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Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 27 to May 31


Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 27 to May 31

Deidre Hall

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Monday, May 27

Days of Our Lives is pre-empted.

Tuesday, May 28

Proof of Kristen’s deception falls into Marlena's hands.

Kristen and John’s game of seduction comes to a stunning conclusion.

Eric is taken aback when someone unexpected alerts him to Nicole’s true feelings.

At the hospital, Gabi panics when she can’t find her baby.

DVR Alert: Marlena takes the information on Kristen to Brady, hoping he'll listen to her.

Wednesday, May 29

Brady confronts Kristen with all her lies, and she desperately tries to convince him she truly does love him.

Now that Kristen has been exposed, Hope asks Marlena where this leaves her and John.

An anguished Nick apologizes to Will.

Maggie urges Nick to come clean with Gabi about everything he’s done.

DVR Alert: It’s an emotional moment as Will meets his daughter for the first time.

Thursday, May 30

Marlena and Kristen have a major showdown. 

Kristen shares a stunning piece of information about John that leaves Marlena reeling.

A distraught Brady is approached by a drug dealer.

Nicole is mortified when Eric questions her about her feelings towards him.

DVR Alert: Nick tells Gabi what happened to him in prison and that he’s been blackmailing Will.

Friday, May 31

The DiMeras rally around a devastated Kristen, who makes a surprising move.

Nicole comforts Brady, who's reeling from his betrayal.

Hope has disappointing news for Marlena.

JJ continues to manipulate Jennifer, who unwittingly gives him enough money to start selling drugs.

DVR Alert: John and Marlena are faced with the consequences of his actions.

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