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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 12, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 12, 2013

James Scott and Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: Getty Images/Kevin Winter
Put a Ring on It

Sami put the ring box back in EJ’s jacket pocket and eagerly waited for him to present it to her and propose, but he never did. Instead, he pulled out a bottle of nail polish for their next Countess Wilhelmina campaign. Sami was disappointed and perplexed.

When the babysitter returned home with Allie, EJ asked her to stay with the kids, so he and Sami could head out. Later, at the square, EJ noted that Sami seemed distracted, earlier. Then, he suggested they go somewhere a little more private.

Fantasies and Flashbacks

Eric asked Nicole what she wanted, and she fantasized about the two of them kissing. Eric pressed. Ultimately, Nicole said she couldn't tell him what the problem is.

Rafe thought back to his big fight with Sami as he drank at the Horton Square. Later, an inebriated Rafe arrived at the church. He informed Eric that Sami was back together with EJ and said it was fine with him.

Eric suggested Rafe head home and get some sleep. Rafe said he had something to do first: head out for a few more drinks. Nicole asked Rafe to buy her a drink and promised to join him, shortly.

After Rafe departed, Eric reiterated that if Nicole left, she couldn't return to the church. Nevertheless, Nicole got ready to leave. Eric thought Nicole was running from something and remembered that she mentioned she would hurt him, earlier. He said she wouldn’t, because she was a good person and he had faith in her. Nicole had a change of heart about heading out and asked Eric if they could talk in the morning. He agreed. Nicole went to bed and had another dream about Eric.

On the Rebound

Kate was at the pub, when Stefano phoned to discuss some business between them. After a few minutes of talking, Stefano insulted Kate, and she hung up on him. Needless to say, she was bitter.

Late, Rafe was at the square drinking, when Kate walked by. They started discussing the Will/Gabi situation. When Kate noted that she needed a drink, Rafe offered to buy her one. Kate offered Rafe support over his breakup with Sami and encouraged him to move forward.

Rafe brought up Kate’s situation with Stefano, noting that she was strong and beautiful. She remembered Stefano insulting her, earlier. Rafe questioned why Kate ever married Stefano. She admitted she’d been blackmailed, but wouldn’t elaborate on the details. She also noted that she ended up loving him, deeply. Rafe thought Kate was better off without Stefano.

Kate decided to head home. Rafe offered to walk her there. Kate told Rafe she’d had fun and felt better, now. One thing led to the other and, suddenly, the twosome were kissing. A few moments later, they were in bed together.

The Lying Game

Jennifer admitted that she did indeed lie to Chloe about where she and Daniel were going on their date. Kayla interrupted to take Chloe and Daniel back to Parker's room.

Soon, Daniel returned to talk to Jennifer, who conceded she was sorry about what transpired, but not sorry she lied to Chloe. She explained that after chatting with Anne, she knew Chloe was plotting to ruin their night. Daniel was taken aback, insisting he wouldn’t have let Chloe do that. Jennifer noted that Daniel was too trusting and that she’d seen him be taken advantage of before by Nicole. Daniel said Jennifer was wrong. Jennifer disagreed. With the conversation at a stalemate, Daniel headed off to see Parker, and Jennifer left.

Jennifer arrived home and thought back to her conversation with Daniel. She realized he was right. They were going to have to deal with Chloe, and she couldn’t sink to her nemesis’ level, especially after what just happened. Jennifer realized she couldn’t text Daniel, because his phone is broken. So she phoned the hospital and left an apologetic message with a nurse to give to Daniel. Chloe heard the nurse repeat the message as she wrote it down. After getting the nurse to leave her station, Chloe grabbed the note and tore it up.

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