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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 4, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 4, 2013

Deidre Hall

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth
Ready to Reconcile?

“Kristen DiMera is trying to destroy my family,” Sami told Rafe, explaining the dismal situation with Brady and John. Rafe asked if what Kristen had done was any worse than some of the things Sami had done in the past. Sami couldn’t believe Rafe was comparing her to the evil Kristen. Rafe said he wasn’t and suggested that perhaps Kristen and Brady had real feelings for each other.

Rafe turned the conversation around to the two of them and planted a passionate kiss on Sami. “What are you doing?” asked a confused Sami. Then, Rafe kissed her, again. Rafe suggested that Sami think of a way to break things to EJ. “As much as you deny it, you don’t want him,” said Rafe.”

Warnings Ignored

Kate found EJ on the phone with Kristen. She cautioned him to watch his back, regarding his sister. Kate went on about receiving a clean bill of health from her oncologist and noted that she was off to visit Philip, Cassie and Rex. Before she left, she also warned EJ about Sami. Later, Kate ran into Rafe and mentioned how lucky he was to be rid of Sami.

The Dating Game

Abigail tracked down Chad at the coffeehouse. Despite their New Year’s Eve kiss, she thought the two of them should just be friends. She had reservations about dating him, because of his past engagement to Melanie. Chad insisted that he and Melanie were over and wanted to give things a go with Abigail. Later, Chad ran into EJ and thanked him for his advice. He filled his brother in on the latest between him and Abigail. EJ filled Chad in on Kristen’s affair with Brady.

Here Comes Chloe

Daniel showed up at Jennifer’s doorstep and said their plans for the evening had changed. He had to be in the OR early the next morning. Instead of going out, he suggested they do dinner at his place. Abigail returned home and encouraged her mother to have a fun night with Daniel. She was sure it was what Jack would want, too. Jennifer asked Abigail how things were going with her. Abigail said she wasn’t dating anyone and was fine. Meanwhile, Daniel prepared his apartment for his and Jennifer’s date. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Daniel went to open it, thinking it was Jennifer. Instead, he was stunned to see his ex–wife Chloe standing there.

Facing Off

At the hospital, Marlena found Brady texting Kristen and urged him to let go. “Have nothing to do with her ever again,” pleaded Marlena, noting that Kristen once tried to kill her and was now trying to destroy John. Unfortunately, her words fell upon deaf ears. Brady refused to give up his new relationship, telling Marlena that Kristen made him happy.

Kristen and John had it out over the number she’d pulled on Brady. She accused John of being angry, disgusted and a lot jealous when she found him with Brady. John insisted he only loved one woman: Marlena. Kristen thought John still lusted over her. John accused Kristen of still being in love with him. Kristen went on about how John drove her insane and destroyed her. Now, she’d replaced him with Brady.

Stunning Realizations

When Marlena returned to John’s room, Kristen made a hasty retreat and headed back to see Brady. She insisted she never meant for him to be hurt like this. Brady noted that Kristen could make it up to him, when he got out of the hospital. The pair were in the middle of a kiss, when Sami walked in on them.

Marlena told John that she tried to talk some sense into Brady, but he was too blinded by Kristen to hear it. John asked Marlena why she’d sent him to Brady’s office on New Year’s Eve. “Did you know my son was sleeping with Kristen?” he asked.

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