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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 3, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 3, 2013

Galen Gering and Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Trae Patton
A Kiss to Remember

EJ walked into Sami’s office and commented that she looked radiant. He wondered if it might have something to do with him. Little did he know she’d been daydreaming about her kiss with Rafe. EJ maneuvered Sami into a kiss of his own. Soon, Eric arrived and delivered bad news: John and Brady were in the hospital. They’d had a fight and somehow Kristen was involved. Sami looked over to EJ, who swore he knew nothing about the circumstances. Sami headed to the hospital, determined to get to the bottom of things.

Nicole found Rafe, who was daydreaming about Sami, all aglow at the coffeehouse. He noted that it was going to be a great 2013. She asked what happened between him and Sami since last night. When Rafe said nothing, Nicole encouraged him to pursue Sami, warning him that EJ was still sniffing around her. Rafe noted that there were millions of reasons why Sami needed to contact him. Realizing how unlucky at love she was, Nicole decided to back off. Rafe questioned her about her kiss with EJ. Nicole swore it meant nothing. She was concentrating on her job at the church, although she was having some problems with Eric. She admitted going off on him for trying to mold her into someone she wasn’t. Rafe suggested Nicole apologize to him. Nicole thought it was a good idea.

Father and Son Hospitalized

Brady and John both sat in their respective beds at the hospital, thinking about their fistfight. Marlena arrived and checked on their condition. Maxine informed her that Brady was fine, but John had some injured ribs. Kristen sauntered in and cooed, “It’s a shame isn’t it, that it had to come to this?” Marlena seethed, noting that Kristen had set this whole thing in motion.

Kayla summoned Marlena to go see John, who admitted he’d been a fool for ever trusting Kristen. He apologized to Marlena for doubting her. Marlena thought back to knowing about Kristen and Brady’s affair for weeks.

Kristen went to see Brady, insisting she never wanted anything like this to happen between him and his father. Brady didn’t want her blaming herself. Kristen went on about how she couldn’t live with herself if she tore John and Brady apart. “We have to do the right thing and walk away from each other,” announced Kristen. Brady didn’t want to do that and said he’d find a way to work things out. He asked Kristen to promise that she wouldn’t talk about ending things between them again. She promised to think about it.

The Truth Comes Out

Sami and Eric arrived at the hospital. Sami wanted to know exactly what happened. John revealed that Brady and Kristen were having an affair. Sami was stunned and wanted to know how long this was going on. She wanted to go interrogate Brady. Eric stopped her. Meanwhile, EJ showed up and questioned Maxine about Brady and John’s conditions. She wouldn’t give him the time of day. Kristen emerged and EJ asked her what was going on. Kristen delivered the bomb: John learned she and Brady were having an affair in the worst possible way. EJ realized this development had the potential for disaster and wondered if Kristen ever considered how this might complicate things between him and Sami.

A Confrontation and a Meltdown

Eric went to visit Brady and asked him what he was doing. He was concerned about what this affair was doing to Brady, John and his mother. Brady didn’t want to talk about it. Meanwhile, Sami happened upon Kristen and EJ. She lashed out at Kristen for sleeping with Brady, the son of the man she was once engaged to. Sami said it was sleazy and despicable. Kristen swore she didn’t want any of this to happen. Sami tried to attack Kristen. EJ pulled her away. Sami said she couldn’t even look at EJ after what Kristen had done. “Call it guilt by association,” she noted. Eric found Sami and persuaded her to leave the hospital. Kristen received a text from Stefano and informed her father that things were going swimmingly in Salem.

Later, Nicole apologized to Eric for her behavior the other night. She sensed something was deeply troubling Eric and begged him to talk to her. Eric wouldn’t confide in her. Rafe found Sami, who was fuming over her family’s troubles. Marlena warned EJ that his sister was a sociopath, who would hurt him, too. And Kristen snuck into John’s room. John looked at her with disgust and said they were done. “Oh John, we’re not done,” whispered Kristen. “We’re just beginning.

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