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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 13, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 13, 2013

Melissa Reeves

Courtesy: NBC/Paul Drinkwater
Plotting for a Proposal

Kristen woke up next to Brady and apologized about her drunken antics the night before. Brady was forgiving, proclaiming that he loved her. Kristen pressed the marriage issue and wanted to know the real reason Brady was against it. Brady dodged; then, left to get his cell phone from Daniel, promising they’d talk, later.

Kristen chatted on the phone with Stefano, who had good news. His work was almost finished, and he’d be home, soon. Kristen wasn’t that excited. Stefano wondered it had something to do with Brady. Kristen admitted she was worried about him. She knew Brady was keeping something from her, but was sure she’d get it out of him and get him to propose. Stefano urged Kristen to get this over with as soon as possible. Kristen asked if Stefano was really ready to come home. It would mean running into Kate all the time. Stefano assured he was over her.

Apologies, Apologies

Daniel woke up in Parker’s hospital room, when Chloe walked in and handed him a new cell phone with all his data already programmed into it. Chloe noted that she told the cell phone company she was his wife, accessed his passwords, and input everything. Daniel checked to see if he had any messages on it. Then, he checked for messages at the nursing station. Nothing. Chloe remembered ripping up Jennifer's message.

Hope arrived at Jennifer’s house. Jennifer recounted what went down between her, Daniel and Chloe. She couldn’t believe she’d sunk to Chloe's level. Jennifer said she left Daniel a message saying she was sorry at the hospital, but hadn’t heard back from him. Jennifer phoned the hospital and was told Daniel just picked up his messages. Hope noted that Daniel was probably with Parker and encouraged Jennifer to go talk to him.

Kayla told Chloe and Daniel that Parker was ready to go home. Chloe suggested she go back to Daniel’s place with the two of them to make sure Parker was settled. Later, mother, father and son were together at Daniel’s apartment. Daniel ran out to return Brady's phone and pick up some stuff for Parker. Daniel met Brady at the square and returned his cell phone. Brady asked how Parker was. Daniel said his son was fine and that he needed to talk to Jennifer.

Having It Out

Jennifer arrived on Daniel’s doorstep and found Chloe. Jennifer said she’d come back to talk to Daniel, later. Chloe urged her to stay. “What you did last night was inexcusable,” scolded Chloe, noting that Jennifer’s paranoia kept Daniel from Parker in his hour of need. Jennifer said it wasn’t paranoia. She knew all about Chloe’s stunts and plotting with Anne. Jennifer was sorry Chloe wasn’t able to reach Daniel and promised it would never happen again. However, she assured Chloe none of this was going to help her get Daniel back. Chloe told Jennifer to leave. She did and ran straight into Daniel. Jennifer expressed how happy she was that Parker was okay. They started to talk about why Jennifer was there, when Parker started crying. Jennifer told Daniel to go be with his son and left.

Back at the hospital, Jennifer asked a nurse if she was sure Daniel checked all his messages. The nurse said he did. Kayla walked over and sensed something was amiss. Jennifer admitted she’d made a mistake and feared Daniel wasn't going to forgive her. Meanwhile, Chloe emerged from Parker's room and told Daniel how perfect it was. It was clear she was very happy playing house with her ex.

Strange Bedfellows

Kate and Rafe woke up in bed together. Things were awkward. They chatted about being drunk, walking to Rafe's apartment... Kate said she had planned to make a graceful exit before Rafe woke up. They didn’t need to have a long, drawn out talk about the night before. They discussed whether or not it was a mistake. Rafe told Kate she didn't have to go. They ended up kissing and having sex, again.

“So I'm guessing that's the second mistake,” chuckled Rafe. “Speak for yourself,” replied Kate, noting that this made no sense at all. The subject turned to the Will/Gabi situation. Kate warned Rafe to keep an eye on Nick. She didn’t trust him. Kate said she had to go, thanked Rafe, and left.

More Threats

Will met Lucas in the park and told him T wasn’t the one threatening them. Again, Lucas broached the subject of Nick being the culprit. Will insisted it wasn’t Nick. Even if Nick wanted to hurt him, how could he possibly know Will shot EJ? Lucas suggested EJ might be the culprit. It could be a plot to look like a hero in Sami's eyes. “I forgot about Mom. Please tell me you didn't say anything to her,” begged Will. Lucas hadn’t. He knew she’d only make things worse. Will wondered what they should do next. Lucas wasn’t sure the mystery text-er had any real evidence. Perhaps he just sent the text to rattle Will.

Lucas and Will went back and forth about the whole EJ shooting. Will said it was a stupid move and hated that Lucas had to pay for it. Lucas insisted that he didn’t regret what he’d done. Will was a good kid, a good man. Lucas assured his son he’d be a good dad. Later, Will opened a big envelope addressed to him and pulled out a box.

Protecting Gabi

Nick was listening to Will’s taped confession, when Gabi walked in and questioned him about it. He mentioned something about it being new speech software. Gabi said she was going to lie down. She didn’t sleep well, last night. She was thinking about Will’s paternity test request and Sami pushing him to get it. Nick noted that Sonny could be a problem, too. Gabi was scared they were going to take the baby away from her. Nick promised that wouldn’t happen. He was working it out.

Later, Nick arrived at Hope's office at the Salem PD and informed her that Will wanted a paternity test on the baby. Sami was pushing for it and pushing for Will to sue for custody of this baby. Hope was stunned. Nick didn’t want Gabi to lose this baby, because of him. Hope promised it wouldn’t. The Hortons would stand behind him. Nick wondered if that would be enough. He asked whether or not a tape recording could be used in family court. Hope said it could be, if it was relevant to the case.

Rafe showed up at Gabi's door and sensed something was wrong. Gabi admitted there was. “Sami's coming after me,” announced Gabi. Rafe assumed Sami and EJ were trying to build a case against Gabi and vowed to get to the bottom of this. In fact, he knew exactly the person to talk to.

’Fessing Up

Brady returned to Kristen's room and assured her he loved her. He also admitted the reason he couldn't marry her wasn’t solely because of John and Marlena. “I didn't tell you everything,” he confided. Brady noted that this wasn’t about waiting until things calmed down. “It's not going to change," announced Brady. "I can't ever marry you.”

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