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Days of Our Lives Recap for December 7, 2012


Days of Our Lives Recap for December 7, 2012

Melissa Reeves

Photo Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Three's Not Company

Nicole chastised Jennifer for following Daniel to the Horton cabin. Daniel walked in surprised to see Jennifer there. Jennifer said she didn’t want to leave things the way they were between them. Daniel didn’t think there was anything to work out, but asked Nicole to give them a minute alone. After Nicole left, Jennifer reiterated how she had promised Daniel she’d be there for him no matter how his treatment turned out, and she meant it. Daniel insisted he was fine and didn’t need anybody hovering over him.

Daniel noticed that Jennifer didn’t look well and suggested she go home. Jennifer didn’t want him to alone. Daniel noted that he wasn’t alone. Jennifer didn’t approve of him leaning on a woman like Nicole. Daniel asked Jennifer why she wanted to help him. He assured her she had no reason to feel guilty his treatment didn’t work and begged her to go home and live her life. Jennifer insisted she wasn’t there because she felt guilty. She was there because she cared about what happened to him.

Jennifer Collapses

The two continued to spat back and forth, until Jennifer clutched her stomach and cried out in pain. She said it was the flu; then, passed out in Daniel’s arms. Daniel called out for Nicole, explaining that Jennifer was very sick. They needed to get her to a hospital.It was her appendix. It was going to burst. Just then, they heard the ferry’s horn blow, signaling it was leaving the island. “No, it can't. She needs to be in a hospital now,” cried out Daniel.

Oh Brother

Sami interrupted Ciara reciting a Hail Mary for Eric, who was helping her prepare for her First Communion. Ciara hugged Sami and said her Daddy told her Sami and Eric are twins. “So why aren’t you a nun?” asked Ciara. Eric explained that different people had different callings. After Ciara left, Sami told Eric she owed him a huge apology about Nicole. She wasn’t taking back what she said about her, but she realized Eric was a more forgiving man. Eric admitted he and Sami both said things they didn’t mean in the heat of the moment. Sami regretted what she’d said about Eric’s judgment and implying that Nicole was taking advantage of him. She knew he was just giving Nicole the benefit of the doubt. After seeing Eric with Ciara, Sami realized Eric had a gift and was good at helping people. It made her proud of him.

Brady's Got A Secret

At the square, Maggie quizzed Brady about the unexpected “thing” that happened to him. Was it a romance? Brady said it was too new to definite it. Maggie assured Brady that Madison would want him to move on and likened his experience to what she went through after Mickey died. Now she was remarried to Victor and happy. She’d worked through guilt, after realizing Mickey would have wanted her to be in love. Brady said that Madison wasn’t the only reason he was hesitating with this new woman. There was also a complication. He asked Maggie to keep their conversation to herself, and she agreed.

Cat's Not Out of the Bag

John found Kristen spatting with Marlena. Kristen assumed Marlena was going to spill the beans about Brady. Instead, Marlena revealed that she had broken into Kristen’s hotel room and asked if John could find a way forgive her. John was stunned. He asked Marlena what she was thinking. John got a business call and had to run, but told Marlena they would continue talking about this at lunch. “That’s not at all what I thought you were going to say,” said Kristen. Marlena explained that telling John that Kristen and Brady are lovers was their responsibility and how Kristen handled it was up to her. Kristen got the feeling Marlena wanted her to keep her affair with Brady a secret. “Actually, I don’t give a damn,” retorted Marlena. Kristen knew she did, because as long as she was sleeping with Brady, that meant she wouldn’t be sleeping with John. Marlena countered that she and John were in love and faithful to one another. “Really? The same way you were faithful to Roman?” cooed Kristen. Kristen left perturbed, muttering that this was only going to work if John knew everything.

Afternoon Delight

Kristen sent Brady a text. He read it and headed straight to her hotel room. Kristen opened the door and pulled him inside for another sexual romp. Afterward, Kristen brought up their “complicated” relationship. Brady swore he could handle it; then, noted that he had to meet Marlena and John for lunch. Kristen admitted that she didn’t like what she was turning Brady into a liar. She suggested he tell John the truth about the two of them. Brady said he didn’t want to do that. Things were still too raw with Kristen, his dad and Marlena. “If they found out about this, they would view this as another attack,” said Brady, adding that he didn’t want to give them another reason to put Kristen’s life through hell. After Brady left, Kristen ranted out loud. “Are you kidding me? What do I have to do, rent a billboard?” Then, she had a change of heart and realized the longer John was in the dark the better. “That will make the moment when he does find out the truth just that much sweeter,” cooed Kristen.

The Congo Mystery Begins

Sami and Eric continued chatting at the square. Sami went on about how she couldn’t imagine her life without a man, nor Eric’s without a woman. She was “conflicted” about her brother becoming a priest. She recounted how shocked she was, when Eric first told her about it. Sami knew others were surprised by it, too. Eric told Sami he was committed to his choice and still the same person he always was. He just felt he needed to connect more with his faith, especially after the things he’d seen. “You mean in the Congo?” asked Sami. Eric said it was unbelievable what people could do to each other and that there were things he just couldn’t get away from. Maggie interrupted, thrilled to see Eric after all these years. They, chitchatted about the church, Brady heading up the construction of the new school.... Then, Brady excused himself, because he was meeting his mother for lunch. Eric said he and Sami would finish their talk later and left. Sami and Maggie discussed Eric and how trusting he was. Sami mentioned that Eric had hired Nicole to work at the parish.

No More Lies, Not!

John and Marlena met for lunch and continued their previous conversation. John couldn’t believe that Brady hadn’t mentioned a word about Marlena breaking into Kristen’s room. Not did she. Marlena didn’t expect John to understand, but said she was desperate and felt like the only person who believed Kristen had an agenda. That’s why she was looking for proof. “But you didn't find anything, did you?” asked John. Marlena admitted she hadn’t and swore she was no longer going to be worried about Kristen or her plans. John said he didn’t want anymore secrets between them. Brady arrived and joined Marlena, John and Eric. John hoped he hadn’t pulled Brady away from work. Brady said he’d been busy with other things. Marlena asked Eric to say grace before they all started to eat.

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