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25 Facts About Kristian Alfonso


25 Facts About Kristian Alfonso

Kristian Alfonso

Courtesy: Getty Images/Michael Loccisano

Everyone knows that Kristian Alfonso was born in Brockton, Massachusetts, has a jewelry line called Faith Hope Miracles, and has an insatiable sweet tooth, but there’s a lot more interesting information about the Days of Our Lives star. Here are 25 facts and fun tidbits about her.

1. Alfonso is a petite 5 feet 4 inches tall; she has green eyes and brown hair.

2. She is 100 percent Italian; her grandparents hail from Sicily and Calabria.

3. The former Wilhelmina model graced the covers of numerous international magazines, including Vogue , Glamour and Bazaar, as a teenager.

4. Alfonso turned down an original request to audition for Days of Our Lives’ Hope in 1981. Why? She wasn’t ready to leave home and move to Los Angeles, if she landed the gig, and she was petrified of earthquakes.

5. She was an acting novice upon joining the Days cast. "Frances Reid (Alice) and I used to sit and talk about our scenes, which was so foreign to me," she recounts. "I'd say, 'Don't you just say the words? Don't you just say what's written?' Frances would go, 'No, no dear... Look at the lines.' She was very patient with me, very giving."

6. Professionally, Alfonso learned an important lesson from Reid: always be prepared. “[She taught me] to be on top of things,” shares Alfonso. “Don’t come [to work] and call it in, because there are 10,000 people out there that can come in and do your job for you.” Personally, Reid taught her "to enjoy life... She [had] such a great sense of humor. She never took anything too seriously.”

7. Aside from the late Reid, Alfonso has always had a special relationship with Bill and Susan Seaforth Hayes. (Doug and Julie). “Watching them together is like watching my mom and dad,” she says, adding that working with the pair always brings back “wonderful memories of when I first started on the show. They really took me under their wing, and they still have room under their wing for me. There is a lot of love there.”

8. Former Days producer Shelley Curtis dubbed Alfonso “Gummi” back in the 1980s, because she loved eating Gummi Bears candy.

9. During her tenure on Days, Alfonso was nominated for one Daytime Emmy acting award, Outstanding Ingenue in a Drama Series, in 1985. She lost to Tracey Bregman (Lauren, The Young and the Restless).

10. Alfonso’s favorite singer is James Ingram, who, incidentally, sang one of Bo and Hope’s theme songs, Whatever We Imagine.

11. Her favorite band is the Gipsy Kings.

12. When it comes to food, Alfonso loves it all -– from burgers and fries to hotdogs to Mexican cuisine. “But Italian is my favorite,” she admits.

13. Her dream vacation spot is Rome.

14. Alfonso has always been enamored with all things fluer-de-lis. Why? “They're beautiful and have always [symbolized] life to me,” she notes.

15. The Days set designers have incorporated Alfonso’s love for fluer-de-lis into Bo and Hope’s home. The floral symbol is engraved on the candlesticks on the pair’s dining room table and on knickknacks in their living room bookcase. “I’d even like to add more,” says Alfonso.

16. Alfonso and Peter Reckell appeared in an Avon commercial for the fragrance, Blue Rush, as their Days’ characters. Alfonso called the scent “intoxicating -- just like Bo and Hope's love story.”

17. Upon learning there was a nude scene scripted for her character in the film Joshua Tree, Alfonso knew she couldn’t do it and called her manager in a panic. “We finally convinced [the producers] that I would find and pay for a body double," says Alfonso.

18. As for the most difficult storyline she’s ever played on Days, Alfonso cites the death of Bo and Hope’s son, Zack. She calls the scenes “gut-wrenching,” noting that she was “crying for three straight weeks.”

19. Speaking of tears, Alfonso concedes that crying is one of her biggest acting challenges. “It’s so hard,” she admits. “It’s like getting water from a stone. I have to dig really deep and go to that very dark place and stay there for such a long time.”

20. When it comes to strangest fan encounters, Alfonso recalls the time a Days viewer popped up in her dressing room. “I opened my closet door, and there they were. It scared the you-know-what out of me,” she says.

21. Fans who meet Alfonso, always make the same comment: she’s so much shorter than they thought she was. “I always say, ‘You should see me without my high heels on,’” she chuckles.

22. When it comes to housework, Alfonso’s least favorite task is tending to the laundry. “I do laundry ever day of my life,” she sighs. “I fold all the laundry. And I hate putting the laundry away. That’s one of the chores I don’t like.”

23. Although she’s extremely fit and trim, Alfonso admits she hates to work out with a passion. So why does she do it? “Because it makes me feel so good when I’m done,” she notes.

24. Hope may abhor Stefano, but Alfonso adores Joseph Mascolo and has even nicknamed him, Cupcake. “It started years ago when we were working together during the Hope, Princess Gina and Stefano story,” she recounts. "He was growling about something in that gruff voice. I was like, ‘Oh my God! You are such a cupcake.’ Joe started laughing, because he really is a boy in a big man’s body."

25. Throughout her career, Alfonso has been adamant about keeping her husband and sons out of the limelight. “I’m a very private person,” she contends. “They’re not part of my business. They’re not my publicity. They’re my family that I cherish.”

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