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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 23, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 23, 2013

Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Pressuring Will

Nick, Gabi and Will discussed their current predicament. Nick insisted that everything was the same. If they were all still in agreement, he and Gabi would raise the baby. Will pointed out that everything had changed, because everybody now knew he was the baby’s father. Nick suggested they make things legal; go to court and have Will relinquish his rights to the baby.

Will couldn’t believe Nick’s insensitivity, pointing out that this baby had his DNA and genes. He called Nick “insane.” “Don’t ever say that about me, ever,” warned Nick, noting that Will was willing to give up the baby before to keep his boyfriend. Will insisted that wasn’t the reason. He had lied, because he thought it was the best thing for the baby.

Nick urged Will to keep thinking about what was best for the baby, as he and Gabi snuck off for her sonogram. “It doesn’t matter how much thinking I do. I’m never going to give up custody of my child,” announced Will.

Apologies, Apologies

Chad and Sonny talked business at the coffeehouse. Chad apologized for what he’d done at the wedding. Sonny noted that if Chad hadn’t spoken up, he’d still be in the dark about everything. Chad left to find Abigail.

At the hospital, Abigail chatted with Maxine about Cameron and Emily, the girl he’d been seeing. Maxine noted that that was over. Abigail smiled. Cameron walked over and confirmed it was true. Chad arrived and spotted Cameron. He approached him to settle things between them. Cameron said that nothing could justify what Chad did at Nick and Gabi’s wedding and told Chad that Lexie would have been ashamed of him.

Down and Devastated

Adrienne stormed into the coffeehouse, anxious to talk to Sonny. Sonny didn’t want to hear an “I told you so” about his boyfriend. Adrienne swore she was concerned and pointed out that it was better Sonny found out the truth about Will, now. Sonny explained it was already too late. He loved Will and had asked him to move in with him. A hurt Sonny lashed out and his mother. Adrienne told her son not to do that. She was on his side. Sonny admitted he’d never felt worse in his entire life.

Will arrived and poured his heart out to Sonny. He explained how important Sonny was to him and how he couldn’t imagine his life without him. Then, he begged Sonny for another chance. Sonny asked why Will had lied to him for weeks about getting his ex-girlfriend pregnant. Will was honest, admitting he was afraid that if Sonny had known the truth, he would have left him. Sonny was deeply disappointed Will hadn’t trusted him enough to level with him. When Sonny walked off, Abigail approached Will to see if he was okay. She mentioned being surprised that Will wasn’t at the hospital, since Gabi was having her sonogram. Later, Chad tired in vain to make amends with Abigail.

The Heat Is On

“Do not talk about my sister like that,” Rafe warned Sami. EJ walked in and immediately assumed the role of Sami’s protector. Rafe accused Sami of totally turning against his sister. EJ noted that Sami had been through hell and suggested Rafe treat her with respect. Gabi and Nick had tried to deprive her of her grandchild. Rafe pointed out that Sami had been deprived by her own son. EJ explained that Will had changed his mind. He was no longer walking away from this baby.

Rafe confronted Sami about her fantasies of Will and Gabi coming together to raise this child. It wasn’t going to happen. This was all about what she wanted, as usual. Rafe noted how mixed up Will is and how Sami’s other children would turn out exactly the same way. EJ stood up for Sami, defending her as a mother and insisting her other children would turn out fine. Rafe left and ran into Nicole. He filled her in on everything that had gone down with Sami, noting that he’d seen the real Sami and she was a nightmare. Then, he announced that he and Sami were over.

Alone, EJ noted that Rafe was trying to push Sami’s buttons. He went on about how Rafe was protecting his sister and using Sami as a scapegoat and it was unfair. Sami worried about Will, moving forward. He was gay and a college student; securing his rights as a father would be an uphill battle. EJ assured her he’d retained the services of the best attorney he knew for Will. Sami thanked him.

Clashing and Coming Together

Later, at the coffeehouse, Adrienne approached Sami. Sami warned Adrienne not to say one negative thing about her son or she would take her down, even if they were in public. Adrienne went on about how devastated Sonny was by all of this. She’d never seen him so hurt before. Sami was sorry, but pointed out Will had bigger problems. Namely, being a college kid and a father-to-be. Adrienne got the point and left.

EJ returned and took Sami home. Once again, he reassured her that she was a wonderful mother, who truly cared about her children. He promised Sami he would be there to see her through this. Sami thanked EJ, again. Soon she was in his arms, and they were sharing a passionate kiss.

It’s a Girl

At the hospital, Gabi asked Nick why he hadn’t wanted Will to know about the sonogram. Nick explained that this was going to be their baby, and he wanted to share all these special moments with Gabi and nobody else.

Soon, Nick and Gabi were in an examination room. Cameron walked in and began the sonogram. He asked Nick and Gabi if they wanted to know what they were having. They excitedly responded that they did. “Say hello to your daughter,” said Cameron. Will, who was standing outside in the hallway, walked in and muttered, “It’s a girl?”

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