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Days of Our Lives Recap for December 17, 2012


Days of Our Lives Recap for December 17, 2012

Kate Mansi and Melissa Reeves

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Sonny’s Ultimatum

Will asked Sonny about his chat with Gabi. Sonny tried to avoid the subject; then admitted he didn’t like Gabi and thought she was liar and a user. “Where is this animosity coming from?” asked Will. Sonny said he was watching Gabi and how she dragged him into her baby drama. Will noted that he was a friend, who wanted to help her. Sonny insisted that Gabi didn’t deserve Will’s loyalty and urged him to “cut the cord and never look back.” Will didn’t like being told what to do and stuck up for Gabi.

Nick to the Rescue

Gabi slipped up, when she told Sami that she was 11 or 12 weeks pregnant. Hope noted that Nick told her Gabi was five or six weeks along. Sami, Rafe and Hope looked to Gabi for an answer. A nervous Gabi tried to explain. Nick walked in and told Gabi they had to tell the truth. Nick concocted a quick story, noting that he and Gabi had gotten together earlier than anyone had thought. They kept it a secret, because Gabi didn’t want anyone to know.

Raging Rafe

Rafe asked how soon they’d gotten together. Was it as soon as Nick got out of prison? He accused Nick of taking advantage of an innocent girl. Hope stuck up for Nick, noting that he loved Gabi and was going to make a good home for her and their baby. “Isn’t that what really matters?” asked Nick. Rafe couldn’t take any more and took off. Sami suggested they continue planning the wedding another day, while Hope consoled Gabi and Nick. Later, Nick reassured Gabi that they had done the right thing. Now they wouldn’t have to lie about the timing when the baby was born. He also told Gabi that he loved her and her baby.

Calm After the Storm

Sami went after Rafe. She noted Gabi felt terribly that she’d disappointed him. Rafe didn’t want that, but he didn’t understand what had happened. How could Gabi have turned to an ex-con in her hour of need instead of him? Sami insisted that Nick was a good guy and that he and Gabi loved each other. Rafe noted that love didn’t always make a marriage work. He and Sami should know that. Sami urged Rafe to support Nick and Gabi, and he took her words to heart.

Later, Rafe ran into Will and said he knew the truth. Will assumed he was talking about Gabi’s baby’s paternity. Then, Rafe told him about Gabi’s due date and how soon she and Nick had gotten together. Will stood up for the couple. Rafe asked Will if Gabi had considered having an abortion, because she was afraid of disappointing him. Will swore that wasn’t the case. Rafe thanked Will for being such a good friend to Gabi. Meanwhile, Sami stopped by the coffeehouse. She found Sonny and asked if he would be an usher at Nick and Gabi’s wedding. “Hell no,” said Sonny, quickly covering that he had too much going on. Still, Sami was perplexed by his reaction.

Remembering Parker

Kate finished up a checkup at the hospital and ran into Maxine, who mentioned that Kate would soon be celebrating her five year anniversary of being cancer free. Kate was touched. She showed Maxine a picture of her grandson, Parker. Daniel watched them. When Kate went to look for her cell phone, she left the photo behind. Daniel couldn’t help but sneak a peek at the little boy he once thought was his son. When Kate returned, she questioned Daniel about the tyke. Daniel admitted he’d never forget Parker, even though he hadn’t seen him since Chloe moved away with him.

Kate noted that she was in remission from cancer, because of Daniel’s work and that she’d always be grateful to him for that. Then, she told him all about Parker -- how he was running and climbing and curious about everything. Maxine interrupted with the surgical schedule for the following week and explained how Daniel had saved Jennifer’s life. Kate was happy to learn that Daniel was operating again and curious about his relationship with Jennifer. She asked if Daniel was still in love with Jennifer. Daniel told her it was none of her business. Kate recalled telling Daniel that Jennifer would never get over Jack, months earlier. She also recounted her breakup with Stefano. Daniel said he was sorry. Before Kate left, she gave Daniel Parker’s photo and wished him a Merry Christmas.

Loving Daniel

Jennifer remembered telling Daniel that she loved him. Abigail walked in and noticed something was wrong. Abigail wanted to call Daniel. Jennifer told her not to. Then, she recounted what happened between her and Daniel at the cabin. “I told Daniel I loved him,” admitted Jennifer. “Do you?” asked Abigail. After some hemming and hawing, Jennifer confirmed that she did.

Saying Goodbye to Jack

Jennifer said she understood if Abigail felt she was betraying her father, because part of her felt the same way. The pair discussed missing Jack. Abigail, however, noted that her father was gone and that her mom shouldn’t stop living her life. “Dad wouldn’t want that,” insisted Abigail, asking Jennifer if she was ready to move on with Daniel. Alone, Jennifer flipped through a photo album of pictures of her and Jack and smiled. Then, she put the album away and told Abigail she was going out. Jennifer arrived at the hospital and found Daniel. “I had to see you,” she told him.

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