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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 1, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 1, 2013

Arianne Zucker and James Scott

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton
Revenge, Kristen Style

“I want to know what’s going on between you and Brady? Do you have feelings for my son,” John asked Kristen. Kristen told John he was an idiot. Her relationship with Brady was all about John and what he’d done to her. John couldn’t believe he’d been such a fool to actually believe she had changed. Kristen recounted how she and John were almost married once, but he left her for Marlena. She never got over that and never loved anyone else. “Is this what you’ve held onto?” asked John.

Kristen wasn’t buying John’s caring act. She announced she was hellbent on revenge against him, and Brady was her means to that end. “He’s falling in love with me,” taunted Kristen. “Damn it, woman. You stay away from my son,” demanded John, vowing he wouldn’t let Kristen come between him and Brady. Hotel security interrupted John and Kristen’s spat, and John left. Alone, Kristen laughed with delight about how well her plan was going.

Bamboozled Brady

Marlena questioned Brady about what happened between him and John. Brady explained that he and Kristen had become “romantically involved” and that John caught the two of them “together.” Marlena gasped! Brady confessed he was concerned about his father and Marlena’s reaction to all this and asked Marlena if she could ever accept Kristen in his life. “Have you lost your mind? We will not accept that,” insisted Marlena, trying to convince her stepson that Kristen was using him.

Later, John found Marlena and filled her in about discovering Kristen and Brady together. John was determined to find Brady and talk to him. Brady showed up at Kristen’s hotel room. A sobbing Kristen fell into Brady’s arms, muttering how John had been there. She explained how John thought she was using Brady and had gotten a little rough with her. Brady thought their affair was too much for his father to handle, but assured Kristen things would work out in time. Brady and Kristen were kissing, when John kicked in the door and demanded his son get away from Kristen.

Two Couples, Two Kisses

Rafe met Nicole at the church and asked if she was ready for their New Year’s Eve date. Meanwhile,EJ arrived anxious for his date with Sami. EJ and Sami shared a kiss outside the pub, while Johnny and Caroline watched through the window. Soon, the two couples arrived for the festivities at Horton Square. Rafe spied Sami with EJ and looked sad. Nicole called him out on being hopelessly in love with Sami.

When EJ went off to get a special bottle of champagne for him and Sami, Nicole told Rafe to seize the moment and approach Sami. He did and the pair chatted and shared some champagne of their own. Sami noted seeing Rafe there with Nicole. Rafe assured her they were just friends. Sami showed Rafe pictures of Sydney and her stuffed penguin, that she named Rafe. When the clock struck 12, Rafe pulled Sami into a passionate kiss.

Nicole found EJ at the coffeehouse fetching champagne and pretended to be drunk. Then, she accidentally spilled her drink on EJ in an attempt to keep him from returning to Sami. EJ was genuinely concerned about Nicole, knowing everything she’d been through the past year. Nevertheless, he was annoyed when midnight arrived and he was away from Sami. Nicole jumped into his arms, and the pair ended up in a major lip lock.

Connecting at Midnight

Abigail told her mother that she was looking forward to spending New Year’s Eve with her, while Daniel chatted with Eric at the hospital and Chad was alone at the coffeehouse. Later, Chad showed up at Jennifer and Abigail’s bearing coffee. Jennifer invited him to spend the evening with the two of them, and the trio played monopoly. Eventually, Jennifer headed out for a walk and left Abigail and Chad alone. The twosome hugged at midnight and ended up kissing.

Jennifer phoned Daniel . “I wish we could have rung the new year in together,” Daniel told her. He looked up to find Jennifer standing right in front of him. “I know. Wouldn’t that have been great,” smiled Jennifer. As it turned out they did with a tender smooch.

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