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Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 6 to 10


Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 6 to 10

Blake Berris

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen
Monday, May 6

A mysterious person breaks into Jennifer’s house.

Tuesday, May 7

Sami intercepts Stefano’s dirty cop, Bernardi, and lies that Stefano wanted the evidence against Will given to her.

Wednesday, May 8

Kristen and John engage in a game of cat and mouse that nearly culminates in a kiss.

DVR Alert: Brady searches the house for Kristen, unaware she's with his father.

Thursday, May 9

Nick drags Sami into an alley and demands she give back the money she stole from him.

DVR Alert: Sami threatens to shoot Nick, but he reveals a secret weapon of his own.

Friday, May 10

After overhearing Johnny tell Sami he liked it better living with Rafe, EJ makes a cryptic call. 

DVR Alert: Rafe warns Nick he’s going to tell Gabi what kind of man she married, but ends up knocked unconscious.

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