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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 26, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 26, 2013

Chandler Massey

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
An Angry Ultimatum

Nick stormed into Sonny’s apartment and told Will that the baby almost died, because of Sami. Nick said he not only blamed Sami, but Will for going along with everything she wanted, like demanding a paternity test. Nick said somebody had to control Sami and if Will didn’t, he would.

Will tried to calm Nick down, promising that Sami learned her lesson and would back off. “She doesn't know how,” yelled Nick. Will asked what Nick wanted from him. “If you really care about Gabi and this baby you will give up your parental rights for good,” retorted Nick.

Will refused. He wasn’t going to let his daughter think he didn’t want her, because he did. “Didn't we decide that we were going to do this, the three of us together?” asked Will. Nick said he was on board with everything Gabi wanted until Sami nearly killed the baby. Will pointed out that Gabi went into labor because of dehydration. Nick wouldn’t back down. He told Will that if he didn’t take himself out of this equation, he’d have to do it for him. “How are you going to do that?” asked Sonny. “I am going to take him to court and I am going to have him declared an unfit father,” replied Nick.

“Is this about Will being gay?” asked Sonny. Nick swore he wasn’t doing this to hurt Will. He was just putting Gabi and the baby first. Nick noted that once his parole was over, he and Gabi might want to leave town and start a new life somewhere else. “You're not going to take my little girl away from me,” vowed Will. Sonny noted that Nick was a convicted murderer, who would never get custody over Will. Nick said he’d served his time. “What about you, Will? Did you pay yours or did someone pay it for you?” asked Nick. “It was you,” retorted Will, as Sonny held him back.

Nick told Sonny that Will tried to kill EJ DiMera and let Lucas take the rap for it. Sonny insisted it was a lie. Will said Nick had no idea what he was talking about. “Actually Will I do. I know everything,” announced Nick. Sonny ordered Nick to leave. Nick noted that he had Will dead to right. Yet, he swore he wasn’t trying to ruin Will’s life. He was just trying to take care of his family. He asked Will if he really wanted his family to have to investigate this case and turn state's evidence against him. Sonny told Nick this was blackmail. “No, it's a choice,” said Nick, noting that Will either put Gabi and the baby first or force his hand to expose Will’s crime. Then, Nick left, as Sonny comforted Will.

Another Attack

Nicole prayed for God to save Eric from her, when Roman walked up and reminded her that he needed her help in identifying the church thief. Nicole said she would never forget the guy’s face and hoped he was caught before he hurt anyone else. Meanwhile, back at the church, the junkie choked Eric. Eric broke free, and they struggled. The junkie dropped his knife, but quickly retrieved it and held it to his own throat. Eric tried to talk him out of hurting himself, as Nicole stood, watching. Eric noted that he was once as low as the junkie was and promised he could help him through this. The junkie dropped to the floor crying, and Eric knelt down next to him.

Nicole walked in and Eric asked her to call the police, promising the junkie that all would be fine. The guy said his name was Kevin and apologized. Eric assured Kevin he was taking the first step in turning his life around and helped him up. Soon, the cops arrived. Eric told Roman he’d promised Kevin he wouldn’t have to detox in jail. Roman agreed to it. After they left, Nicole asked Eric how he could be so kind to someone who tried to kill him. Eric noted that they were all imperfect and deserved a little love. Then, he urged Nicole to tell him the truth about why she needed to leave Salem. "We need to stop lying to ourselves and each other,” noted Eric. “You're right. We do,” concurred Nicole.

Pretty Little Liar

Brady told Kristen he heard her tell Stefano he was an idiot, who swallowed her lies hook, line and sinker. Kristen swore she could explain. Finally, Brady sat down to listen. Kristen admitted lying about Stefano’s illness, but that was it. Brady called Kristen out on trying to manipulate him and couldn’t believe she almost got away with it. He accused Kristen of wanting him to move into Stefano’s house to hurt John and Marlena. “Everyone in this town was right about you and I was blind the whole time, but my eyes are open,” he spat, storming out.

Kristen followed Brady to the park and begged for another chance. She admitted shading the truth from him, because she loved Stefano and was worried he wouldn’t be around much longer. She said Stefano was sick with grief, because he blamed himself for Lexie's death. Finding out about her and Brady almost did him in, because he didn’t want to lose another daughter. That’s why she wanted to move in with him.

Brady still wasn’t buying it. While he was willing to shake hands with Stefano and maybe even break bread with him, he didn’t see why he needed to move into his house. Kristen said that Stefano demanded it. Brady asked what wouldn’t happen if things didn’t go Stefano’s way? “Is he going to kill you, kill me?” he inquired. Kristen noted that Stefano had done some horrible things, but had always been good to her. She explained that when she left Salem, they were enemies, but he had come to forgive her. If she were to defy him again, it would be over.

Kristen fell into Brady's arms. Brady noticed her heart was pounding and told her to take a deep breath. Then, he took her back to her hotel room. Once they got there, Kristen decided to open up to Brady about something she’d only told her therapist. She owed him that since he’d opened up to her about Ari and Madison. “I'm going to tell you what happened to me while I was gone from Salem,” she said.

My New Houseguest

Stefano phoned John and summoned him to his European retreat. He had something to tell him face-to-face. John arrived and Stefano delivered the blow: “Your son and my beautiful daughter Kristen are going to live together under my roof,” revealed Stefano. John couldn’t believe it. Stefano dug the knife in deeper by telling John he was returning home and would be happy to play father figure to Brady. Stefano taunted John about losing his wife and his son. Then, he raised his glass and made a toast: “To my ungrateful pawn. May you stay this miserable for all the days of our lives.”

Abe ran into Marlenaat the Brady Pub. He informed her that John was coming home and that he had asked him to keep an eye on Brady. Abe assured Marlena that John loved her too much to stay away. They chatted about how much she missed John. Marlena admitted she didn’t know what to do. Abe suggested she pick up the phone and reach out to John. Marlena was about to call him, but noticed her battery was dead. Meanwhile, John phoned Marlena, but got her voice mail. He hung up and told someone to fire up his jet. He was heading home.

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