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Days of Our Lives Recap for April 23, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for April 23, 2013

Arianne Zucker

Courtesy: Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain
Sex and a Secret

Ciara looked at the photo of Sy and Kristen and approached Brady and Kristen's table at the pub. The twosome were oblivious, as they discussed how they weren't going to let anyone's opinions or feelings interfere with their relationship. They were just going to live in the moment and savor what they had.

The two ended up back home, where they savored things by having sex. Afterward, Brady gave Kristen a present: two gold bracelets. Kristen asked Brady to stop showering her with gifts, noting what “a good man” he was. “We're going to make it,” Brady told her. Later, Brady's phone rang. Kristen could sense something was wrong.

Happy Together

Daniel met with Parker's new nanny, when Jennifer happened by. Jennifer gave the tot a new toy train she'd ordered, and she and Daniel went on about how things were finally exactly as they should be between them. Later, the trio went to Jennifer's house, where she had a train track set up for Parker.

Maggie arrived, noting that Daniel told her what Chloe did to the two of them. Jennifer said there was no way she would ever have let Daniel lose his son, because of her. Maggie apologized to Jennifer for misjudging her. She should have known there was a reason behind Jennifer's actions. Jennifer promised Maggie that she would be “so good” to Daniel. After Maggie left, Jennifer and Daniel shared some more kisses.

Ratting Out Cameron

Abigail arrived at the hospital, where Maxine told her Anne was just bugging someone about a personnel matter that couldn't wait. They both knew she had it in for Cameron. Maxine asked if something was going on with him. Abigail spilled the beans that he was stripping to pay back some money his mother had borrowed and asked if this could really get Cameron fired.

Hospital administrator Seth Burns appeared and Anne ran over to him. Maxine said she was going to miss Cameron. Abigail swore she wasn't going to let Cameron lose his job. She followed Seth and Anne and eavesdropped on their conversation.

Seth asked Anne if she'd actually seen Cameron stripping at the club. Anne hadn't, but noted that if one picture of that went up on the internet, it would ruin the hospital's reputation. She suggested Seth accompany her to the club, so they could catch Cameron in the act.

A Plan to Stop Anne

Abigail told Maxine she had to find a way to stop Anne and Seth. She asked Maxine about the exact hospital rules; then, came up with an idea. Just then Jennifer arrived and Abigail told her mom she needed her help. They came up with a plan -- off camera. Maxine insisted she wanted to be part of it.

Office Escapades

Nicole and Vargas were just about to have sex on the desk in the rectory, when Eric walked in on them. Vargas tried to explain. Eric said he needed a word alone with Nicole. Then, he lashed out at her for hooking up with someone in his office.

“You crossed a line,” spat Eric. “Your line,” retorted Nicole, noting that she never said she was going to stop living her life. She pointed out that she and Vargas were consenting adults, who could do whatever they wanted. Eric said this behavior was a “violation” and went on about how everyone told him it was a mistake to trust Nicole. “Well, I guess everyone was right,” snapped Nicole.

Nicole insisted she was just being human. Eric countered that she was in a church. What if Father Matt or Sister Mary or someone else had walked in? How would it have looked if someone saw her having sex on a desk? Nicole started to cry, told Eric she was quitting, and stormed off.

A Confession

Later, Eric met with Father Matt and confessed he'd lost his temper after catching Nicole and Vargas in a compromising situation in his office. He tore into Nicole and judged her. Father Matt said whatever Eric was feeling, he had to say it out loud. Eric thought he overreacted because of his friendship with Nicole. “Is friendship all there is between you and Nicole?” asked Father Matt.

Succumbing to Temptation

Meanwhile, Nicole was in her room in a sexy nightie, muttering that she wasn't a saint and sure as hell wasn't going to become one. Then, she phoned Vargas, who commented on how “ticked” Father Eric was. “That's his problem,” replied Nicole, before inviting Vargas to her room.

Vargas showed up and was reticent about taking things to the next level. He didn't want to tick off Father Eric any more than he already had. “Aren't you tired of people telling you what to do and how to feel,” cooed Nicole, pulling him onto her bed. Soon, the twosome were having sex, when Nicole accidentally called out Eric's name.

Surprise at the Club

Theo played games with Chad and Cameron on his iphone at the coffeehouse. Soon, Abe arrived to pick up his son. Cameron told Chad he wanted to spend more time with Cameron and that it would just be a few more weeks of working at the club. Chad apologized for butting into that whole thing.

Later, Cameron showed up for his night job. Abigail tried to phone him to warn him about Anne and Seth possibly showing up, but the manager thought she was a fan and hung up on her. Soon, Anne and Seth arrived, followed by Maxine, Jennifer and Abigail. Anne told Seth the trio were there to warn Cameron. When the show started, Anne faced the stage and her mouth dropped open. “What the hell?” she exclaimed.

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