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Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 29 to May 3


Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 29 to May 3

Eileen Davidson and Eric Martsolf

Courtesy: Days of Our Lives
Monday, April 29

Sami and Sonny sneak into Nick’s room at the Kiriakis mansion, determined to find and destroy his recording of Will’s confession.

DVR Alert: Nick returns unexpectedly, and Sami and Sonny are forced to hide.

Tuesday, April 30

Brady and Kristen Brady and Kristen are thrown when they open Ciara’s “special” envelope. 

Brady later makes a mysterious request.

Wednesday, May 1

Nick realizes Vargas is up to no good and threatens to tell Eric.

DVR Alert: Vargas threatens to tell Eric about Nicole's feelings for him.

Thursday, May 2

Rafe makes his feelings about Sami clear to a skeptical EJ.

DVR Alert: Fearing Stefano may know about her affair with Rafe, Kate breaks up with Rafe to protect him.

Friday, May 3

Sami is furious, when she overhears Stefano planning to double cross her and Will.

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