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Freddie Smith on Sonny, Will and Gay Bashing

The 'Days of Our Lives' Star Opens up about His Controversial Storyline


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Freddie Smith spent his first year on Days of Our Lives sitting on the sidelines, while rumors of a major gay storyline between his character, Sonny Kiriakis, and Chandler Massey’s Will Horton continually made the rounds. At long last those rumors have materialized into a meaty storyline, and Smith is eager to talk about it.

Fans anxious for a Will/Sonny story are finally getting their wish, but probably not what they were hoping for with Will and Gabi having sex. What are your thoughts on that turn of events?
Will’s confused. He’s dealing with a lot of stuff, and he and Gabi are friends...

So Will and Sonny will have to overcome Will’s tryst with Gabi as well as Sonny’s encounter with Brian.
There’s a lot going on. Will’s got something in his life. Sonny’s got something in his life, but there is going to be a gay romance [between Will and Sonny] that is going to be phenomenal. I can’t wait to see how it all turns out.

It’s taken a long time for the “Wilson” romance to get off the ground. Do you think it’s developed realistically?
It was important for people to get to know Sonny as a person and not just as this gay character on the show, who is dating another gay character. Sonny has been crushing on Will for a while. They’re best friends. That’s how a lot of relationships start. It’s when you’re friends with someone. You know so much about them. After the disaster, [Will and Sonny’s] friendship is building and they’re becoming more close. I think the wait will be worth it.

In the interim, Sonny has to deal with bullying from T. What’s it like being part of a plot like this?
It’s important to show it. Hopefully, people who are watching will be like, “Are my kids being bullied? Are my kids bullying people? I better talk to my kids about it.”

Have you ever been bullied in real life?
Yeah. A lot of it happened in elementary school. It wasn’t about anything. It was just, “We’re going to pick on this kid in the bathroom. Let’s rip his shirt.” I had it very mild. I feel badly, because some people have it a lot worse. I know friends and family who have had it worse. It’s a huge issue and needs to be addressed.

Was it hard playing the victim in the story as opposed to the bully?
It’s probably the same. You can channel both emotions. Being the victim is a more vulnerable state. Sonny’s more emotionally affected. He got put down just for being gay. That’s what’s so sad about the whole thing. He has to deal with someone hating him because of it. We do about a two week thing on how he deals with it and how he overcomes it.

What was it like taping those scenes with Brendan Coughlin, when T physically attacks Sonny?
He’s actually one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my entire life. We sit and talk when we’re running lines, and it’s sometimes funny. But once we get on stage, it’s strictly professional and he just goes for it. He portrays hate so well and he’s so mean. I just react off of him. He really scares me and makes me feel like crap. It makes my job that much easier. I promise people who watch it, they’re going to enjoy it.

Are you going to make yourself available to interact with fans, via Twitter or message boards, after these scenes air?
I would love to do that. I have so much stuff coming up, and I can’t wait to interact with people on Twitter... be there for kids who have been bullied. If I can help them that would be great. So people should feel free to tweet, and I will get back to them and try to help them in their situation. (You can access Smith’s Twitter account, here)

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