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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 19, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 19, 2013

Greg Vaughan

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen
Letting Go

Eric thought he knew who the man was that Nicole couldn't get over: Daniel. He urged Nicole to talk about it, when Hope walked in, announcing she’d been made the department liaison with Community Outreach. She was there to schedule some kids field trips to the station. Nicole offered to handle it. They started talking about Nicole’s plot against Kristen and how Eric helped get her get out of trouble.

Nicole noted that she was thinking of moving out of the rectory. Hope didn’t think it mattered, because Eric would still be invested in helping Nicole turn her life around. Nicole realized Hope was right.

Accusations and Altercations

Brady was stunned that Kristen said his idea about them living together wasn’t going work. The pair’s conversation was interrupted, when he got a work call.

Marlena received a call from John, but they were disconnected. EJ joined her. The conversation turned toward his and Sami’s reconciliation. EJ said he and Marlena owed it to Sami to get past their differences. Besides, Brady was about to marry into the DiMera family. Marlena noted that EJ and Kristen would cause her family misery and that neither relationship would last. Marlena asked EJ not to break Sami's heart and left.

EJ walked into the pub and found Brady there. They exchanged barbs. Eric entered as EJ left. He thanked Brady for not pressing charges against Nicole. Brady cautioned that Nicole better not try anything else regarding Kristen. Eric started warning Brady about Kristen. Brady got angry and left.

Later, Kristen was in the park. She had a fantasy about John confronting her about developing real feelings for Brady and how she was going to end up a big loser, again. Marlena interrupted, noting that Kristen looked upset. Kristen assured she wasn’t. “You're alone and miserable. That's all I care about,” cooed Kristen. Marlena noted that she and John would work things out and that Brady would figure out Kristen was just using him. Kristen’s dumb luck would eventually run out.

Lovers at Odds

Marlena walked off, when she received another call from John. They chit-chatted about Kristen and Brady. John said he’d be in Italy for a while longer. Marlena, of course, was disappointed.

Kristen went back to her hotel room and started tearing up the place. She muttered that she was about to do the right thing and cut Brady loose, but, thanks to Marlena, she'd refocused and realized she had to destroy him. When Brady returned, they talked things out. Kristen told Brady she did want to live with him, and they kissed.

Getting Under Their Skin

Jennifer was stunned to learn Chloe and Parker had moved in with Daniel. Chloe explained that Victor tossed her out. Chloe was surprised Daniel hadn’t discussed this with Jennifer, since they were so close. She got back to unpacking, and Jennifer left.

Maggie arrived and told Chloe she wanted to talk to her about what happened with Victor. Maggie asked Chloe to come back to the mansion. Chloe refused. Maggie called Chloe out on wanting Daniel back. She suggested that Chloe engineered getting tossed out of the mansion, so she could move in with Daniel. Chloe thought Maggie was really afraid Daniel was going to dump Jennifer for her.

Having it out

Abigail arrived home and found Daniel there. She admitted she was worried about Jennifer. She saw what Nicole did to her when she wanted to be with Daniel, and now Jennifer was in the same spot with Chloe. Daniel swore he cared for Jennifer and wanted to work things out. Jennifer returned, so Abigail made herself scarce.

Jennifer noted that she knew Chloe had moved into Daniel’s apartment. Daniel said that he wasn’t going to be living with Chloe and Parker. He already booked a hotel. In fact, he came there to tell her that. Jennifer was upset Daniel made this decision without talking to her. Daniel accused Jennifer of not trusting him. Jennifer countered that Daniel was too trusting. Daniel got angry and stormed off.

Daniel returned home and dropped the bomb that he had booked a hotel room for himself. It wasn’t appropriate for him to be living there with Chloe. Maggie called and wanted to talk to Daniel about Jennifer. He decided to meet her for a chat.

Making Peace

Abigail found Jennifer and mentioned that she looked upset. Jennifer admitted she let Chloe get to her and took it out on Daniel. She needed to figure out a way to fix things. Jennifer volunteered to pick up a dress Abigail wanted at the store. She’d come up with a plan to make things up to Daniel, while she was out.

Chloe turned up at Jennifer’s house and found Abigail there. She said she and Jennifer had had a misunderstanding and she wanted to clear things up. Abigail noted that Jennifer was at Priscilla's picking up a dress. Chloe headed off to find her. Meanwhile, Jennifer spotted Daniel and Parker at the square.

Ready to Make a Change

Nicole saw Sydney with her nanny outside the pub. She noted that she used to be her stepmother and hugged the tyke. Sydney and her nanny left, as EJ walked up. He asked Nicole if everything was okay. They exchanged a few barbs. EJ noted that he was going to check on a new French restaurant. He wanted to take Sami there. “So you could set her up and poison her?” cracked Nicole. EJ noted that he and Sami were back together. Nicole couldn’t believe it and realized it was a sign. She decided she was leaving Salem and never looking back.

Meanwhile, Eric was at the church, praying. Suddenly, someone walked up to him and put a gun to his head.

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