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Days of Our Lives Recap for January 9, 2013


Days of Our Lives Recap for January 9, 2013

Alison Sweeney

Courtesy: NBC/Chris Haston
Blown Off

Eric was praying for John and Marlena, when Nicole entered the church. She wanted him to open up about what was troubling him. Eric refused, noting that it was a personal matter about his family and none of Nicole’s business. Nicole got the message and stormed off.

Love Is in the Air

Rafe showed up at Sami’s apartment so they could go to Nick and Gabi’s wedding rehearsal together. They ended up in a passionate kiss. Rafe noted that they both wanted the same thing: to reconcile. Sami wondered why she hadn’t heard from Rafe since their kiss on New Year’s Eve. Rafe said there was no point, until she told EJ about the two of them. They kissed again, and Sami promised she would talk to EJ.

Sweet Words and a Spat

Gabi met Nick outside the pub. She told him she just finished talking to Cameron at the hospital. He knew Nick wasn’t the father of her baby, but would keep it a secret. Nick hugged Gabi, assuring her everything would be okay. Nick and Gabi entered the pub. Will asked how things had gone with Cameron. Nick accused Will of spilling the beans and chastised him for upsetting Gabi the night before her wedding. Will explained what actually happened, and Nick apologized.

Sami and Rafe walked in. Sami knew that Gabi’s mother wouldn’t be at the wedding, so she took on the role of mom and read her a special poem in Spanish. Afterward, Sami and Gabi hugged. Abigail told Will she’d talked to Chad earlier and that he wanted her to tell Nick and Gabi that he was sorry for everything. Sami gathered everyone, saying it was time to leave for the rehearsal at the church.

Off to the Church

Nick, Gabi and company arrived at the church. Sami overheard Nick talking about his new job. Nick explained that Kate had made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Sami was annoyed, accusing Nick of using his interview with her to drive his price up with Kate. Sami took Nick aside so they could talk. Soon, Eric led the wedding rehearsal, while Sami and Rafe reminisced about their own nuptials. Eric announced that everything was set for Nick and Gabi’s big day and it would be perfect. However, someone lurked and watched from the back of the church.

A Surprise for Jennifer

Jennifer finally arrived for her date with Daniel, but instead found Kayla, who noted it had been quite a night. Kayla suggested they go talk to Daniel, so he could explain. Meanwhile, at the Kiriakis mansion, Daniel embraced his son as Chloe, Victor and Maggie looked on. “We’re finally as we always should have been, a family,” said Chloe, noting that she and Parker were staying in Salem. Daniel asked about Philip. Victor said he wasn’t doing well and was off breaking the news to Kate.

Chloe was heading out to meet someone, when Jennifer turned up at the door. Needless to say, Jennifer was shocked to see her. Chloe sent Jennifer inside to talk to Daniel, who explained he just found out he was Parker’s father. Kayla apologized to everyone for Stephanie’s part in the whole paternity switch mess and left.

A New Chapter

When Maggie took Parker off to bed, Daniel sat down to talk to Jennifer. He explained that Chloe and Parker weren’t going back to Chicago. Parker wandered in with his stuffed bunny, who needed sewing. Daniel did the honors. Maggie and Victor wandered in looking for Parker. Victor took Jennifer aside and told her not to let any of these recent developments keep her from Daniel. The two of them belonged together. Jennifer said she couldn’t think about any of this tonight. She was just so happy seeing Daniel with his son.

Jennifer tried to sneak out, but Daniel caught her. “There’s something I need to say to you,” he said. Daniel explained that while his whole life had changed, tonight, he still wanted Jennifer in it. Then, he pulled her into a passionate kiss.

Chloe’s Plan

Chloe met Nicole at the coffeehouse. Chloe said that her whole life had turned around and it felt like a miracle. Nicole was thrilled to learn the truth about Parker’s paternity. She asked Chloe her plan. “My plan is to reclaim my life... I’m going to have everything that should have been mine,” announced Chloe. Nicole warned Chloe that Daniel had moved on. Chloe, however, wouldn’t be deterred.

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