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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 25, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 25, 2013

Chandler Massey and Freddie Smith

Courtesy: NBC/Michael Desmond
A Mother’s Worry

Eric and Nicole were discussing the attempted robbery at the church, when he hugged her. Eric said it just hit him how much danger Nicole was in last night. Marlena arrived to check on Eric. He recounted what had happened. Nicole noted that they were really lucky and how upset she would have been if anything had happened to Eric. Then, she left mother and son alone. Marlena filled Eric in on the crisis with Gabi and mentioned Brady and Sami’s disastrous relationships. She wondered if she had to worry about Eric. He assured her she did not.

Nicole returned, when Eric got a text and had to go. Nicole told Marlena she didn't have to worry about anything happening between her and Eric. Marlena said she knew that. She knew what kind of a man and priest Eric was. Alone, Nicole realized that Marlena was right. Nicole was the one they had to worry about.

Time to Leave

Eric returned to the rectory and asked Nicole if something was on her mind. She admitted the guy who attacked them brought up memories of her father. Eric promised he’d never leave her alone there, again. Nicole said it didn’t matter, because she’d decided to go away. Eric wondered what was really going on, when he got a call and asked Nicole if they could talk about this later. Nicole ended up in the park, where she begged God to do something to set her free from Eric. Meanwhile, Eric finished his call, when someone put something around his neck and started strangling him.

Facing Off

Nick confronted Sami about her actions, noting that they could have killed Will and Gabi’s unborn child. Sami apologized. She never meant for Gabi or the baby to be hurt. Then, she went on about protecting Will’s paternal rights. Nick cut her off, calling Sami selfish. He thought the best thing that could happen would be for Will and his whole family to be shut out of this baby's life for good.

Sami countered that there was no way Nick was going to keep Will or his family from the baby despite his threats. Nick said he didn’t deal in threats, just the facts and some were “really ugly” and “buried.” Sami brought up Nick’s past. Nick noted that he paid for his crimes, while others had not. Sami didn’t get it and reiterated that Will would be in his child’s life.

Standing by Sami

EJ questioned what was going on between Rafe and Kate. Rafe said he didn’t know what EJ was talking about. EJ warned Rafe against forming an alliance with Kate, comparing her to a scorpion. Rafe said there was no alliance. Rafe turned the conversation to Sami and what she had done to Gabi, noting that EJ probably wasn’t surprised by her behavior. After all she was the same women who kept EJ’s child a secret from him and shot him in the head. “Congratulations, that's quite a prize!” cracked Rafe.

EJ admitted he and Sami had gotten off to a rocky start, but swore things were on solid ground now and would stay that way. He promised he’d stand by Sami and Will. Then, he brought up the possibility of a custody battle and mentioned Gabi's reputation and Nick's past. Rafe snapped, just as Sami approached. She asked Rafe how Gabi was doing, swearing she never wanted to hurt Gabi or the baby. Then, Sami and EJ left.

Later, EJ and Sami returned to Sami’s office. They talked about Gabi and what almost happened. EJ maintained none of it was Sami’s fault. EJ asked what happened in the waiting room, earlier, since Sami had been there a long time. “Nick Fallon happened,” replied Sami, noting that he’d admitted he didn't want Will to be part of the baby's life and mentioned something about other people not having paid for their crimes. Sami wanted to send Gabi flowers. Maybe if she won over Gabi, Nick would come around. EJ pointed out that Sami didn’t need Nick to come around.

A Promise to Protect

Back at the hospital, Nick told Rafe everything was under control. “What does that mean?” asked Rafe. “You’ll see,” responded Nick. Concerned, Rafe reminded Nick he was on parole and not to do anything stupid. Nick said being on parole didn’t mean he wasn’t going to protect Gabi and the baby.

Later, Gabi awakened to find Rafe by her bedside. She asked for Nick. Rafe explained he had to take care of something. Nick returned and was with Gabi the next time she woke up. Nick apologized for not protecting Gabi like he promised he would. Gabi begged Nick not to blame himself. Nick vowed he would never let anything happen to Gabi or the baby again.

A Romantic Reconciliation

Will found Sonny reading his Valentine's Day card to him and was embarrassed. Will admitted that he thought Sonny wanted to start over, when he received his gift and note. However, he now knew it was too late because of his lies and Sonny being with Brian. Sonny noted his thing with Brian wasn’t in the same league as what he had with Will and that he’d only turned to him, because Will said he just wanted to be friends. “I said that because I didn't want you getting weighed down in my drama,” replied Will. Sonny said that after reading Will’s card, he realized they could never just be friends.

Sonny asked Will if he still wished they could start over and kissed him. Later, Sonny and Will were still kissing as they entered Sonny's apartment and made their way onto his bed. Will put the brakes on, noting there was another secret he had to tell Sonny. (Apparently, he told Sonny about shooting EJ off camera.) Sonny took it all in and agreed to stand by Will’s side. He loved him.

Later, Sonny and Will were in bed, discussing moving into a bigger place, when there was a knock on the door. It was Nick, demanding they open the door. He had to talk to Will.

Moving In

Kristen told Brady she’d been keeping a secret from him: Stefano was living on borrowed time. His diabetes was affecting his whole body and the prognosis wasn’t good. That's why she needed to be close to Stefano and had asked Brady to move into the mansion. Brady understood, but wouldn’t change his mind. He wished things could be different. So did Kristen, who said her father needed her and that she going to stand by him. “I was kind of hoping that you'd stand by me,” added Kristen.

Brady insisted standing by Kristen was his first priority, but moving into Stefano's house would destroy John and Marlena. Kristen got it. Still, she had to stand by her father. “I guess us living together was just a fabulous fantasy of mine,” she sighed. Kristen started to leave, when Brady stopped her. “Okay, I'll move in with you,” relented Brady. An overjoyed Kristen hugged him. Brady noted that he wanted to be the one to tell people about this. Kristen agreed.

Marlena walked up to the Kiriakis mansion just as Brady was exiting. She wanted to talk to him about something. Brady wanted to talk to Marlena about something, too. After Marlena filled Brady in on what happened to Eric and Nicole and Gabi, he decided to keep mum about his new living arrangements for now.

Later, Kristen chatted on the phone with Stefano. She asked when he’d be returning to Salem. Stefano wasn't sure. He’d been delayed. Kristen said she’d finally convinced Brady to move in with her. Stefano growled. Kristen told Stefano that when he came home, he had to pretend he was on death's doorstep. “Why would I do such a thing?” he asked, as he dined with a pretty young woman. Kristen explained the only way she could convince Brady to move into the mansion was by telling him that Stefano was very ill. Suddenly, the door slammed and there stood Brady.

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