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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 1, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 1, 2013

Nadia Bjorlin

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Going Away

Hope arrived at Jennifer's to borrow sleeping bags for Ciara’s sleep over and saw her cousin had a bag packed. Jennifer explained that she and Daniel were spending the night together. After seeing Chloe at Daniel's apartment, Jennifer realized she had to go after what she wanted. Hope and Jennifer discussed whether or not it was too soon. Jennifer said she’d never stop missing Jack and is only ready to move on, because it’s with Daniel.

At the Kiriakis mansion Chloe suggested Daniel spend some time with her and Parker, when he dropped a bombshell: he and Jennifer were going away for the night. Daniel gave Chloe the number for the lodge in case of an emergency. Chloe brought up her past, the guilt she felt over the mistakes she made, and how much she’d loved Daniel. Daniel told Chloe she is an amazing mother and that Parker should be their number one priority.

Daniel prepared to go, and Chloe commented on how fast things were moving between him and Jennifer. Daniel said he and Jennifer were solid and she was going to be a constant in his life. Maggie arrived as Daniel was leaving. They chitchatted about his trip and Parker.

Romantic Rendezvous Denied

Maggie found Chloe, who said she was worried about Parker, if this thing between Jennifer and Daniel didn’t work out. Maggie assured they had a very good relationship that had already overcome many obstacles. Chloe noted that Jennifer had a chance with Daniel before, but dumped him for Jack. Maggie didn’t want to hear Chloe trashing Daniel or Jennifer. Chloe swore she wasn't. She was just pointing out what happened. After Maggie left, Chloe muttered that it would be harder to get Jennifer away from Daniel if this night happened. So she had to stop it.

Daniel arrived to pick up Jennifer, and they headed off on their trip. Soon, the pair were in their room at the lodge. Daniel noted they had dinner reservations in a half hour. They started kissing and considering room service. Soon, they were helping each other undress. Back at the mansion, Chloe was all ready to phone Daniel, when she heard Parker crying via the baby monitor. She went to him and took her phone with her. Meanwhile, Daniel asked Jennifer if she was ready for this and they moved to the bed. Just then the phone rang. It was Chloe saying she needed Daniel, now. Something was wrong with Parker.

Not Ready to Rebound

Sonny and Brian continued kissing. Brian, who noticed Will peering in at them, wanted to go someplace more private. Sonny and Brian ended up at Sonny’s apartment. Brian made a toast “to better days,” telling Sonny he was special and sexy. Then, he leaned in for another kiss. Brian tried to open Sonny's belt buckle. Sonny pulled back. “I can't,” said Sonny, explaining it would just be sex. He needed more time. Brian kissed him and left.

Justin happened upon Will at the Horton Square. He asked if Will had a good custody lawyer. Will explained that EJ had someone on retainer for him, but he didn’t think he’d need her. He talked about being there for the baby’s sonogram and being on the same page as Nick and Gabi. Will explained that he originally was going to step away, because he thought it was best for the baby and was afraid of what he might lose -- what he did lose anyway.

Justin went to the coffeehouse to see how Sonny was doing. Sonny assured his classes were fine, business was good, etc. Justin wasn’t talking about any of that. Sonny noted that everything felt screwed up. “Because you don't have Will,” pointed out Justin. Sonny said that Will had lied to him. Justin noted that Will had been ready to give up all rights to his child and wondered if Sonny really knew why.

Brian ran into Will at the pub and asked him how things were going. Will asked what he was doing there. Brian said he knew Will saw him and Sonny at the coffeehouse and lied that the two of them had “an incredible night” together.

Barging In

Rafe yelled for Sami to open her apartment door. When she did, he warned her to leave Gabi alone. Sami went on about Gabi and Nick trying to sneak off to elope and how it wasn’t going to help Gabi with custody. Rafe barged in and finally saw EJ.

“This is a speed record, even for you two,” snapped Rafe. Sami didn’t want to hear his opinion and asked Rafe to go. Rafe called Sami out on threatening Gabi and making a scene at the pub. Sami said she made it clear to Gabi that her tricks weren't going to work, but when she found out Gabi included Will in the sonogram, she realized things were better and left. Sami promised to be more understanding of Gabi's condition as long as she respected Will's rights. Rafe turned to leave. EJ followed him.

Second Best

Rafe mentioned how EJ had wasted no time hooking up with Sami. Then, he congratulated him on coming in second. “You and Sami deserve each other,” announced Rafe. EJ concurred that they did and warned Rafe to stay out of his and Sami’s lives. Rafe agreed, as long as Sami steered clear of Gabi. EJ returned to Sami, reporting that Rafe was gone and not coming back. They had a drink and discussed the Will/Gabi situation. Sami noted that Will was very trusting and Nick and Gabi could totally blind side him. EJ promised not to let that happen. He’d have his lawyer call Will and talk to him.

Rafe ended up back at the police station with Hope. He told her about Sami badgering Gabi. Hope was sure they’d work things out. Rafe contended he and Sami were done. Hope doubted Sami and EJ would last. They could never even get together. Rafe said they were doing a good imitation of that over at Sami’s place. Hope said she was sorry and recounted how Sami told her her heart belonged to Rafe, right before the wedding. Rafe didn’t believe a word Sami said and doubted she even had a heart.

Sami Gets Her Man

Back at Sami’s place, she and EJ bantered back and forth. Sami apologized for wasting so much time making the right choice. EJ countered that she was the only one he ever wanted. EJ prepared to leave, so Sami could turn in for the night. Sami wanted EJ to stay. Soon, they were kissing passionately on the couch.

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