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Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 4 to 8


Actor Shawn Christian at 2010 Daytime Emmy Award
greginhollywood/Flikr/CC BY 2.0
Monday, February 4

Chloe interrupts Daniel and Jennifer’s evening with a frantic call about Parker.

Marlena inspires Kristen to take her revenge to the next level.

John confronts Stefano in Europe.

Daniel arrives at the mansion, where Parker calls him “Daddy” for the first time.

Jennifer warns Chloe she won’t give up Daniel without a fight.

Kristen hints at marriage to Brady, after deciding to jilt him at the altar.

Nick plots to keep Will away from his baby girl.

DVR Alert: EJ and Sami make love.

Tuesday, February 5

Brady rebuffs Kristen’s marriage idea, not wanting to exasperate the situation with John and Marlena.

Gabi asks Nick about his scar, but he claims it’s nothing.

Sami and Brady have a huge fight, when he learns she and EJ have reunited.

Rafe learns Sami and EJ spent the night together.

Gabi and Caroline urge Rafe not to give up on Sami.

Cameron and Abigail enjoy a breakfast date and look forward to a new beginning.

DVR Alert: Nick has a harrowing memory, when Jennifer brings up his attack in prison.

Wednesday, February 6

Sami and Rafe have an ugly fight, when he forces her to admit she slept with EJ.

Rafe warns Gabi that Will may sue for full custody of their baby.

Sami urges Will to demand a paternity test on his unborn child.

Kristen tries to get Brady on board with the idea of a secret marriage, but he declines.

After Julie tells Gabi that Nick was nearly murdered in prison, Gabi asks Nick if his scar is from his stabbing.

Will gives Sonny back the key to his apartment.

Hope questions Nicole about the stolen files and attempts to talk Victor out of pressing charges against her.

Nicole tries to put distance between her and Eric, causing him to question what’s wrong.

DVR Alert: Kristen calls Nicole on her attraction to Eric.

Thursday, February 7

Rafe warns Gabi that Nick’s past could be used against them, if Will decides to sue for full custody of the baby.

Daniel and Jennifer make plans to spend the night alone together in Chicago.

Chloe vows to stop Daniel and Jennifer’s romantic tryst, after Daniel tells her about their trip.

Jennifer seeks Nicole’s advice about how to deal with Chloe.

Chloe questions Jennifer about where she and Daniel will be having drinks, and Jennifer deliberately lies to her.

Eric is thrown and a little hurt by Nicole’s sudden standoffishness.

DVR Alert: Nick buys a surveillance device and sends Lucas an ominous text: I know your son shot EJ DiMera.

Friday, February 8

Lucas calls Will and says they must talk, immediately.

Daniel and Jennifer head off for a fun night in Chicago with Brady and Kristen.

Chloe sets out to sabotage Daniel and Jennifer’s date and is furious when discovers Jennifer lied about where they were going.

Frustrated her efforts to get Brady to the altar aren’t working, Kristen tries a new tactic to reel him in.

Parker develops a high and potentially dangerous fever.

Chloe tracks down Daniel and summons him home; there’s an emergency with their son.

DVR Alert: Nick tapes Will and Lucas as they try to figure out who knows the truth about EJ’s shooting.

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