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Days of Our Lives Recap for December 31, 2012


Days of Our Lives Recap for December 31, 2012

Eileen Davidson and Eric Martsolf

Courtesy: Days of Our Lives
The Big Reveal

Marlena was upset with herself for sending John to Brady’s office, knowing full well that Kristen would be with him. She phoned John and left him a message to call her, as soon as possible. Hope arrived. Marlena told her that she sent John over to Brady’s office, knowing Kristen would be there. Marlena feared she might live to regret what she’d done.

Meanwhile, John walked in on Brady and Kristen having sex on Brady’s desk. “What in God’s name is going on here?” asked a stunned John. “I think you know, Dad,” retorted Brady. John filled Brady in on his idea to spend New Year’s Eve with Brady and his date. He asked the twosome what they thought of it. Ultimately, John erupted and left. Brady went after him. Alone, Kristen couldn’t contain her glee.

Father and Son Have It Out

Brady caught up with John in the park and tried to explain how his and Kristen’s relationship happened. Things changed between the two of them after he was attacked and Kristen took him to the hospital. They became friends, and he developed strong feelings for her. John couldn’t believe that Brady was involved with a woman who tried to kill Marlena and was almost his stepmother. Brady swore that Kristen fought what was happening between them and tried to push him away. “But it was me. I wanted it,” swore Brady.

John admitted he was disgusted by all of this. He tried to rationalize that Brady turned to Kristen, because he was grieving Madison. Brady insisted this had nothing to do with Madison and told John he needed to accept him and Kristen as a couple. Brady returned to his office to check on Kristen, but she was gone.

Confronting Kristen

Later, Marlena happened upon Kristen. She asked her what happened at Brady’s office. Kristen was coy, enjoying getting under Marlena’s skin. After Kristen left, Marlena phoned John, who was vague about his visit with Brady. She headed to Brady’s office and announced she needed to know what was going on.

Back at her hotel room, Kristen was alone toasting to her success. She was thrilled John finally knew about her and Brady’s affair. Suddenly there was a knock on her door. She opened it to find John.

Will to the Rescue

Kate filled Will in on her meeting with Nick, noting how arrogant he was about her job offer. Will didn’t want to speak ill of him. In fact, he defended Nick, noting that he loved Gabi and was just trying to secure a good job to provide for his family. Will’s words got to Kate. She decided to look at Nick as a responsible father-to-be instead of a smug jackass.

Keeping A Secret

Gabi admitted she’d been lying to Eric and was just about to tell him about her baby’s true paternity, when Sami walked in. Sami sensed something was amiss. Nick finally showed up and Gabi insisted they had to tell Eric the truth. Eric made Sami leave, much to her dismay. Will arrived and Sami recounted what had transpired. Concerned, Will promptly sent Gabi a text, saying that he changed his mind. He realized they needed to do what was best for their baby.

Sami stormed back in on Nick, Gabi and Eric’s meeting ready to tell Eric what Gabi’s secret was. Gabi realized it was the lie about her and Nick getting together as soon as they met. She ‘fessed up to Eric about being further along in her pregnancy than she’d originally told him. Nick added that he and Gabi truly loved each other. Eric gave Nick and Gabi his blessing and agreed to marry them in the church.

Outside, Will and Sami discussed their New Year’s Eve plans. Will noted he’d be spending the evening with Sonny, while Sami admitted she had a date – with EJ. Will reacted positively, noting that he realized things weren’t always black and white.

Apologies Accepted

Adrienne had a heart-to-heart with Sonny and told him she was sorry she ever doubted Will. She could see how happy they were together and gave her son some advice about his new relationship. Adrienne returned to the Kiriakis mansion, where she found Kate. She apologized for the awful things she said about Will, when he and Sonny first started dating. Adrienne noted that Will was funny and sweet and made Sonny happy. Kate accepted Adrienne’s apology, but it was clear the two women weren’t going to be bosom buddies.

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