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Days of Our Lives Recap for April 3, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for April 3, 2013

Nadia Bjorlin

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

After blaming Chloe for Jennifer breaking up with him, Daniel apologized and said he wanted to go to New York to spend time with Parker. “No, you can't,” retorted Chloe, saying she'd just ask Nancy to bring the tyke back, since she missed him, too.

Chloe phoned Nancy and Parker so Daniel could talk to his son, and Parker blurted out that they weren't in New York. Nancy grabbed the phone and did damage control, noting her grandson was tired. After the call, Daniel told Chloe that she needed to move out of his apartment, today. Chloe was taken aback. After Daniel left, she muttered that she wasn't giving up on him and took off.

Abigail asked Jennifer if her breakup with Daniel was about Jack and tried to convince her mom that he would want her to move on. Jennifer said she didn't want to talk about it.

Soon, Chloe arrived and announced that whatever Jennifer said to Daniel wasn't enough. So Jennifer needed to stop playing games and do what needed to be done. Chloe spotted the necklace Daniel gave Jennifer and demanded she give it back to him and end things between them, otherwise she'd be on the next flight to Brazil.

Later, Jennifer arrived at the hospital and found Daniel. Daniel announced that there was something he wanted to say to her, as Chloe lurked and eavesdropped. “I am not giving up on us,” said Daniel. Then, he grabbed Jennifer and pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Searching for the Truth

Chad asked Cameron to go out with him and Theo, later that night, but Cameron said he couldn't, because he was working double shifts. After Cameron left, Chad found out from Maxine that the doctors weren't allowed to work double shifts.

Later, Chad ran into Abigail. He noted that something was going on with Cameron and recounted what happened at the hospital. Abigail admitted she thought Cameron was in trouble and wanted to help him. Chad and Abigail spotted Cameron at the square and decided to follow him.

Needing Her Brother's Help

Sy handed Marlena the envelope containing the picture of Kristen paying him off, but she wouldn't take it. She insisted they talk at her office, later, and left. Kristen, who was watching and freaking out, ran into EJ and muttered that “the stupid idiot got away.” Then, she asked for EJ's help, noting that he owed her.

Later, Marlena got a call from her receptionist, noting that Sy had canceled his appointment. Suddenly, EJ approached her, saying he had something important he needed to talk to her about. EJ told Marlena he wanted to chat about Sami. He professed his love for her daughter and asked Marlena to stop by the DiMera mansion to wish Sami well. “Absolutely not,” replied Marlena.

Meanwhile, Sy walked into Marlena's office and found Kristen sitting there. Kristen warned Sy that tangling with a DiMera was a mistake that could prove deadly and suggested they settle things. She offered Sy $5000 in exchange for all the photos and copies. Then, Sy had a choice to make: either he kept his mouth shut or she would shut it for him, permanently. Sy handed her the photos and took the money. Then, he took off. Alone, later, Sy muttered that the money wouldn't be enough and he'd have to come up with another plan. Meanwhile, Kristen and EJ reconvened at the DiMera mansion, where Kristen thanked her brother for his assistance and told him that everything had gone according to plan.

Stunning Revelation

Rafe and Kate happened upon Sonny about to tell Will about the two them. So Kate 'fessed up about her and Rafe being in a relationship. Will thought she was joking. Sonny mentioned catching them together in Gabi's room. Will said he wished he didn't know about any of this and split. Rafe caught up with Will, who didn't want to talk about Rafe and Kate. Rafe insisted that he cared about Will and asked why he'd signed away the rights to his child. Will wouldn't elaborate.

Will and Rafe returned to Kate and Sonny, and Kate stressed that Will needed to keep this information to himself. Will promised he'd keep quiet. After Rafe and Kate left, Will told Sonny that he asked for Stefano's help to get Nick out of the way. He and Sonny both agreed there wasn't any other choice.

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