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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 15, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 15, 2013

Alison Sweeney and James Scott

Courtesy: NBC/Ben Cohen
A Secret Exposed

Lucas and Will discussed Gabi and the baby. Lucas was glad the truth was out. Now Will could be a part of his child’s life from the beginning. Will brought up his own childhood and mentioned how his parents shipped him off to Switzerland to live with Austin and Carrie. Lucas admitted that he and Sami made sacrifices to do what was best for Will. Lucas got angry, saying he was tired of having to prove how much he loved his son. “I went to prison for you,” he spat.

Nick, who was eavesdropping, couldn’t believe what he’d heard. Will apologized to Lucas, noting that he’d been a good father. Lucas told Will it wasn’t going to be an easy road, but promised that his family would be there for him.

An Ugly Spat

Sami and Rafe had a heated fight over the situation between Will and Gabi. Rafe pointed out that Will was the one who took Gabi to the abortion clinic. “He didn’t want the baby then, and he doesn’t want the baby now,” he spat. Sami insisted that Gabi hadn’t given Will another choice. She yelled at Gabi for lying to her about everything and trying to keep Will out of his child’s life.

Gabi swore it was Will’s idea not to tell anybody about their baby until they figured things out. Gabi explained why she’d decided to have an abortion, too. Will didn’t want to jeopardize things with Sonny, and she didn’t think she could raise a baby on her own. Then, Nick stepped in and offered to marry her. She said Will agreed to the whole thing. Rafe wasn’t surprised. It meant Will could have Sonny and get rid of Gabi and the baby. “Stop twisting this to make Will a bad guy,” yelled Sami, swearing Gabi wasn’t going to keep her baby from Will. Having heard enough, Rafe threw Sami out, just as Eric walked in.

Second Chances

Gabi apologized to Eric for lying to him. She was sorry the truth had come out in such an awful way. Nick arrived, took the blame, and embraced Gabi. Gabi told Rafe they were just trying to do what was right for her baby. Rafe pointed out that lying was a mistake, even though he’d done the same thing pretending to be the father of Nicole’s baby. Still, he promised to always be there for his sister.

Eric suggested that he and Rafe give Nick and Gabi some time alone. Gabi sobbed and told Nick that everything was ruined. Nick disagreed. “Do you still love me as much as I love you?” he asked. “Of course I do,” swore Gabi. Nick said nothing had changed. He still wanted to marry Gabi and raise this baby with her. Nick thought back to hearing what Lucas said, earlier. Then, he promised Gabi they could still be together and have everything the way they wanted it.

Meanwhile, Rafe had his doubts about Nick and Gabi, but Eric noted they were committed to each other. Eric also mentioned how it looked like Rafe and Sami had found their way back to each other. Rafe said that after watching Sami attack his sister, today, he saw a whole other side of her; a side that made him want to run in another direction.

Revelations and Apologies

Marlena happened upon Abigail, who was lacing into Cameron for keeping Gabi’s baby’s paternity secret. Marlena backed up Cameron, saying he was bound by doctor/patient confidentiality. Then, Abigail stunned Marlena by announcing that Will was the father of Gabi’s child. Marlena headed off to find Will.

Chad turned up at the coffeehouse. Sonny couldn’t believe his nerve. Chad swore he had no idea Will was the father of Gabi’s baby, when he interrupted the wedding. Sonny had no use for his lame apology. EJ and Johnny walked in. EJ couldn’t believe what he heard about Will and imagined Sami was a wreck over the whole thing.

Later, Chad tried to apologize to Abigail, but she wasn’t interested. Cameron happened upon them and told Chad to leave Abigail alone. He also warned him never to eavesdrop on another chat between him and one of his patients, again. Chad insisted this secret needed to be exposed. Abigail couldn’t believe Chad was such a jerk.

Sometimes Love’s Not Enough

Will arrived at the coffeehouse, and EJ tried to console him over his “really bad day.” EJ promised it might not seem like it now, but everything would work out. Will tried to talk to Sonny, but Sonny was still too upset.

Marlena found Will and immediately offered her support. She told him how much she admired his kindness and strength and promised that she and his parents would see him through this. “What about Sonny?” asked Will. Marlena encouraged Will to talk to him and tell him how he felt. Will approached Sonny, noting that he would pick up his things from Sonny’s apartment. He was pretty sure Sonny didn’t want him there, tonight. Will noted that he wasn’t sure how all this was going to play out, but insisted he didn’t want to lose Sonny. Then, he whispered that he still loved Sonny and left. Alone, Sonny muttered, “I love you too, Will.”

Back in EJ’s Arms

Sami returned home to find EJ waiting for her. He noted he’d seen Will, earlier, and had offered him his help, if he needed it. “You know the same goes for you,” EJ told Sami. Sami admitted it meant a lot to her and fell into EJ’s arms. EJ assured Sami that Will would get through this, and everything would be fine. Sami went off about Rafe taking Gabi’s side in all this and how it was all “a big mess.” EJ countered that it wasn’t a mess. Sami would fight for Will and she wouldn’t be doing it alone. Sami expressed her deepest thanks and cuddled up with EJ on the couch.

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