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Days of Our Lives Spoilers January 28 to February 1


'Days Of Our Lives' Signing And Presentation
Rick Diamond / Staff /Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Monday, January 28

Nicole blasts Kristen for causing a rift between Brady and his family.

Brady breaks up Nicole and Kristen’s fight.

Chloe suggests she move in with Daniel, so he and Parker can bond.

Daniel calls out Chloe on wanting him back.

Hope urges Jennifer to fight fire with fire.

Marlena demands to know how long Kristen intends to torture Brady.

DVR Alert: Jennifer arrives at Daniel’s apartment and finds Chloe wearing nothing but one of his shirts.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nicole tries to frame Kristen by planting top secret Titan files on her computer.

Chloe’s stunt leaves Jennifer rattled.

Jennifer asks Daniel to go out of town with her for a night of romance.

Chloe celebrates with Anne, unaware her plan has backfired.

Billie tells Kate she’s quitting Mad World, because she doesn’t want to be part of her schemes.

DVR Alert: Nicole fears she’ll be caught red handed, when Brady and Kristen return to her hotel room.

Wednesday, January 30

Kristen storms off, when Brady finds the Titan documents on her computer and is openly suspicious.

After Brady and Kristen realize they’ve been played, Brady lowers the boom on Nicole.

Rafe asks Gabi and Nick to postpone their wedding.

Marlena admits she tried to entrap Kristen to Brady.

Brady realizes Kristen lied about the torn-up note and confronts her.

Billie tells Kate she’s leaving town, and the two share a heartfelt goodbye.

Hope shuts Rafe down, when he questions her about Bo’s extended absence.

DVR Alert: Will walks in, while Nick is researching the circumstances under which Lucas went to jail to protect Will.

Thursday, January 31

Brady confronts Kristen about the note she wrote to Marlena.

An irate Kristen tries to kick Brady out, but he apologizes and they make love.

Nick manages to cover his plotting from Will.

Rafe bursts EJ’s bubble by revealing he and Sami planned to reunite before the blowup at the wedding.

Nick comes to Gabi’s rescue, when Sami accuses her of trying to keep the baby from Will.

Sami makes a heartfelt confession to EJ, while Nick tells Rafe about Sami’s accusations.

Will is devastated, when he sees Sonny kissing Brian.

Abigail opens up to Cameron.

DVR Alert: Rafe bangs on Sami’s door, just as she and EJ are about to make love.

Friday, February 1

Rafe finds Sami with EJ, but insists he couldn’t care less.

An angry Rafe warns Sami to stop attacking Gabi.

Brian lies and gloats to Will that he had sex with Sonny.

Chloe learns Daniel and Jennifer are going away for the night and is helpless to stop them.

Daniel and Jennifer confirm their readiness to take the next step in their relationship.

Sami tells EJ she now sees him and Rafe for who they really are, and it makes her choice crystal clear.

DVR Alert: Daniel and Jennifer are about to make love, when Chloe phones about a crisis with Parker.

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