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Blake Berris Interview

Tackling Nick's Rehabilitated Life on 'Days of our Lives'


Blake Berris Interview

Blake Berris

Courtesy: NBC/Benjamin Cohen

When the job description calls for “crazy” and “offbeat,” Blake Berris is the man for the job. He’s got the act down pat, as Days of Our Lives fans know, although his Salem alter ego, Nick Fallon, has been walking the straight, narrow and normal this time around. Berris talks about life in Salem, Nick and Gabi, and the acting medium he wants to explore next.

You seem to thrive on portraying quirky guys. Is that your preference or do you long to play romantic leading men?
I love roles that are layered, where there’s more going on than what’s at the surface. I’m not at all opposed to playing the more romantic comedy stuff. But, right now, what I’ve been enjoying is these out there, eccentric or troubled characters and a lot of drug addicts. (Laughs.)

Nick fits right in. After all, he has committed murder, albeit while under the influence of drugs. Is that what lured you back to Days?
They basically made me an offer I couldn’t refuse, and I loved the idea of returning as Nick. I love what they did with him at the end, when I left the show. The idea of playing him, years later, out of jail was very interesting to me. So I decided to go for it.

How is Nick different now than he was before?
I don’t think there’s any way anyone goes through three years of being in the prison system and not have that dramatically affect their psyche. What we’re seeing now is the Nick who’s come to terms with the really terrible things he’s done and the dark side of himself that I don’t even think he knew was there. He’s desperately trying to keep himself on the right path, but he’s prone to these obsessive relationships with things and people. So he’s trying very hard to suppress the dark side of himself and stay on the right path.

Speaking of relationships, how do you like working with Camila Banus(Gabi)?
I love Camila. She’s awesome, and Nick and Gabi are an interesting pairing. Both characters have gone through so much. I like how slowly they built [the relationship]. Nick was almost freaked out about what would happen to him, if he got involved with somebody.

Nick’s not a geek any more, like he was your first time on the show. Are you happy about that?
I am. He’s grown out of that. I like the character better now. I’m having a lot more fun with the character this time around.

At the moment, Nick’s working at the Brady Pub, but Sami has offered him a job at Countess Wilhelmina. Does that mean we’re eventually going to see Corporate Nick?
Yeah, you are going to see that. A few weeks ago, I finally got clothes that weren’t Brady Pub clothes. I was like, “Alright! Cool stuff. I’m moving up in the world.”

Well, Nick is a brainiac, so it is a logical move.
Totally. The longer you watch, the more they start bringing in that genius side of him, that very cunning side of him.

Cunning? That’s intriguing.
Well, anybody who is that smart, is capable of being quite manipulative.

Sounds like the plot will be thickening. While you’re great at drama, it seems like you’re a comedian at heart. Would you say that’s true?
Well, I was just talking with my manager, and we decided that we want to go for a sitcom after this.

Is there a sitcom out there you’re a big fan of and would love to do?
I loved working on The Big Bang Theory, last year. They want me to come back and do another episode or more. I’d love to do it, if we can work it out. I’m loving New Girl, too. I think that’s a great new show. Modern Family is hilarious, and Curb Your Enthusiasm is one of my favorite shows ever.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
I just started work on this film called Broadway Lofts. It’s about these real estate guys. They generously offered to work around my Days schedule. I’ve also been developing a project of my own with some folks. Ari (Zucker, Nicole) actually read for a role for me at a table reading for agents and producers and whatnot. So I’ve been very busy.

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