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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 14, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 14, 2013

Chandler Massey

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An Interruption and an Accusation

Nick and Gabi recited their wedding vows and Eric was just about to pronounce them husband and wife, when Chad interrupted the ceremony. He challenged Gabi to tell Nick the truth about her baby’s father. Rafe and Hope tried to lead Chad out of the church. Nick yelled that Chad was just jealous because he lost Melanie. Chad called Gabi a “lying slut,” which provoked Rafe and he slugged him.

Eric declared that there should be no further violence in his church. Hope got Chad out to the vestibule; then, called the police. Chad insisted Nick wasn’t Gabi’s baby daddy, while Rafe tried to contain himself. Kate told Lucas she didn’t think Chad would lie about something like this.

Daddy Drama

Back in the church, poor Gabi was a wreck. Abigail apologized for inviting Chad as her date. Nick tried to comfort Gabi, assuring her everything would be alright. He wanted to proceed with the ceremony. “I’m sorry. I can’t,” announced Eric, noting that he wanted to speak to the bride and groom, privately. Nick tried to convince Eric otherwise. Will stepped forward, noting that the truth was going to come out.

Chad explained to Rafe and Hope that he’d overheard Gabi talking to Cameron Davis at the hospital. She admitted that Nick wasn’t her baby’s father and that he knew about it and didn’t care. Rafe insisted Chad was lying. Alone, Hope asked Rafe, “What if he’s not lying?” Rafe asked Chad if he was the father of Gabi child. Chad said he wasn’t and pointed the finger at her stalker, Andrew. Rafe didn’t buy it.

The Truth Comes Out

Nick continued to try to reason with Eric, but he was adamant about talking to Nick and Gabi. Finally, Will said this wasn’t going to work and that they should come clean. “Chad was telling the truth. Nick’s not the father of Gabi’s baby. I am,” revealed Will. Gabi ran out in tears. Nick went after her. Will tried to apologize to Sonny and swore this wouldn’t change things between them. Sonny noted that it already had.

Sonny walked to the vestibule and told Rafe and Hope it was all true. Then, he and Victor lashed out at Chad. Rafe approached Nick to find out where Gabi was and to get some kind of an explanation. Nick swore he loved Gabi and would do anything for her. Abigail approached Chad and chastised him for what he’d done. “Now everyone knows that Will is the father of Gabi’s baby,” said Abigail. Jennifer told Chad that she hated what he’d done, but that it was a good thing. Now her daughter saw the real him before it was too late.

Love Is What Matters

Rafe wondered why Gabi hadn’t come to him. Nick said that Gabi didn’t think he would have accepted the truth. He went on about Will taking Gabi to get an abortion, but that she couldn’t go through with it. That’s when they concocted this plan. Nick swore he would always be there for Gabi. Rafe went to talk to his sister. Hope questioned Nick about what he and Gabi had done. “Gabi and I love each other, and we love this baby,” said Nick. “That’s what really matters.”

Kate tried to break her business agreement with Nick. He told her they had a contract, but that she was welcome to buy him out. Then, Nick faced off with Chad about the despicable thing he’d done. Nick vowed revenge, promising Chad wouldn’t see it coming.

Consoling Sonny

Victor showed up at the coffeehouse and found Sonny clearing some tables. “As wedding disasters go, this one was about a seven,” noted Victor, trying to console his nephew. He told Sonny it was better he learned the truth about Will, now. Sonny pointed out that Will had already moved in with him and they were planning a future together. It was too late. Later, at the Kiriakis mansion, Victor and Maggie commiserated over what had transpired.

Taking Responsibility

Lucas went after Will, who was desperate to find Sonny. Lucas noted that this wasn’t about Will and his boyfriend. It was about Will and Gabi and the life they created and were responsible for. Lucas didn’t understand why Will would let someone else raise his kid. He told Will his days of avoiding his responsibility as a father were over. Will countered that he, Nick and Gabi all did what they thought was best for the baby. Lucas recounted how he and Sami became parents when they were around Will’s age, and how Will’s birth changed their lives.

Attacking the Bride

While Gabi sobbed in the back room at the church, a furious Sami walked in. She accused Gabi of trying to keep Will’s child from him and guaranteed that wasn’t going to happen. Gabi insisted that this what she, Nick and Will all wanted. Sami went off about Gabi taking advantage of Will, when he was vulnerable. She accused Gabi of using Nick and lying to Will, when she discovered she was pregnant. Rafe walked in, just as Sami called Gabi “a lying manipulative bitch.” Rafe demanded Sami stop berating his sister, but Sami wouldn’t. Finally, Rafe recounted how Will had taken Gabi to an abortion clinic and had it not been for Gabi’s change of heart, there would be no baby. “Fact is Sami, your son wanted this baby gone,” announced Rafe.

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