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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 8, 2013


Nadia Bjorlin Shawn Christian

Nadia Bjorlin and Shawn Christian

Courtesy: NBC/Justin Lubin
Miracles Happen

Chloe told Daniel there had been a miracle; Parker was his son. At first, Daniel thought she was lying. Chloe assured him she could prove it. She and Philip had another DNA test done, and it said that Philip couldn’t possibly be Parker’s father. Chloe said she had proof. Daniel thought she was playing some sort of game with him.

Kayla arrived noting she’d just gotten off the phone with Stephanie. Chloe urged Daniel to let her in, so she could explain things. Kayla confirmed that Parker was Daniel’s son and went on about how Stephanie’s friend, Ian Burton, had changed Parker’s original test results to help Stephanie. When Stephanie learned the truth, she felt horrible and wanted to set things right. So did Kayla, noting how Caroline had actually switched the paternity tests back to their original results.

Seeing Is Believing

Daniel read the lab results and realized it was all true. Then, he asked about Philip. Chloe said he was miserable, but had always sensed Parker wasn’t his. Chloe noted that Philip was over Victor’s with Parker saying goodbye. Daniel mentioned how he hadn’t seen Parker since he was born. Chloe suggested they go over to Victor’s together to see the boy.

Jennifer Takes a Fall

Jennifer told Lucas she was in love with Daniel and headed off to see him. Unfortunately, she stumbled over some boxes outside, fell, and ended up unconscious. Lucas took her inside to the couch. Billie arrived and felt terrible, since she’d left the boxes outside. Soon, Jennifer regained consciousness.

Lucas and Billie wanted to take Jennifer to the hospital to get checked out. Jennifer hemmed and hawed at first, but finally relented and let Billie drive her there. Jennifer received a text from Daniel, noting he needed some more time before she arrived. At the hospital, Jennifer waited for the results of her MRI. She was anxious to leave and meet Daniel. When Billie went to find Jennifer’s doctor, Jennifer slipped away.

Ready to Start a New Life

Nick told Maggie he would soon be starting a new job with Kate. Maggie was thrilled he’d be able to provide for his family. Gabi interrupted, and the three chitchatted about Nick and Gabi’s upcoming wedding. After Maggie left, Gabi went on about how her mother wouldn’t be attending their wedding. She couldn’t lie to her mom about her child’s paternity, so it was best if she didn’t come. Then, Gabi sent Nick off to his bachelor party.

Bachelor Party

Sonny and Will headed to the coffeehouse for Nick’s bachelor party. The twosome, Chad and Cameron discussed how few of them were there. Of course, it was because most of Nick’s friends were still in jail. Cameron’s ears perked up, when Chad mentioned that Nick got out of jail after Labor Day. Cameron headed off. Will phoned Gabi and questioned her about the doctor she’d been seeing. Gabi noted it was Cameron. Will informed her that he now knew Nick wasn’t her baby’s father. Soon, Lucas and Nick arrived. Lucas sensed that Will didn’t seem very excited about Nick and Gabi’s wedding.

Somebody’s Listening

Gabi went to the hospital, found Cameron, and said they needed to talk. She asked if everything they discussed about her pregnancy was confidential, and Cameron assured her it was. He wouldn’t say anything to anybody about her baby. Cameron asked if Nick knew the baby she was carrying couldn’t possible be his. “Nick knows everything,” swore Gabi, noting that the baby’s biological father knew, too, and agreed to do what was best for their child. Little did Gabi know that someone was outside listening to everything.

Father and Son Reunion

Henderson announced to Victor that Philip was there with Parker. When Maggie returned, she found her husband looking distraught. “What aren’t you telling me?” she asked Victor. Later, after Victor explained, Maggie was stunned. She wondered if Daniel knew, yet. Victor noted that Chloe was currently telling him. Later, Daniel arrived with Chloe. Victor said how happy he was for Daniel, who went into the living room and found Maggie with Parker. “He’s so beautiful,” whispered Daniel. Chloe picked the boy up and asked him to give Daniel a hug. Daniel tenderly embraced his son.

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