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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 29, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 29, 2013

Melissa Reeves

Photo Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Brunettes Have More Fun

Jennifer asked Chloe what she was doing playing house in Daniel’s apartment and wearing his shirt. Chloe explained she’d made a mess having lunch with Parker and thought Daniel wouldn't mind if she took a shower. She didn't think Jennifer would show up, because Daniel was meeting her for lunch. Jen mentioned texting Daniel about meeting her there.

Chloe pretended to just notice that Daniel had left his cell phone behind. She asked Jennifer if she wanted to finish their conversation from earlier. Jennifer was curt. Chloe sensed her hostility and suggested they try to get along for Parker’s sake. Jennifer agreed and left. Chloe cooed, “Who says blondes have more fun?” Later, she told Parker that she knew where Daniel and Jennifer were having lunch and might happen by to make sure things went right for them.

Time for a Change

Kate and Billie discussed Daniel convincing Chloe to let Kate have minimal visitation with Parker. Kate wasn’t happy with the situation, and it was clear she was going to make Chloe pay. Billie noted that this wasn’t Chloe’s fault; it was Kate’s. She called Kate out on her conniving ways and said things were about to change.

Billie told Kate she was looking for a new job. She couldn’t bear to watch her mother plot and scheme any more. She needed to put some distance between them. Kate kept promising she’d change, but Billie knew it would never happen and walked off.

Questioning Kristen

Brady and Kristen chatted on the phone about meeting up, later. Roman walked up behind Kristen and mentioned getting an email from John about leaving town. He asked if Kristen had anything to do with that. Kristen insinuated that it was Marlena’s doing. Roman accused Kristen of using anyone to get what she wanted. Kristen pointed out that she’d saved Roman’s life, nursed him back to health, and brought him back to Salem. She thought things worked out well for him and for her, too. She came back to town to make amends, but Brady “blew in out of nowhere” and made all her dreams come true.

Suspicious Minds

Daniel questioned Nicole about what she was up to. Nicole deflected, going on about working for the church, trying to make her life better, and everything she’d lost. Daniel pressed, sure Nicole was lying. She got indignant. Victor walked in and asked what Nicole was doing there. Nicole said she was trying to apologize to Brady, but realized she wasn’t wanted there. Brady offered to walk her out. Nicole declined and left. She thought about copying Titan’s files and muttered that she hoped Kristen was ready for this.

Brady went to make a business call. Victor grumbled some more about Chloe. Daniel noted that he was looking for a place for Parker and Chloe to stay. Brady returned, noting that Victor had to handle things with Mr. Wang. Brady told Daniel about all the heat he was getting over Kristen. He also explained how Kristen and Nicole had gotten into it, earlier. Victor returned and gave Brady more flack about Kristen.

Computer Games

Nicole showed up at Kristen’s hotel room. She was there to get Kristen to sign papers about leaving the church board. Nicole mentioned talking to Brady and wanting to apologize for what happened, earlier. Nicole pretended to be okay with Brady and Kristen’s relationship. Kristen got a call and, while she was distracted, Nicole took the key card to her room. Kristen signed the papers, and Nicole left. So did Kristen. Nicole; however, returned and went to work on Kristen’s computer. Just as Nicole finished and was about to leave, Brady showed up. So Nicole hid in the bathroom. Kristen returned and was surprised to find Brady and rose petals sprinkled all over her bed. Brady carried Kristen to the bed. Nicole watched and gagged. Suddenly, Kristen told Brady not to move, saying she’d be right back. Nicole panicked.

Plots and Plans

Jennifer arrived at the pub and apologized to Daniel for being late. Daniel mentioned an email he got from Anne and realized he didn’t have his phone. Jennifer handed it to him. Daniel wondered how she got it. On cue, Chloe walked in. She apologized to Jennifer for what happened at Daniel’s apartment. Daniel was clueless. Chloe explained how awkward it was for Jennifer finding her there wearing nothing but his shirt. Then, she got her food order and split.

Chloe headed to the hospital and found Anne. They discussed their mutual nemesis: Jennifer. Chloe told Anne that she was sure Daniel would get bored with Jennifer, soon. Anne thought Chloe sounded very sure of herself. Chloe recounted how she’d given Jennifer an image she wouldn't be able to get out of her head for a very long time.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Daniel got back to their date. Jennifer explained that she’d sent Daniel a text message about meeting at his apartment, because she wanted to be alone with him. She suggested the two of them go away together. Daniel wondered if Jennifer was ready for this. She insisted she was and wanted this night to be special for both of them. Daniel said it worked for him.

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