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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 7, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 7, 2013

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images/Pascal Le Segretain
The Wrath of Sami

Sami walked in on Brady and Kristen kissing and verbally attacked them. She called Kristen a “bitch” and Brady an “idiot” for being bamboozled by her. Brady asked for a moment alone with his sister to set things straight. Kirsten apologized for causing so much trouble and left.

Brady told Sami that Kristen was a part of his life. Sami vowed she wouldn’t let her destroy their relationship, nor their family. She dared Brady to ask himself a question before she left: If he was so sure what he was doing was right, why didn’t he want anyone to know about him and Kristen?

Sami left and found Kristen in the hospital corridor. “I’m here to make sure you do not hurt my family,” said Sami, noting that her vulnerable brother was “easy prey.” Kristen insisted she didn’t want to fight with Sami. She was her children’s aunt, after all, and could end up being something more in the near future. Kristen suggested she, Sami and Brady get together and try to make peace. Sami countered that she’d rather stick needles in her eye.

Fool for Love

Kristen returned to Brady’s room. He filled her in on his talk with Sami: she didn’t listen to a word he said. Brady finished getting dressed, and he and Kristen left the hospital. Later, the pair arrived at Kristen’s hotel room. Again, Kristen tried to convince Brady that she wasn’t good for him. “You couldn’t be more wrong,” retorted Brady, telling Kristen the words she’d been waiting to hear. “I’m falling love with you.”

The Truth Comes Out

A guilt-ridden Marlena finally admitted to John that she knew about Brady and Kristen’s affair for a month. John couldn’t believe his wife kept it from him. Marlena said it was Brady’s place to tell his father, not hers. She went on about how John wouldn’t believe her, when she warned him about Kristen. “Maybe I didn’t tell you, because you stopped trusting me,” shouted Marlena, noting that John had believed Kristen over her since she returned to Salem. John sensed there was another reason Marlena didn’t tell him about Brady and Kristen. Sami interrupted, rambling on about Kristen and how they had to work together to fight her. They couldn’t let Kristen play John and Marlena against each other. After Sami left, John asked Marlena if she had another reason for keeping mum about the affair. Marlena thought back to Kristen telling her that if she was sleeping with Brady, it meant she wouldn’t be in John’s bed. Still, Marlena didn't come clean. John told Marlena he was going to spend the night at a hotel. He didn't trust her, right now, and needed some time alone to think.

Stephanie's Mysterious Call

Kayla and Caroline discussed Caroline’s condition. Kayla assured Caroline that even she forgot things on occasion. She urged her mom to stay on her meds and not to worry. “Worry about what?” asked Caroline, laughing that it was a joke. Kayla got a call from Stephanie. Something was wrong, but Kayla assured her daughter they’d work through it. Moments later, Kayla told Caroline she had to go talk to Daniel.

Chloe’s Big News

Jennifer returned home after having car trouble. Abigail told her mom to use her car to go meet Daniel. Jennifer was concerned to see Abigail having a glass of wine and asked is she was upset. Abigail accidentally spilled her drink all over her mother, and poor Jennifer had to change her outfit. Jennifer texted Daniel, saying she’d be late. Lucas showed up at Jennifer’s door, needing her help to arrange a special hotel reservation for Kate in France. Abigail mentioned that Jennifer was going to be late for her date. Lucas couldn’t believe she was actually going out with Daniel. Jennifer said she loved Daniel and would be seeing him.

Daniel was surprised when Chloe showed up on his doorstep. He asked if she was in any sort of trouble, and she assured him she wasn’t. Chloe announced that something “wonderful” had happened. Daniel explained that he was getting ready for a date with Jennifer. Chloe was surprised that they were seeing each other, again. Daniel received Jennifer’s text, so he had some time to talk to Chloe. Chloe asked if a relationship as strong as the one she had with Daniel could be forgotten or erased. Daniel admitted it couldn’t. Chloe noted that she heard the news that Maggie was Daniel’s mother and said she had other great news for him. There had been a real miracle. “Parker is your son, our son,” announced Chloe.

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