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Arianne Zucker Interview

Will Nicole Ever Find True Love on 'Days of Our Lives?'


Arianne Zucker Interview

Arianne Zucker

Courtesy: NBC/Mitchell Haaseth

Nicole’s been through her share of men –- and husbands –- on Days of Our Lives; everyone from sleazy Trent Robbins to wealthy Victor Kiriakis to poor sap Lucas Horton. But she’s never found true love. What does Nicole keep doing wrong and how can she finally right things? Arianne Zucker weighs in on the subject.

With EJ running for mayor, and Nicole working as his campaign publicist, she’s insisting on a strictly business relationship between the two them. Do you honestly think that’s possible?
(Laughs.) I think Nicole is out of her mind, if she thinks this is just going to be business. However, she is trying to turn over a new leaf and put her foot down.

So why even take a job with EJ?
I think there’s a part of Nicole, that in a very strange way, wants to be close to EJ. She can’t trust him. She knows that. Yet, there’s this draw. There’s this fire. There’s this spark there. She can’t seem to get away from him. When she’s around him, she kind of gets a little bit of that spark, and she gets a job of out of it, which is important to her.

Do you think things changed between EJ and Nicole, when Gus took her hostage at the police station and EJ came to her rescue? Did it change the way Nicole sees EJ?
What affected Nicole at the police station, what she felt that day is what she felt the first time she met EJ. She saw that person that she thought, maybe, she fell in love with. Nicole’s in love with the idea of being with EJ, being married to him, and having children with him, but she can’t. She cannot capture his heart. All those emotions and feelings flushed through her that moment at the police station. Then, it was like, “Damn. I can’t have him.” Even if Nicole is with EJ and even if something happens between these two again, she can never completely have this man. His heart belongs to someone else, and it’s not her.

Then, there’s Brady, another man whose heart always seems destined for someone else. Do you see these relationships as strangely similar?
I think everything that happened at the police station made Nicole realize she had to break up with Brady, too. She’s put herself in situations that are ridiculous. Neither EJ nor Brady have truly given her their heart. They love her, but they’ve never truly been in love with her.

What relationship advice would you give Nicole?
She needs to get her [act] together, basically. That’s the only way she’ll ever [have a shot] at finding real true love.

With Brady and EJ out of the picture, is there another character on the show that you’ve always thought, Wow! Wouldn’t it be interesting if Nicole hooked up with him?
I’m thinking from the character’s point of view, and most of the guys on the show are good guys. They’re heroes. And you know how that pisses off the fans; having a bad person with a hero. So it’s kind of hard for me to think of anyone. Plus, in the state she’s in right now, I don’t think anybody is right for Nicole. She’d just be setting herself up for failure by going to anyone, right now.

Well, there really aren’t a lot of other guys in your age range on the show. Are there?
I think Nicole almost needs someone slightly older than her. It certainly couldn’t be Bo . I don’t know. Maybe Quinn. Or how about Dr. Dan?

Dr. Dan and Nicole? Now that would be interesting.
Shawn Christian and I have only had a couple of scenes together, but Daniel was with Chloe at the time. So [our characters] couldn’t really have gotten together.

You mean because of Nicole’s friendship with Chloe? That’s never stopped her before.
That’s true.

She did go after Brady, when he was dating Chloe. Remember?
Yes. But I think with [Daniel], it was different. They were married, and Nicole and Chloe were best friends. He was one guy Nicole wouldn’t touch.

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