in and overheard. Nicole told Daniel he’d saved Jennifer’s life. She went on about how steady his hands had been during Jennifer’s surgery and that the treatment for his tremors must have worked. Daniel barely had time to reflect, when he heard the ferry arriving.

Rafe met with Eric at the church and revealed that Nick and Gabi were getting married. Eric offered to counsel the couple; then, headed to the hospital to check on a patient. Soon, Daniel and Nicole arrived with Jennifer, who was on a gurney. Eric asked Nicole how she fit into what was going on. Nicole came clean about following Daniel to Smith Island and said she witnessed him save Jennifer’s life. Nicole admitted there was a connection between Daniel and Jennifer and realized she and Daniel were through.

A Surgeon Saved

Kayla examined Jennifer and announced that Daniel had performed a wonderful appendectomy. She was sure Daniel would soon return to the hospital’s surgical team. Abigail arrived and reunited with Jennifer, while Daniel told Maggie what happened at the cabin. He noted that his hand tremors were gone and went on about how Jennifer had actually saved his life, by helping him get his career back. Maggie was overjoyed.

Alone Again, Naturally

Nicole met with Daniel and explained how happy she was that his hands tremors were over. She knew how much being a surgeon meant to him. She also knew how much it meant to him to be back with the woman he loves: Jennifer. Nicole admitted she’d gone to the cabin hoping to reconcile with Daniel, but that she’d heard him and Jennifer professing their love to each other. Nicole broke down in tears, telling Daniel he was the most amazing man she’d ever met and that he deserved to be happy. Later, at the church, Nicole broke down in Eric’s arms. “Why does this keep happening to me?” she cried. “Why do I always end up alone?”

Heartfelt Thank You

Maggie stopped by to visit Jennifer, who had no clear memory about what had transpired at the cabin. Maggie happily recounted how Daniel’s tremors were gone and that he saved Jennifer’s life by operating on her. Maggie thanked Jennifer for encouraging Daniel to seek treatment. Daniel finally arrived to see Jennifer, post surgery. They both expressed thanks to each other. “I'm not really sure how I'm going to repay you for this one,” admitted Jennifer. “You already have,” responded Daniel. Then, he gently kissed Jennifer on the cheek.

The Wedding Planner

Will was put on the spot, when he walked into the pub and Caroline suggested he be Nick and Gabi’s best man. Will was clearly uncomfortable, as were Nick and Gabi. The trio tried to talk their way out of it, but Caroline and Sami wouldn’t let up. Gabi finally said that she thought she and Nick should just go off and elope, since she was pregnant. Sami realized Gabi was making excuses and wanted to know why. Caroline assumed that Gabi felt guilty because Sami was spending so much time planning her wedding. Sami convinced Gabi she really wanted to plan her big day. Will eventually made an excuse and left.

Rafe arrived at the pub. Caroline assured him things would work out fine for Nick and Gabi. Caroline noted that Sami was going all out planning Gabi’s wedding for Rafe’s sake. Sami walked in, and she and Rafe shared a sweet moment. That is, until the subject of trust come up.

Chad’s Revenge

Sonny didn’t believe Chad’s accusation about Gabi being responsible for Melanie’s kidnapping. Chad recounted what he heard Andrew say before he died: that Gabi had hired Andrew to be her stalker. Chad warned Sonny not to trust Gabi. Then, he explained all about his breakup with Melanie and how he beat up Nick. Chad even divulged the details of the legal agreement he’d made with Nick: Nick would keep mum about Chad’s beating, if Chad didn’t press charges against Gabi. It was all too much for Sonny to take in, and he let it slip that Gabi was now pregnant. Chad was sure she got knocked up on purpose to trap Nick.

Gabi searched for Will, but ran into Sonny. He was cold as ice. Sonny didn’t like how Gabi was pulling Will into all her drama. He warned Gabi not to hurt Will or they’d have a problem. Meanwhile, Will ran into Chad, who mentioned knowing that Gabi is pregnant and planning to marry Nick. Will asked Chad to back off Gabi. “Why are you so wrapped up in this?” asked Chad.

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