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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 11, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 11, 2013

Blake Berris and Camila Banus

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen
Hot and Heavy

Things were heating up between Sami and Rafe. They were on the couch tossing off their clothes, when Hope began knocking on the door. Rafe left, and Hope quizzed Sami about what she’d interrupted. Sami admitted she and Rafe were “trying again.” Hope was overjoyed.

A Pair of Surprises

Chad told Sonny he was going to Nick and Gabi’s wedding. “What’s up with that?” asked Sonny. Chad explained that he was going be Abigail’s date and that he was happy for the bride and groom. Sonny wasn’t exactly buying it.

Lucas was stunned to see Kate. “The bitch is back,” announced Kate, explaining the Chloe and Parker situation. Lucas was happy. It meant Daniel would stay away from Jennifer. Billie chimed in that Jennifer would be a good influence on Parker.

Chloe Finds an Ally

Chloe stopped by the hospital and asked Daniel to recommend a pediatrician for Parker. Then, she suggested they go get a cup of coffee. Daniel begged off, noting he was going to spend his break visiting Jennifer. Chloe pretended she was cool with that and had no illusions about reuniting with Daniel. Later, Chloe overheard Anne mocking Jennifer. She quickly invited her to go grab a cup of coffee with her.

Dating Games

Abigail inquired about Jennifer’s date with Daniel. Jennifer admitted things didn’t go as expected. “Daniel found out that Parker really was his son,” said Jennifer. Abigail was concerned for her mother, now that Chloe was back in town. Jennifer insisted she and Daniel would be fine. Later, Daniel stopped by to tell Jennifer he loved her and reiterated that he wanted her to be a part of his life. They discussed Parker, and Jennifer promised she’d be there for both of them. In fact, she volunteered to accompany Daniel on a shopping date to pick up some things for his son.

The Name Game

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Chloe mentioned that Philip had wanted to change Parker’s name, when he thought he was the child’s father. However, she had fought it. Deep down, she must have known the truth. Their son’s name was Parker Daniel Jonas. Daniel was touched.

Baby Drama

Gabi asked Will to be the godfather of their baby, but a vehement Nick said no way. Will wondered what Nick’s problem was. Didn’t he want him involved in his child’s life at all? Nick explained that it would be torturous for Will to be around the baby all the time and never be able to tell him the truth. Will sort of understood.

Going to the Chapel

Later, at the church, Abigail helped Gabi get ready for her big day. Sami arrived and offered some words of encouragement. Eric, Rafe, Nick and Will congregated in the lobby. Nick praised Will for the incredible thing he was doing; being a big enough man to put Gabi and their baby first. Rafe got a call; then, rushed in with his phone and handed it to Gabi. Gabi spoke to her mother, who told her she was really excited about the baby.

Caroline, Victor and Maggie arrived at the church. Maggie thanked Caroline for giving Nick a chance by hiring him, when he got out of jail. Chad showed up and found Abigail, as did Sonny, who told Will he couldn’t wait to dance with him, later. Rafe and Sami stole a kiss and anticipated picking up where they’d left off, after the nuptials.

Lucas, Kate, Billie and Allie walked into the corridor. Hope approached Jennifer, telling her to take Daniel at his word regarding their relationship. Jennifer noted that she was sure Chloe’s return wasn’t going to affect the two of them.

Wedding Interrupted

Nick and Gabi’s wedding began. Allie, the flower girl, tossed rose petals down the aisle. Will and Abigail followed. Then, Rafe escorted his sister toward her smiling groom. Eric proceeded over the ceremony, and it was going beautifully. However, just as he was getting ready to pronounce the couple husband and wife, Chad stood up. “If this marriage is about love and truth, then shouldn’t Gabi be marrying the real father of her baby?” he asked. The crowd gasped.

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