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Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 21 to 25


Academy Of Televison Presents 'Celebrating 45 Years Of Days Of Our Lives'
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Monday, January 21

Days of Our Lives is pre-empted.

Tuesday, January 22

Rafe loses it when Sami questions if Nick and Gabi are fit to raise the baby.

EJ offers to help Will fight for custody of his child.

Gabi makes an emotional confession to Nicole.

Chloe and Anne celebrate, believing they’ve driven a wedge between Daniel and Jennifer.

Nick tells Gabi he wants to get married at the courthouse, immediately.

DVR Alert: While seeking custody advice from Justin, Nick wonders if there’s a way to have Will declared an unfit father.

Wednesday, January 23

Nick pressures Will to give up all legal rights to his child and tries to prevent him from finding out about Gabi’s sonogram.

Will shows up at the hospital just in time to learn the baby’s sex.

Adrienne and Sami clash over their sons.

Will pours his heart out to Sonny, who still can’t get over his deception.

Rafe accuses Sami and EJ of manipulating Will and Gabi.

Chad tries in vain to make amends with Abigail and Cameron.

DVR Alert: Sami and EJ come close to making love, while Rafe tells Nicole he has finally seen Sami’s true colors.

Thursday, January 24

EJ surprisingly pulls back from Sami.

Lucas is disgusted by Sami’s bouncing from man to man, but the twosome come together to support Will.

Sonny and Will end up in a kiss.

Abigail confides to Gabi that she and Cameron are starting to get closer.

Adrienne and Justin disagree over Sonny’s love life, but come together to heat up their own.

DVR Alert: Will announces he wants to be part of his baby’s life much to Nick’s chagrin.

Friday, January 25

Chloe pays Jennifer an unexpected visit.

Eric and Brady get into a heated argument about Brady’s relationship with Kristen.

Nicole decides to get Kristen away from Brady and shows up at her hotel room.

Stefano suggests Kristen end her love affair with Brady, but she has other ideas.

Jennifer tells Maggie she’s convinced Chloe wants her out of the way.

Chloe suggests that Daniel could bond better with Parker, if she and their son moved in with him.

DVR Alert: John and Marlena share a tearful goodbye as he leaves Salem to figure out what to do about his marriage and Brady.

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