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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 15, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 15, 2013

Chandler Massey

Courtesy: Adam Campbell/ACP
The Secret’s Out

Cameron arrived at Abigail’s house and they had lunch together. Afterward, Cameron asked Abigail about the boxes around the room. She said she and her mom were going through her dad’s stuff. Cameron noticed a box with Abigail’s name on it and pulled out a card written to her from a grade school boyfriend. Then, he looked through Abigail’s yearbook and asked what the Golden Circle club was?

A nervous Abigail knocked over some plates; then, dodged the question. Cameron got a text and had to return to the hospital. He and Abigail shared a goodbye kiss.

Alone, Abigail looked at her yearbook and read about the Golden Circle club. “Why don't I just hire a plane and sky write it all over Salem?” she muttered. Meanwhile, Cameron was back at the hospital. He asked a nurse if she’d been in the Golden Circle club in Salem High School. She was taken aback. When Cameron pressed, she told him it was a club for people who swore they wouldn't have sex until marriage.

Reconciliation Ruined

Will walked into the coffeehouse beaming, and Sonny assumed it had something to do with his daughter. Will said it wasn’t the reason. He said he got the gift Sonny sent him. Sonny explained he’d ordered it a month ago and forgot to cancel it. Will offered to give it back. Sonny wanted him to keep it.

Will and Sonny started talking and listening to music on the Ipod together. Will was just about to pull out Sonny’s card, when Brian walked in and asked Sonny if he was ready to go. A disappointed Will left. Later, Sonny and Brian were finishing up their date and talking about what a great time they had. Brian kissed Sonny and said goodbye, while Sonny flashed back to a moment with Will.

Zeroing in on Nick

Rafe was reading Nick’s file at the cop shop, when Kate entered. Rafe wanted to talk to Kate about Sami. The duo went to the square, where Rafe explained Sami bullied Will into demanding Gabi get a paternity test. Sami and EJ were trying to cast doubt on Gabi's promise to let Will be part of his baby's life. They were afraid Gabi would put Nick's name on the child’s birth certificate to tie things up in court. Kate saw Sami and EJ’s point. Rafe promised Gabi would never do that. Kate trusted Rafe and Gabi to do the right thing and believed Will would, too. She was just worried about Nick.

Rafe assured that Nick had Gabi and the baby's best interests at heart and was completely supportive of Will being part of the child’s life. Kate pointed out that Rafe was reading Nick’s prison file, earlier, which meant he must have some questions about him. Rafe just wanted to be prepared in case there was a custody battle in court.

Kate suggested that Sami might make a case that Gabi was an unfit mother, because she wanted to marry a convicted murderer and let him be her baby daddy. Nevertheless, Kate didn’t think Will was in a position to raise a child. She suggested Nick was the problem and that she and Rafe needed show him they were a unified front.

The Backup Plan

Nick warned Gabi that EJ, Sami and “that other gay boy,” Sonny would all push Will to keep Gabi away from her baby. Gabi took offense to the gay comment, noting it sounded like the reason Nick wanted to keep the baby away from Will and Sonny. Nick swore it wasn’t what he meant. He knew Sami was encouraging Will to go for full custody, and that’s why he had a plan to protect Gabi.

Gabi wanted to know the plan. Nick said the less she knew, the better. Gabi didn’t like the sound of that. Nick explained that if it came down to a judge deciding who was and wasn't fit to be a parent, he wasn’t the only one with a past. Will’s family had plenty of skeletons in the closet. Gabi thought this sounded a tad like blackmail and reminded Nick he was on parole. Nick said he had no intention of playing dirty, unless it became necessary. Then, all he’d be doing is telling the truth. Gabi just wanted them to be happy. Nick promised they would be; then, ran off to meet with Kate, after she sent him a text.

Mistakes and Liabilities

Soon, Will turned up at Gabi's door and asked if she told anyone about him and Sonny reconciling. Gabi said she hadn’t. Will confided that he thought Sonny’s gift meant he wanted to get back together, but he was wrong. Gabi thought Sonny just needed time and urged Will not to give up on him. “I have to. Sonny's with Brian now,” said Will. Gabi promised to keep this between the two of them. Before Will left, he asked Gabi if she’d made an appointment for the paternity test. Gabi said she wanted to check with Cameron, first. After Will left, Gabi wondered where he really stood on things.

Nick arrived to see Kate, assuming she wanted to discuss business. Rafe walked up and said he and Kate wanted to make sure everything worked out with Nick, Will and Gabi and their agreement to raise the baby together. Nick brought up Sami causing problems. Kate suggested someone else might, too. “You think that I have an ulterior motive?” asked Nick, promising that all he wanted was to protect this child. Rafe pointed out that if Sami and EJ pushed things in court, Nick’s prison record would become Gabi's biggest liability. Nick thought that was unfair, since he paid for his crimes. Rafe noted that he knew exactly what happened to Nick in prison, as Kate looked on, intrigued.

Proposal Revoked

EJ admitted this proposal wasn’t entirely his idea. Diane in accounting deserved the credit. She was smart and creative, so he decided to give it a shot. EJ said they had nothing to lose. It wasn’t like they were making a lifetime commitment. Sami was perplexed. EJ noted that the ring wasn’t a real diamond and rambled on about work and Diane.

Finally, EJ pulled out several ring boxes and opened them. Then, he typed something into the computer and asked Sami to come look at it. “It's our new nail polish,” said EJ. “The Gem Stone collection,” read a stunned Sami, admitting she thought EJ was proposing to her. EJ thought an engagement at this point would be a little too quick. Sami agreed. Then, EJ went on about how interesting his life was with Sami in it, and the twosome kissed. EJ cleared off his desk and led Sami on top of it, so they could make love.

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