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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 17, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 17, 2013

Eileen Davidson

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Playing Along

Daniel asked Chloe what Kate did to her. Chloe couldn’t believe the question, considering the long list of things Daniel was already aware of. Daniel wondered if there was something he didn’t know about. Chloe was about to tell him, when Daniel spied Maggie and took Parker to her. Alone, Chloe wondered if, perhaps, there was a better way to play this. When Daniel returned, Chloe said she wouldn’t be petty regarding their son. If Daniel thought it was okay to have Kate in their son’s life on a limited basis, she was fine with it.

An Ugly Disclosure

Kate told Jennifer about Chloe’s past as a prostitute. Jennifer didn’t believe her, knowing how much Kate hated Chloe. Kate said she had proof and swore this wasn’t about Chloe. This was about protecting Parker. Kate believed Chloe’s lack of judgment put Parker in danger and urged Jennifer to tell Daniel about his baby mama’s past. Jennifer wasn’t buying Kate’s version of why Chloe turned to prostitution and said it was not her place to say anything to Daniel about this. Kate called Jennifer naive, noting that Chloe was going to use Parker to drive a wedge between her and Daniel. Kate told Jennifer that if anything happened to Parker because she kept silent, Jennifer would have to live with herself.

Facing the Truth

Nicole ran into Brady and asked him about his battered face. Brady evaded. John spied the two of them and walked off. Nicole couldn’t believe Brady had fought with his father. Brady changed the subject, noting that Chloe was back in town. He imagined it was hard for Nicole to learn Daniel was Parker’s father. Nicole swore she had no more illusions about Daniel.

Later, Brady ran into Daniel at the Horton Square. It came out that Jennifer knew about Kristen and Brady’s affair. Brady asked Daniel not to be upset with Jennifer for keeping it from him, she was just respecting his and Kristen’s wishes. Jennifer arrived, and she and Daniel chatted about keeping secrets. Daniel said that Jennifer could tell him anything. Jennifer admitted she knew that, but looked torn. Daniel asked what was wrong. Jennifer began to tell him.

John happened upon Brady and said he wanted to talk. He immediately started going on about Kristen and how she was playing Brady. Brady maintained that he wasn’t stupid and accused John of being jealous. John couldn’t believe his ears. Brady noted that Kristen made him happy, and told John that if he couldn’t accept that, not to call him son anymore.

Friends or Foes?

Chloe found Nicole at the church and recounted the amazing morning she had with Parker and Daniel. Nicole wondered if Jennifer was there, too. Chloe thought Nicole was being negative and didn’t understand why. “Do you remember what happened the last time we fell for the same guy?” inquired Nicole. Chloe made a crack about Nicole giving her a “flesh eating bacteria;” then, gasped. “Are you talking about you and Daniel? Did you sleep with him?” asked Chloe. Nicole admitted she did, and Chloe called her a “bitch.”

The two friends got into it. Chloe couldn’t believe Nicole had slept with her ex-husband. Nicole mentioned everything Chloe had done to Daniel and said she wasn’t going to apologize to her or anyone else for loving Daniel. Then, Nicole started talking about Jennifer and Daniel’s blossoming romance. Chloe got furious and stormed off.

Wired for Sound

Marlena, who was wearing a recording device, tried to goad Kristen into confessing her plan to use Brady to destroy Marlena and John. Unfortunately, Kristen noticed the pin/recording device her nemesis was wearing. Roman interrupted. He chatted with Marlena about Will; then left so Marlena and Kristen could continue their talk. Marlena urged Kristen to make her “victory speech.”

Instead of incriminating herself, Kristen said how hard she tried to fight her attraction to Brady. No man had ever made her feel this way. Marlena tried to get Kristen to admit she was only sleeping with Brady to get back at her and John. Kristen swore that wasn’t true and called Marlena out on the real reason she didn’t go running to John about their affair. It was because having another man in her bed meant there was no room there for John. Marlena started to leave, but before she did, Kristen held up a note that read, “I know what you are doing.”

Putting Things Together

Chloe arrived at the hospital and found Anne. The two women promptly began plotting against Jennifer. Meanwhile, Kate met up with Billie and told her that by the end of the day, Daniel was going to know exactly who Chloe Lane is. Nicole overheard and ran to warn Chloe.

Brady showed up at Kristen’s hotel room. Within seconds, they started kissing. When Kristen went to change into something sexy, Brady found the pieces of her note to Marlena. Meanwhile, Marlena was at the coffeehouse getting coffee. John turned up and found her pin/recording device. He played it and couldn’t believe Kristen’s revelation that Marlena was happy Brady was sleeping with her because it meant she wasn’t sleeping with John. Marlena stood there in stunned disbelief.

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