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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 30, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 30, 2013

Eric Martsolf

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Good News, Bad News

Kate and Will discussed how he’d been faring since the Nick and Gabi wedding fiasco. Kate offered to make sure Nick’s parole was revoked, if he and Gabi tried to shut Will out of his child’s life. Will explained that he agreed to the plan to let Nick raise his child, but he had since changed his mind. He told Kate about seeing Gabi’s sonogram and that they were having a girl. Kate was happy for him.

Will asked Kate what was bothering her. Kate recounted what happened with Billie, but said she was sure they’d work it out, eventually. Meanwhile, at the coffeehouse, Billie was on the phone telling someone she was available for work, immediately.

Wedding Postponed

Rafe arrived at the pub, as Nick and Gabi were heading to City Hall to get married. He thought they should postpone the ceremony. Nick disagreed, noting that he and Gabi love each other. Nick told Rafe he and Gabi needed to discuss this alone.

Gabi asked Nick if waiting to get married was really such a bad idea. It might be good to let everyone put what happened behind them and actually be happy for the two of them. Gabi really wanted her family and friends there when she got married. Kate walked in and agreed with Gabi’s stance on things. Then, she handed Nick an envelope, explaining that Will convinced her he and Gabi were going to keep him and his baby girl's best interests in mind. Nick asked Kate what was in the envelope. Kate explained that it was his parking pass, security badge... Everything necessary to start his new job.

Nick noted that Kate's visit made one thing clear: no one was on their side but the two of them. Not Kate, not Rafe, not anyone. Gabi got upset. Nick apologized. Gabi didn’t want to be caught between what Nick wanted and what Rafe wanted. Nick asked what Gabi wanted. Gabi decided they should wait to get married. Nick said if that made Gabi happy, that's what they would do.

Playing Hardball

Later, Will asked Gabi if she was really okay with postponing the wedding. She was, noting that when she and Nick finally did get married, it would more of a celebration. Gabi told Will she had something for him and gave him a copy of the sonogram picture. Will thanked Gabi and headed off to thank Nick. Upstairs, Nick was on the computer reading all about Lucas being convicted and sent to prison for the attempted murder of EJ DiMera. Nick realized Lucas’ confession was a lie. He took the rap for Will. Nick was surprised, when Will showed up at the door.

Bye-bye Billie

Billie returned to the coffeehouse and found Kate. She told her the job she was after came through. Kate congratulated her. Billie announced the position was in Europe and she was leaving town, tonight. “Do you really hate me that much?” asked Kate. Billie said it was just time to move on and assured Kate she loved her, no matter how hard she made it. Then, mother and daughter said goodbye to one other.

’Fessing Up

At the cop shop, Marlena and Hope chatted about John's trip. Marlena acknowledged he needed time away to sort out his feelings. He didn’t trust her anymore. Hope regretted suggesting that secret recording device to trap Kristen. Marlena said that John knew her worst fear in all this was him ending up in Kristen’s bed. Her lack of faith in him is what hurt him so badly.

Rafe returned to the station and he and Hope talked about how their day wasn’t going well. He mentioned that Nick and Gabi were going to get married, today. Hope was surprised. Rafe said he tried to convince them to put it off for a while. Rafe brought up Hope being edgy of late and brought up Bo . When was he coming home? Hope said Bo was spending some long overdue time with Shawn, Belle and Claire. Rafe got a call from Gabi. She told him she and Nick were going to postpone the wedding. Hope thought it was a good idea and prepared to leave to pick up Ciara.

Setting Up

Kristen was just about to find Nicole hiding in the bathroom, when Brady discovered Titan documents on her laptop. “What is this?” asked Brady, noting that this information was about a pending deal. Kristen had no clue how it got there. Brady pressed. Kristen decided to leave, before she said something she regretted. Brady went after her. Nicole muttered how her work was done.

Brady caught up with Kristen in the park. Kristen suggested that she’d been set up and suspected Nicole. She mentioned that Nicole had returned to see her, after their spat. Brady recalled Nicole being at the mansion earlier and acting strangely. He apologized to Kristen and said he figured out a way to prove what Nicole had done. He just needed to see the documents, again.

Brady Goes a Sleuthing

Nicole returned to the church, and Eric asked if she’d gotten Kristen to sign those papers. Soon, Brady arrived. He noted that Nicole might have been right about Kristen. He explained about finding Titan documents on Kristen’s laptop, but that their upload was time stamped the exact time Nicole was at the Kiriakis mansion -- and right before she visited Kristen. Nicole couldn’t believe Brady suspected her. Brady called her a liar and couldn’t believe she’d think he would fall for this. Eric returned in time to hear Brady accuse Nicole of planting documents on Kristen’s computer. Brady told Nicole that she didn’t break him and Kristen up. They were stronger than ever, and he never wanted to see Nicole again.

After Brady stormed off, Eric asked Nicole what she’d done. Nicole explained, noting that she was trying to help Brady and him. If she lost her friendship with Brady over this, so be it. She would do it all again in a heartbeat. Eric was sorry this cost Nicole her relationship with Brady. He also pointed out that Nicole broke the law stealing those documents. Nicole realized she could end up paying for this with jail time.

Uncovering the Truth

Kristen happened upon Marlena in the park. Marlena told Kristen she’d won. John is suffering. She is suffering. Kristen got what she wanted. Kristen asked Marlena if she told Brady what she tried to do to her. She knew Marlena hadn’t and called her a hypocrite.

Later, Marlena saw Brady in the square and said they needed to talk. She said that John went to Europe, because he needed a break from her. Marlena explained about visiting Kristen, while wearing a wire, and hoping to get her to confess her true intentions. But the whole thing backfired. John found out, was upset, and left town. Marlena said that Kristen was onto her the whole time and even held up a note saying, I know what you’re doing. Brady remembered finding that note.

Brady returned to Kristen’s hotel room. She asked if he’d confronted Nicole. Brady noted that he did, and she confessed to everything. Kristen threw her arms around Brady ready to celebrate. Brady wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. Instead, he asked Kristen why she lied to him about Marlena.

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