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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 14, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 14, 2013

James Scott and Alison Sweeney

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Chocolates and Promises

Gabi found Nick totally naked holding a heart shaped box of chocolates in front of his private parts. She chuckled and thanked him for making Valentine’s Day so special. Nick promised he’d take care of Gabi and their baby girl forever.

Second Chances

Sami ran into Will and told him she thought EJ was going to propose. Will noted it was just two weeks ago that everyone thought she would be remarrying Rafe. Sami said she and EJ finally got things right and that she found a ring in his jacket pocket. She assumed he was going to pop the question, today. After his mom left, Will opened his mysterious package and found an Ipod with a card from Sonny, saying, “I love you.” Will thought it meant Sonny wanted to get back together.

Gabi found Will listening to music on his new Ipod. Will said it was a gift from Sonny and thought he was giving him another chance. Gabi hoped they all could live happily ever after. Will asked Gabi not to mention this to anyone. He had to go get Sonny a gift and then talk to him.

Roses and a Proposal

EJ offered Caroline a red rose and wished her a Happy Valentine's Day. “Whatever you want, the answer is no,” retorted Caroline. EJ told her he was meeting Sami there for lunch. Soon, a bouquet arrived for Caroline. She read the card and was surprised. Sami walked in and sat down at a table with EJ. She lifted her napkin and found a ring box. She opened it to find a pair of earrings.

Although disappointed, Sami thanked EJ for the beautiful gift. EJ said he wanted to give Sami something as exquisite as she was, noting that he couldn’t imagine his life without Sami. Then, he kissed her. Later, Sami returned to her office, where she found flowers and a card from EJ, professing how much she meant to him. Then, she saw another ring box. Sami beamed, picked it up, and muttered, “You set me up.” She opened the box and saw the ring. EJ walked in and asked, “So what do you think of my proposal?”

Friends and Lovers

Maggie and Victor exchanged V-Day greetings and gifts. Victor told Maggie he made lunch reservations. Maggie said she wasn't going. Maggie mentioned that the florist called with a question about the arrangement he sent Caroline. She wasn’t upset. It was one of the reasons she fell in love with him. Then, she suggested that Victor go spend time with Caroline.

Later, Victor arrived at the pub. Caroline thanked him for the flowers and asked where Maggie was. Victor said she had plans for lunch. So he was hoping to have a bite there with Caroline. Caroline said they were short-staffed. Nick walked in on cue, offering to bus a few tables. He took their order. Caroline wondered if Maggie would mind them spending Valentine's Day together. Victor assured Maggie knew how important Caroline is to him. Caroline told Victor she was very fortunate to have such a wonderful family and such beautiful memories. Victor said he felt the same way.

Back to Reality

Gabi returned to the pub and she and Nick went up to her room to talk. Gabi told Nick that Will and Sonny were back together. She feared Sonny would tell Will what she did to Melanie. If Will sued for custody, between Nick’s track record and her track record, he could win. Nick assured neither Will nor Sonny was going near their baby.

Ready to Reconcile?

At the coffeehouse, Sonny and Chad discussed not having any special plans, when Brian walked in. Chad made himself scarce. Sonny told Brian he was right about him and Will. “I still love him,” admitted Sonny. When Brian said he would love to get to know Sonny better, Sonny remembered Will saying they should just be friends and told Brian he’d like to get to know him better, too. Brian left, and Sonny told Chad they’d be “hanging out,” later.

Will showered and daydreamed about Sonny joining him and two of them sharing a passionate kiss. Afterward, he wrote a note inside his card to Sonny, thanking him for a second chance and revealing how much he loved him. Later, he arrived at the coffeehouse and walked in to see Sonny.

Love Hurts

Brady explained that he liked things the way they are between him and Kristen. Besides, even if a miracle happened and John and Marlena came around, he'd be worried about hurting Kristen. Kristen was confused. Brady noted that his past scared him. Namely, that he was engaged twice after Chloe and both women died. Brady didn’t blame himself, but thought he could have done things differently. “Are you saying that if we got engaged you think something bad would happen to me?” asked Kristen. Brady noted that every time he pushed things too fast, everything went straight to hell. He loved what they had and wanted to protect that. Brady got an emergency call from work and had to run, but promised they’d talk, later.

Chad and Kristen met for lunch at the square. Chad discussed his dismal love life and how he screwed things up with Abigail. Kristen noted that Horton/DiMera romances always ended like train wrecks. Chad talked about his revenge plot against Gabi. Kristen said the best revenge plots had a price tag. Chad said that seeing Kristen and Brady together gave him hope that there were happy endings.

Brady made a call and ordered flowers for Kristen. He found a picture of Madison in his wallet. Maggie noticed his sad face and assumed Kristen did something. Brady assured Kristen hadn't done anything and said he wasn’t good enough for her. He went on about how she turned her life around, and he couldn’t make her dreams come true. Maggie told Brady she was there for him, no matter what.

A Change of Heart

Kristen returned to her room and found the bouquet Brady sent. She read his card. He thanked her for showing him that he could be happy again. He said Kristen saved his life and that he loved her. Kristen was deeply touched and wondered whether or not she could go through with her plan for revenge. Brady phoned and said he needed to see her. Kristen said she needed to see him, too.

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