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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 25, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 25, 2013

Eileen Davidson

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Getting to Know Parker

Daniel chatted on the phone with Chloe, while he spent quality time alone with Parker. Nicole arrived. It was hard for her to see Parker. It reminded her of the child she lost. Daniel was supportive. Nicole questioned Daniel about Jennifer and how she was dealing with Chloe’s return. Daniel noted that Jennifer knew he and Chloe were through. Nicole was about to tell Daniel about Chloe’s designs on him, when Maggie showed up.

After Nicole left, Maggie put Parker down for a nap. Daniel lamented about the two years he’d missed with his son and how he was a stranger in the child’s life. Maggie tried to make Daniel look on the bright side: he finally had Parker back.

Doing the Right Thing

Chloe visited Jennifer at the hospital. She thought the two of them should talk about Daniel and Parker. Chloe brought up Jack. She wondered if Daniel was a transition to help Jennifer get past her loss. She didn’t want Parker in Jennifer’s life, if she was only going to leave. It would confuse her son. Jennifer didn’t buy a word of it. She called Chloe on not really accepting the fact that Daniel had moved on.

Chloe swore that wasn’t true. Then, she told Jennifer about her low point as a prostitute. Jennifer promised she wouldn’t hold any of this against Chloe. Chloe went on about how she let other people’s manipulations ruin the best thing that ever happened to her. She knew she and Daniel could have worked things out, if only he’d known Parker was his son. Chloe said she knew Jennifer was a great person, who always did the right thing, when Jennifer stopped her. She realized Chloe wanted her to give up Daniel.

Bickering Brothers

Eric met with Brady and Kristen. He wanted the two of them to resign from the church board. News of their affair and Brady’s public fight with John wasn’t conducive to their work on the new school. Kristen volunteered to step down, so Brady could stay on, and left the two brothers to talk.

Alone, Brady told Eric he wouldn’t stay on the board without Kristen. Eric scolded Brady for his recent actions with Kristen. He called her “dangerous” and a “phoney.” Brady insisted Kristen had changed. Eric pointed out that Marlena and John’s marriage was falling apart because of Kristen.

Nicole happened upon Father Matt at the Horton Square. She confided in him about Daniel, Jennifer and Chloe and wondered what she should do. Father Matt counseled her to butt out and direct her attention elsewhere. Nicole found that somewhere else, when she returned to the church. Eric filled her in on his fight with Brady over Kristen and how the whole thing was breaking up his family. Nicole realized she could help things by getting Kristen out of the picture.

Saying Goodbye

John summoned Marlena to the coffeehouse. He informed her that he was leaving town, today. Marlena accused John of running away from their problems. John said he couldn’t think in this environment and was pondering staying in Italy for a while. The pair went back and forth about Kristen. John pointed out that his wife still didn’t trust him; then, got up to leave. Marlena followed, and they shared a passionate kiss.

“Don’t go. Please don’t go,” begged Marlena. John said he didn’t know what was ahead for them, but promised he’d be back. After he left, Marlena sobbed. Kristen, who was watching outside through the window, jumped up and down with glee.

Revenge: The Sequel

Later, Kristen ran into John and mentioned witnessing his goodbye with Marlena. John confirmed he was leaving town long enough to figure out a way to make Brady see her for the monster she is. Brady happened upon John, next. John revealed he was leaving and reiterated the same reason he gave Kristen. Brady suggested his father not return until he could accept Kristen in his life. John stopped by the church to say goodbye to Eric and asked him to watch Marlena.

Meanwhile, Brady wandered into the coffeehouse and found a downtrodden Marlena. Brady said he was sorry that John was leaving town. “It’s not your fault. It’s my fault,” responded Marlena, referring to her keeping Brady and Kristen’s affair a secret. She warned Brady that she had a horrible feeling the two of them were going to end up paying a terrible price.

Kristen reported in to Stefano about John leaving Salem. Stefano noted that now that Kristen had her victory, it was time to dump Brady Black. Kristen said she wasn’t going to do that. She had another plan. Soon there was a knock at her door. Kristen was surprised to find Nicole standing there.

Moving In

Jennifer confided in Maggie about her visit with Chloe, earlier. She realized Chloe was still in love with Daniel and would do anything to get her out of the way and win Daniel back. Little did Jennifer know that at that very minute Chloe was at Daniel’s picking up Parker. Chloe went on about seeing father and son together and how wonderful it was watching them bond. Then she came up with a great idea: she suggested that she and Parker move in with Daniel.

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