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Days of Our Lives Recap for February 4, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for February 4, 2013

Eileen Davidson

Courtesy: Getty Images/David Livingston
A Friendly Warning

John let himself into Stefano’s house in Europe. Stefano seemed happy to see him. John said it was time they talked about Kristen, who’d “slithered” her way back into his family’s lives. John warned that if Stefano thought this would open a door for him to renew his obsession with Marlena, he was mistaken. Stefano swore he’d moved on from Marlena, just as Kristen had moved on from John. John advised Stefano to keep his passport handy. Kristen would need him, when her plan fell apart.

Name Calling

Brady apologized to Kristen about the recent problems they had courtesy of Nicole and Marlena. Kristen kissed Brady and told him all was forgiven, as Marlena watched. When Brady split to go fetch his cell phone, Kristen taunted Marlena about spying on her and Brady. Was this how she distracted herself from missing John? Kristen asked Marlena how it felt to lose the one person that means everything to her. Marlena called Kristen names. Kristen suggested she try “daughter-in-law,” noting it could happen. Marlena warned Kristen that she would self-destruct in time. All her lies would come caving in and Brady would leave her, just like John did.

Plotting and Pretending

Nick continued reading articles about Lucas going to prison and knew he had to prove that Will was the one who really shot EJ. It was the only way to get Will out his, Gabi and the baby’s lives.

Caroline approached Will at the pub. Will mentioned screwing up regarding the whole Gabi situation. Caroline hugged him, noting the whole family loved him. Will showed Caroline the sonogram picture and noted that this baby turned his life upside down, but he knew it was going to be worth it. Johnny ran up to Will and asked about the sonogram picture. Will told him it was his baby.

Nick walked in. He asked Will how things were going between him and Sonny. He wondered if Sonny wanted to be part of the baby’s life, too. Will noted that he and Sonny really hadn’t had a lot of time to work things out. Nick said he was sorry. Will noted that he was focusing on helping Gabi through her pregnancy. Marlena walked in, hugged Will, and said hi to Nick.

Will went to the kitchen, and Marlena asked Nick how he was doing. She knew he was going through some tough times. Nick swore he was fine. He was marrying the girl of his dreams and starting a family. He wouldn't trade places with anyone in the world. Nick left, and Will returned. Will and Marlena talked about the Gabi/Nick situation. Will noted that Nick was okay with him being a father to his little girl. Marlena hoped things didn't get complicated. She know Nick and Gabi agreed to let Will be part the baby’s life and hoped they didn’t renege on that. Will noted that he trusted Gabi and that, like him, she and Nick wanted what was best for this little girl.

Meanwhile, Nick was back on his computer, reading. He muttered to himself that at least Sonny was out of the picture for now. “One gay boy down, one to go,” said Nick. Then, he started searching for surveillance equipment.

Love Is in the Air

Sami kissed EJ and told him how much she wanted him. The pair started to undress each other and made love to a song that kept repeating the line, “Feel the heat.” Afterward, EJ told Sami how long he’d dreamed about a night like this. However, he always knew they’d get back together. Sami went on about how happy their kids would be that they were back together. EJ thought he should get going. Sami wanted him to stay.

Later, EJ brought Sami a snack and some wine. The twosome toasted to “new beginnings.” Sami got a call from Johnny. Sami and EJ kissed and talked about their amazing children.

Love Interrupted

Just as things were getting hot and heavy between Daniel and Jennifer, a frantic Chloe called. Jennifer answered. Chloe said she needed Daniel. Daniel took the phone, and Chloe let him listen to Parker crying. Chloe rambled that perhaps Parker missed his daddy. She didn’t know what was wrong or what to do. Jennifer insisted Daniel return to Salem. Meanwhile, Chloe muttered to Parker that she was excited his daddy was coming home, as Brady stood at the doorway. Chloe explained that Parker had been crying hysterically, but just stopped. Brady grabbed something from a drawer and left.

Hello Daddy

Daniel arrived at the mansion to find Parker playing happily. Chloe swore he just stopped crying. Daniel pulled Chloe aside and said Parker didn’t look like he’d been crying all night. “Do you think I'm lying?” asked Chloe, reminding Daniel that he'd heard his son sobbing. Just then, Parker said Daddy. A thrilled Daniel walked over to his son and asked Chloe for some alone time with his little boy.

Kristen ran into Jennifer at the coffeehouse. She sensed something was wrong and wondered if she could help. Jennifer didn’t want to talk about it. Brady interrupted, just as Kristen got a phone call. She walked outside to answer it. It was Stefano reporting in about John’s visit. Kristen noted that John must have been rattled. “Just wait until he sees my next move,” cooed Kristen, noting that she was going to convince Brady to marry her and then leave him at the altar.

Brady told Jennifer his idea about him and Kristen double-dating with her and Daniel. He suggested dinner, tomorrow night. Jennifer noted that she and Daniel had been out tonight, but were interrupted. Jennifer’s phone rang and it was Daniel. He recounted how Parker had called him Daddy and said his son must have really missed him. Jennifer told Brady about Parker crying about an hour ago at the mansion. Brady mentioned being there and Parker being fine. Jennifer realized Chloe had used her son to break up her date with Daniel.

Happy Anniversary

Brady found Kristen outside and handed her a present. “Happy three month anniversary,” he said. “You are so sweet,” retorted Kristen. Later, the pair were in Kristen’s hotel room in bed. Kristen told Brady she never wanted to stop feeling like this and suggested taking things to the next level. “Marriage?” asked Brady, laughing that Kristen was beautiful smart and funny.

Onto Her Games

Later, Chloe turned up on Jennifer’s doorstep, claiming she was sorry for ruining her date with Daniel. Jennifer wasn’t buying it. Nevertheless, she told Chloe there were no hard feelings, because she and Daniel would get their time together. Chloe left, annoyed. Jennifer thought about going out with Daniel again, tomorrow, and vowed that she wouldn’t let Chloe ruin things.

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