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Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 11 to 15


Bryan Dattilo and Alison Sweeney
Doug Benc/Getty Images
Monday, March 11

Sami enlists Lucas’ help to break into the police evidence room and steal anything that could link Will to EJ’s shooting.

Stefano returns to the DiMera mansion and receives a chilly reception from Brady.

John and Marlena’s reunion doesn’t go as well as Marlena had hoped. 

Kristen warns John he'll never take Brady from her; then, flirts with him.

Chloe learns Jennifer is on her way to see Daniel.

DVR Alert:Chloe drugs Daniel and sets up a shocking scene for Jennifer to find.

Tuesday, March 12

Rafe catches Lucas and Sami in the Salem PD evidence room.

Stefano asks EJ to move back into the mansion.

Kristen tells Stefano she flirted with John as part of her revenge plan, just as Brady approaches.

Chloe answers Daniel’s hotel room door and Jennifer sees him passed out, half-naked in bed.

DVR Alert: Assuming Chloe and Daniel had sex, Jennifer runs off in tears.

Wednesday, March 13

Jennifer slaps Daniel and tells him she never wants to hear from him again.

Chloe covers her tracks with Jennifer, who is left not knowing what to believe.

Horrified upon realizing Chloe left sleeping pills in Daniel's hotel room, Nancy heads over to retrieve them.

Stefano is delighted with Kristen’s diabolical plot, certain John and Marlena will be destroyed.

John surprises Brady by claiming he’s willing to try to accept Kristen in his son’s life.

Gabi is thrilled when Rafe agrees to attend her wedding.

DVR Alert: Determined to stop Gabi from marrying Nick, Will sets out to find her and reveal Nick’s blackmail.

Thursday, March 14

Skeptical about John's change of heart regarding Kristen, Brady has some tough questions for his father.

Kristen reminds John the only way to Brady is through her.

Nick warns Will not to try turning Gabi against him ever again.

Upon learning Stefano is back in Salem, Kate contemplates ending things with Rafe, so Stefano won't hurt him.

Stefano is delighted, when Chad announces he's considering moving back into the mansion.

  Sami realizes she should ask Stefano for help with Nick.

DVR Alert: EJ knows how to ensure Stefano’s assistance, but tells Sami she isn’t going to like it…

Friday, March 15

Brady tells Kristen he believes John still has feelings for her, while Marlena realizes John is secretly planning to destroy Kristen.

EJ suggests he and Sami move into the DiMera mansion.

Nicole is appalled when she learns Eric has invited an ex-convict to live at the rectory.

Sami entertains the thought of living at the mansion with Kristen, but it quickly turns into a nightmare.

DVR Alert: Nick is on cloud nine after marrying Gabi, unaware Vargas has just been released from prison.

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