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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 2, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 2, 2013

Eric Martsolf

Courtsy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Desperate to Reach Brady

John and Marlena burst into Kristen’s hotel room and found her in Brady’s arms. John ordered Brady to get away from Kristen, saying that she seduced him into a sleazy affair and he was stupid enough to fall for it. John noted that Kristen’s motive was to get back at him. Marlena confirmed that John had no reason to lie, while Kristen turned on the waterworks and asked if Brady believed what they were saying.

The hotel security guard returned, warning John not to touch Kristen again, or he’d be hauled off. Brady apologized for keeping John and Marlena in the dark about his thing with Kristen. Then, he asked them to leave, promising to come by in the morning to talk. “I’m not leaving you alone with this woman,” retorted John.

Marlena Versus Kristen

John and Brady decided to head off to talk. Kristen used the opportunity to set things straight with Marlena. She told her nemesis how “empowered” she felt. Marlena said Kristen was an “evil wretch,” who was using Brady and degrading him in the most horrible way. Kristen called out Marlena on not warning John about her and Brady’s affair. Then, she tried to get under her skin by saying how jealous and irrational John was about her and Brady being together. Marlena assured Kristen that it was just a matter of time before Brady ended things with her and wanted nothing to do with her.

Coming to Blows

At the park John told Brady there were things he needed to know about Kristen. John explained that Kristen had an insatiable need for revenge. He went on about Brady being an unsuspecting pawn in her chess game and called Kristen the most conniving, black hearted person he had ever known. John begged Brady not to let Kristen ruin their relationship. Brady wouldn’t buy a word of it. He reminded John that he was the one who persuaded Brady that Kristen had changed. “It’s just painful for you that I’m the one who wants her,” spat Brady, accusing John of being jealous. John finally told Brady that Kristen told him, point blank, that she was using him. Brady didn’t buy it and accused John of twisting her words. Then, he said he had to leave to go be with Kristen. “Stay away from that manipulative bitch,” barked John. Brady finally lost it and slugged John. Soon, the two men were embroiled in a full-blown fistfight. Marlena happened upon them and begged them to stop. Kristen arrived and smiled with delight.

Kisses and Conflict

EJ broke free from Nicole’s kiss. Will and Sonny wondered what was going on. EJ attempted to explain and left. Nicole told Will and Sonny that she was just pretending to be drunk to that Sami and Rafe could spend some time together. After Nicole left, Will and Sonny discussed spending the rest of the night together and kissed.

Rafe and Sami broke from their New Year’s Eve kiss. They were both thrown by how much it affected them. Nick and Gabi interrupted, talking about their upcoming wedding. EJ returned and planted a kiss of his own on Sami. Rafe watched; then, left with Nick and Gabi. EJ apologized for missing the stroke of midnight with Sami, who didn’t seem to mind. EJ pretended to get a business call summoning him to his office. Sami went with him and found that he’d set up a romantic dinner for the two of them. Sami was deeply touched. Unfortunately, their night was interrupted, when Lucas call to say Ali was sick. Sami left, after giving EJ a kiss goodnight. But on her way out, she remembered her kiss with Rafe. Alone, EJ made a toast “to the woman I love.”

Nicole ran into Rafe. She couldn’t wait to question him about Sami. “So did you cease the moment or what?” she asked. Rafe didn’t understand why Nicole did what she did, considering she couldn’t stand Sami. Nicole insisted she wanted to be a better person in 2013. Plus, the best version of Sami she’d ever seen was when Sami was with Rafe. Rafe finally opened up and revealed he’d kissed Sami and was optimistic about their future together.

Setting Things Straight

Nick and Gabi arrived at the coffeehouse. Gabi went to talk to Sonny. Will confronted Nick about referring to him as a “gay boy.” Nick apologized. Will let it be known in no uncertain terms that he wouldn’t let his child be raised by a bigot. Nick insisted he wasn’t homophobic. Nick told Will he needed to man up and accept the decision he made to let Nick and Gabi raise his son. “This child will be ours, Gabi's and mine, and we’re going to be amazing parents,” said Nick

Peace Pact

Gabi approached Sonny and asked if they could start out 2013 with a clean slate. “Maybe we could learn to tolerate each other for Will,” said Gabi, pointing out that they both loved him. Sonny agreed to give it a go, but warned Gabi not to hurt him or he was have to deal with him. Later, Will and Sonny met up at Sonny's apartment, where the spent the rest of the night together.

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