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Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 14 to 18


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Monday, January 14

Chad reveals Nick isn’t Gabi’s baby’s father.

Rafe accuses Chad of lying, and the two men come to blows.

An upset Sonny runs off.

Lucas demands answers from his son.

Sami rips into Gabi, believing she and Nick were trying to screw over Will.

A livid Rafe warns Sami to back off his sister.

DVR Alert: Everyone is stunned, when Will announces he’s the father of Gabi’s baby.

Tuesday, January 15

Sami and Rafe have a heated fight about Will and Gabi, sending Sami into EJ’s arms.

Nick tells Gabi there still might be a way to get what they want.

Marlena offers Will her support.

Abigail rejects Chad’s apology, and Cameron comes to her rescue.

Will tries to make amends with Sonny.

DVR Alert: Nick overhears incriminating information from Will’s past.

Wednesday, January 16

Marlena confides in Hope about her troubled marriage.

Hope comes up with an idea to make Brady realize the truth about Kristen.

Kristen phones Stefano and reveals her plan to bring down Marlena and John is succeeding.

Brady reconnects with Chloe, who’s stunned to learn he’s seeing Kristen.

Chloe burns when she sees Jennifer and Daniel kissing.

Daniel suggests Chloe grant Kate limited access to Parker, but she opposes the idea.

Kate shares information about Chloe with Jennifer.

DVR Alert: Kristen receives a visit from Marlena, who’s secretly wearing a wire.

Thursday, January 17

Marlena tries to goad Kristen into admitting her plot to use Brady to destroy her and John.

Kristen acts innocent; then, via a note, reveals she’s onto Marlena’s scheme.

Brady discovers the torn pieces of Kristen’s note to Marlena.

Chloe and Nicole clash over their love for Daniel.

Kate presses her agenda to discredit Chloe as a mother.

DVR Alert: John finds the tape and hears Kristen’s revelation that Marlena was happy she was sleeping with Brady and not John.

Friday, January 18

Jennifer decides not to tell Daniel about Chloe’s past as a prostitute.

With Anne’s help, Chloe sets up Jennifer, leading to a tense confrontation with Daniel.

Nicole confesses her mixed feelings about Chloe’s pursuit of Daniel to Eric.

Brady questions Kristen about the torn up note.

An emotional Marlena tells John the real reason she didn’t tell him about Brady and Kristen’s relationship.

Sami’s past comes back to haunt her, when she asks Will if he plans to play a role in his child’s life.

DVR Alert: John leaves town to figure out what to do about his marriage and Brady.

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